Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Food Tips & Tricks

Food. The biggest piece of the weight loss puzzle. Disclaimer- I'm not a nutritionist or any kind of expert for that matter. I'm just a girl who figured out what works for me personally. I find falling in to a gym routine much easier than monitoring every little thing I'm eating. I will always like the eating. End of story.

I know for a fact, with my body type, I have to monitor each bite of food if I want to lose. The closer to goal weight, the more important it is for me to really be cautious of what I'm eating. I like following no cheat systems, or a meal plan like Inferno Plan or the Advocare Cleanse. Meal plans work for me.  I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to trim off more body fat. There's only one way to get that done, and it's showing extra due diligence in diet.

Tips that work for me:

Outline a Plan for the week- Stick to your plan! Outlining meals is just another accountability tool I have for myself. Planning = Success

Practice Saying No- It's ok to pass on junk food. It's ok not to go out to eat, it's ok to pass on drinks, it's ok not to eat cake at the office,  it's OK to put yourself and your goals first. People will get over it, for real. Practice saying. No, No thank you, No I'm not hungry, Nah none for me thanks, Nope. Nada. Say no! It's not the end of the world.

Close the kitchen- After dinner, clean and close the kitchen. Turn off the lights and leave the room. No more grazing. Practicing saying no some more.

Change it Up- Try new foods, and new ways to prep foods. Presently, I'm loving new glazes and marinades for nightly proteins picked up through the Inferno Plan!

Portion Control- Measure out everything you eat. I still measure out my servings. There is no room for guess work. When guesstimating a serving, you will almost always over serve yourself.

Track your Food- Write down or log every little thing you eat! I use My Fitness Pal every single day.

Allow yourself a Cheat- Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. It's good for your sanity. Just be careful 3500 calories = One Pound. Don't undo all of your hard work in one day. 3500 calories may seem like an astronomical number, but eating out holds lots of extra calories. If you binge eat even for one day, you aren't going to lose. Remember that!

Keep Snacks in Case of an Emergency- Don't let yourself get trapped without anything to eat for a long period of time. I eat every three hours. The longest I go without food is between afternoon snack and dinner, as this is when my long work out takes place. If you are always eating you won't be hungry. If you aren't hungry, you aren't tempted to make bad decisions. Additionally, the body needs constant fuel to keep your metabolism running at all times. Skipping meals is extremely counter productive. Eat!

Be Patient- Losing weight takes time. You will have set backs. The scale won't always have nice things to say, it's OK!  It took more than a month to gain it, it's going to take more than a month to shed. Stay Patient, stay positive, you will succeed!

Now excuse me as I step down from my soap box, I have 2 pounds I need to lose! Happy Tuesday friends!

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  1. Love your tips! I am printing those out and putting them on my fridge!

  2. Excellent list! I am finding myself doing all of these as well as I continue down this healthy-living (I hate to say weight-loss because I don't want to be discouraged) journey!

  3. Thanks for this post. This is what i'm struggling with right now!

  4. Great tips! I have a hard time sticking to my plan.

  5. Great Tips. I have to remind myself daily.

  6. Thanks for all the tips. My biggest problem is closing the kitchen at night. I've been trying to do that this week. The time between dinner and bed is my danger zone!

  7. I love this! Its totally what I needed! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Love your blog & what you have to say here!

  9. These are great, helpful, but more than anything a great reminder. Printed out! Thank you :)

  10. Truth girl. If I don't plan I'm lost!

  11. "Practice saying No" is a really great one for me! I'm gonna remember it and repeat it often!

  12. I am the worst commenter ever! But I am catching up tonight while S sleeps and wishes I'd turn the light off hahaha..Great tips, especially closing the kitchen. I never even thought of that, seriously lol