Thursday, April 11, 2013

Elle Noel's Boss Lady Work Out Must Haves

Boss lady work out gear I can not live without, I get asked a lot about what running shoes I wear, Sports Bra recommendations, running fuel,and those compression sleeves ya'll are frequently asking me about. I'm a normal girl living a normal life. I do not spend an astronomical amount of money on exercise gear. I'd rather spend money on a hot new outfit and a night on the town. Keeping it real. That said, there are certain things I NEED to get the best performance from myself.

1. Get yourself a great sports bra. You do not want your sweater puppies flopping all around during plyometrics or assaulting your face while running. Seriously. Strap those bad boys in for the long haul. As I've lost weight, I've lost size in that area too. Sad story.

Always calling me out hommie ;)
 Back when I had boobs, I wore Champion from Academy High Support and now I'm wearing a Medium Support. Bouncing boobs may be a high school male fantasy but in reality it's painful on the real. I LOVE Champion. It's not quite as expensive as Under-armor but the quality is just as good. Score!
Women's Spot Comfort High Support
Champion Women's Sweetheart Compression 
2. If you are going to run, you NEED a great pair of kicks. The right shoe can enhance you run, prevent injury, and help your overall form. I'm all about shop local on this one. Find a specialty running store. Talk to them about your feet and running needs. Spend the cash money. It's worth every red cent! I have a flat foot,  zero arch, however, I don't wear a control shoe. I need a light shoe with minimal support. Sure it may sound backwards and unconventional, but it gets the best run from me. I just purchased my second pair of K Swiss Kwicky Blade Lights. I love this shoe. They are comfortable, I was able to put them on and just start running, light, airy, and bright. My favorite things :)

3. Make a Fit Fashion Statement- Gym gear should be fun! It may seem silly  but a bright shirt or a fun saying can really get me moving my rear! Don't be afraid of an FFS :)

4. Make a Killer Playlist- A great playlist can encourage me to give ten times more of myself. I like songs that pump me up. Technically speaking, songs with a High Beat Per Minute (BPM)  will get ya up and going, but I need more than that. I need to feel like the baddest bitch in town. The lyrics have to sing to me. I won't work out without music. Period. Check out my Boss Lady Jams page for a list of some favorites.

5. Long Distance Run Essentials- If I'm going on a long run, let's say anything more than an hour, there are a few things I'll need to pack with me for the road. If it's warm out, 60 plus, busting out the shorts. I HATE to be hot. Basically I hate being any temperature other than ultra comfortable, Diva Status says Heyyy, but let's not open that can of worms this morning.

Running puts out a lot of heat the majority coming from your quads. If I wear shorts, the compression sleeves are a must as well as compression socks. Ya they make that too. I'l also need my S.P.I. belt, Nike Running Ap., Play List, and Shot Blocks.

Orange flavor has extra caffeine- bzzzzzz!

Does not bounce and holds my phone, keys, chap stick, & fuel

Compression Sleeves & Compression Ankle Socks
6. The most important aspect in putting a great workout? A positive attitude! Do yourself a huge favor- leave the I can't, I'm tired, That's too hard, I hate my job, so and so was mean to me, I'll never reach my goal, I don't feel like it, Negative BS at the door. Tough love time- Suck it Up Buttercup! Slap a smile on that face and get to work! 

"Exercise Gives you Endorphins, Endorphins make you happy!"
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  1. Love it! I need to start reading your posts right before I work out, instead of at work!

  2. I have been getting shin splints lately (and I have been fitted for the right shoe as well) and I have been taping my legs with KTape, but that is a pain in the butt. Do they (socks) do the same thing as the tape??

  3. I LOVE all of these suggestions! A good workout outfit to me is essential in feeling on fiya during a workout!

    I have a question not related to gear but on protein. I know you've mentioned a few times about stalling because of consuming too much protein.

    I have been thinking about getting some quest bars and protein shakes but was wondering 1.when is the best time to take protein and 2. how much is too much? What do you think? what has worked for you?

    As always, thanks a ton girl! You have helped me in more ways then you know! Love your advice :)

    1. Hi! I recently started a nutritional program that I love, and it advises that I eat 14-18 grams (for my weight and body fat percentage) of protein in six small meals each day, usually spaced 2-3 hours apart with the last "meal" (protein, no carbs) right before bed so that the body continues to breakdown the fat rather than muscle while you sleep. Hope that helps. :)

  4. Great Tips girl - and I love Shot Blocks...

  5. "And happy people don't kill their husbands, they just don't." Hahaha

    Thanks for sharing your must have's! I may need to get myself one of those fancy belts. You listen to music while it's hanging out in there?

  6. I agree on the shoes - shell out the cash to prevent issues/injury! I also love the compression sleeves (thanks to you) and shotblocks...GU Chomps are great too.

  7. Love your diva status "I HATE to be hot. Basically I hate being any temperature other than ultra comfortable," I'm exactly the same way. I'm always layering because if I get hot then I turn mean - hahaha!!

  8. I was about to finish your legally blonde quote, but saw that someone already beat me to it, so I figured I wouldn't beat that dead horse! But this was a great post, and quiet helpful! And you're right again - a positive attitude will get you a lot further in your workout than you would ever realize! I just have to repeat to myself over and over when I run, "I CAN do this. My body is NOT done yet. Keep running, Halie!!" And sooo many times I can push further than I thought.

  9. Have you tried GU? I hated it at first, so I tried sports beans, shot blocks, gummy bears, etc. Then I decided that chewing was too much work while I was running a marathon and stuck with the icky GU instead. :)

    And thanks for the advice on sports bras! I have been losing inches everywhere BUT my boobs. Instead, I feel like the darn things are getting bigger, and it's driving me nuts. I've gotta find a better way to strap those puppies down. Ugh.

  10. Love the shot blocks!! Great tips and I'm in love with Champion bras. Although I need to double up. Them girls are big. ha! What are your go to for shorts. I hate anything that runs up. I was thinking about maybe a running skirt. Thanks doll

  11. Perfect timing :) Im trying to decide what to spend my diet bet money on!! Question though - why didnt you go with a hydration belt? Thanks!

  12. Love your tips! you make them so fun! I haven't tried shot blocks I will have to try them out. I'm stuck on GU Chomps they are so good I just want to eat them all day ha! Happy Thursday gorgeous!!!