Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Listen Up! It's time to get CrUnK!

Today I wanna talk about music, jams that make me wanna put in WORK at the gym. It's a constantly and continually evolving list. I burn through music pretty quickly since I depend on it to pump me up every single day. Literally. Finding new music regularly is not an easy task, I find myself cycling through it faster than the music industry can feed my addiction. I keep a record of playlists to dial into each day, and I use several different tools to find new jams.

Get Organized! - Snap Shot of all my playlists, it's a tad bit excessive.

How do you find the right tunes? Download Shazam, and keep it accessible on your phone. Hear a great song? Whip out Shazam. I find 90% of new songs this way. Another favorite of mine is to troll the iTunes Top 10 lists. There's always great new music there!

Talk to people! Ask what they are listening to! I'm constantly asking others what songs get them going. I did this just last week on Instagram and got four new favorites added into rotation. I'll get my run buddies to text me snap shots of their play lists. Kassie and I are constantly exchanging notes- she's sent some awesome finds my way! Finding new music takes a little extra effort but it's worth it!

Booty Burner Play list aka My Current Favorite-

Lift Off (Feat Beyonce) Kanye West & Jay-Z
Wild for the Night (feat. Skillex) A$AP Rocky
Take Over Control- AfroJack
The Way (feat Mac Miller) Ariana Grande
The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
On My Way- Charlie Brown
Work Hard Play Hard- Wiz Khalifa
Not Giving In- Rudimental
Can't Hold Us Down- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Started from the Bottom- Drake
Rock the Boat- Bob Sinclair
Whatta Man- Salt N Pepa
Everybody F*cks- Pitbull
Who Booty- Radio Hitz
Fire Burning- Sean Kingston
Bandz a Make Her Dance- Juicy J
Bring it Back- Travis Porter
Scream & Shout- will.i.am
I Do!!- Toya
My Moment- DJ Drama
Pop That- French Montana
E.T.- Katy Perry
Clique- Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean
Solider- Destiny's Child
Booty Work (One Cheek at a Time)- Off the Record
Bootylicious- Destiny's Child
Watch N Learn- Rihanna
Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke

Heyy Sweaty Lady!!!
What are your favorite work out jams? 

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  1. My question is... I am an iPhone dummy and have no idea how to get playlists with the music on my phone?! HELP ME!

  2. I love your playlists - that's where I found "Cinema" by Skrillex which is still my power song!!

  3. Fort Minor "Remember the Name" and Pink "Trouble"

  4. Kelly Clarkson "People Like Us" is my all time favorite song right now! I think I can run a half martahon with that song on repeat ha! Thanks I gotta check some of these out :)

  5. This is kinda old school but Jump by Kris Kross

  6. I definitely need to switch from Pandora to managing my own playlists! Although, I do find a ton of new music on Pandora, so I guess I shouldn't delete the app altogether (though I was tempted to on Saturday)! Thanks for listing out your jams--I'll be coming back here when I'm ready to build up my own workout library!

  7. Thanks for the playlists!! I can already tell this booty going to be on firrre!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this, I will be checking out the booty play list tonight!! :)

  9. I LOVE stealing jams from you :) Sometimes I just don't have the energy to look up new music, but I always know I can get some kickin new boss lady jams here :) Thanks for always keepin my ear buds pumpin!

  10. I love how organized your music is! lol..I need to do this. I need to download like...all of those songs now too! Thanks for posting!

  11. I have been stealing a few songs from your Boss Lady Jams lately but I also current rotation is a lot of
    Cheap trick - I want you to want me
    Jessie J - Do it like a dude (When I want to punch people!)
    Daft Punk - One more time
    Destinys child - say my name
    Magnetic Man - Getting nowhere
    Lady GaGa - hair

    Pretty much a eclectic mix of everything! Love finding new songs and I love it when you post some! You have the best taste in Boss lady jams!
    Love Gi

  12. How do you get all of your music? I am new to having an Iphone and have yet to get music for it Android was heaven I could download it easily. Do you download full CD's or do you buy each song individual or do you get any free?

  13. Love your playlist!
    Mine would def show someone that I am from Lafayette. Its full of techno. Mainly DJ Trashy.
    Close my eyes DJ Trashy
    Walk on Water
    Crash My Party (just because I want Luke Bryan to sing that to me. ;)
    Run This Town Rhianna and Kanye
    Shake It Metro Station
    Cry for You September
    Whatever You Like TI
    Let Me Blow Your Mind Eve
    Tamborine Eve

    And those are just a few that get me running faster.