Sunday, April 28, 2013

Girl's Weekend & Swim Suit Fears

This weekend I had the luxury to spend two days pool side hanging out with girl friends. Friday we all took off work, packed up the cars, and headed out to Cajun Palms. Ya we went camping for our girls weekend. I should clarify that this is a very loose term as it applies to camping. We stay in an RV, there's electricity, iPods, we cooked all of our meals in a kitchen, running water, concrete, all the comforts of home etc. The park centers around  massive swimming pools with fun for all ages. There's  music, a swim up bar, put put golf, volleyball, lots to do, tons of fun to have! It's feels like being at a resort hours from home, but it's only a 20 minute drive. Score 1 Noel! We've been frequenting da palms for a few years and almost always make a trip late spring. I had really been looking forward to this weekend for some time, and it inspired me to complete Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack! Huge thank you to all of you for the overwhelming positive feedback Friday! Ya'll made me feel so confident in posting the dreaded stomach pictures, THANK YOU!

Roughing it at Cajun Palms- Gorgeous lace shorts are from Charly and Company
Heading into the weekend I didn't plan to work out while on vacation, however I packed my gear just in case. Friday evening we stayed up late drinking, talking, basically solving the world's problems as us women do. Consuming loads of empty alcohol calories in the process. Saturday morning, I just knew I had to get my sweat on before I could kick off another day of girls behavior. Lucky for me, I was asked to do meal planning with Madeline as our contribution for the trip. Consequently, everyone was on the Elle Noel diet this weekend so we did not eat poorly! Winning!

Egg Whites, Bell Pepper, Spinach, Turkey Bacon,
80 Calorie Whole Wheat Tortilla, Homemade Salsa= Bomb dot com breakfast!

I got in a little over four miles Saturday morning, my pace was slow but that's what alcohol will do to the body. It felt really great to sweat it out! I must say I did get some funny looks weaving in and out of the camp ground at 8:00am on a Saturday. After my run, I put in 20 Squats, 20 push ups, 20 lunges, 60 bicycle crunches, 20 plank twists, 20 plank T stands kicks, and 1 minute plank.

After my early morning work out, it was time to have some fun! We spent the entire day pool side enjoying each others company and just relaxing. It seems conversation always comes back around to the dreaded swim suit. While we all love lounging around and sipping cocktails in the sun, we dread swimwear! We talked a lot about swim suit anxiety. As women we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and on some level, we are all dealing with swim suit anxiety. Even the girls with the seemingly perfect body are nit picking themselves in the mirror. I feel self conscience about my body to this day. Picking myself apart in the mirror just like everyone else. I think a lot of people look at me now and think I should be extremely confident. Don't get me wrong, I am confident in my body, but I still have swim suit anxiety. No one is perfect, no one's body is perfect. A lot of us have anxiety about letting it all hang out in public, however, it's because we are concerned about what other people think about our body in public. For me personally, I'm not looking around at everyone else critiquing their physic. I'm concerned about my own body. Do I feel pretty? Am I comfortable? Do I feel confident in what I'm wearing? If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then f everyone else. Life is far too short to be worry about what everyone else thinks. If you're good with you, that's all that matters. FYI- You are freaking fabulous and don't ever forget it!

Sunshine & summertime!

Luau Partay- heyyyy

Rocking out the Luau party!
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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. You have worked hard and you look fabulous! Congrats on your success and keep it up. You inspire many!

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