Thursday, April 18, 2013

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It


Linking up with Holly and Jake today for some comic relief- it's always good to laugh at yourself! Here we go...

1. I laughed so hard I cried when... talking about this one night in NOLA...

NOLA - 1 Bacheolorettes- 0

2. My high school...days are long over. Praise baby J

Sooo awkward- Why was this a good idea?

3. It really pisses me off... when people get political on Facebook. GAH!

4. In ten years... I 'll have made friends with Elle MacPherson so she'll share her fountain of youth with me 

She's 50. Something sneaky is going on here....

5. If I could erase one thing... just one? It's too early for all that....

Oh Ecards- you say it all for me :)

6. In 1999...  I had a mouth full of braces and won the most awkward award at school. True story.

7. Honestly... I'm truly happy with my body, for the first time ever in my life. Consequently, I spend way to much time in the mirror now. Mr. Noel wants to set up an intervention.

Jillian 6 Week Six Pack Sneak Peak- Me likey results!
8. To me, the best cheat meal. Washed down with some Plum Wine- ohhh What's up holler!

9. Someone really needs to invent... a way to rig the lottery, and only share that information with me

10. The first time I drank alcohol... was way to long ago for me to remember. I'm sure I made an ass of myself though. I'm really good at that.

11. The one question I would ask God is... WHOA! Hard hitting questions this morning! One thing, ONE thing? I think I just used my question ;)

12. Lindsay Lohan... put the ess in hot mess express.

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  1. That sushi looks heavenly!! What restaurant? We always go to Tsunami but I've been wanting to branch out lately.

  2. OMG I love sushi and that pic of you - Mirror Mirror on the Wall. No for real - we all spend time there:) Love you Girl.

  3. I LOVE TO BE IN THE MIRROR NOW... True story! LOL

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one happy to see high school go! Just not what its all crapped up to be. Can't wait to see the results! From what I can see, if I looked like that, I'd stand in front of that mirror for 24 solid hours and not feel an ounce bad about it!

  5. This is just what I needed this morning! I needed light and fun! So stoked to see your results!!

  6. I love the picture of you! You go girl!

  7. the ecard about dont judge me is freaking hilarous love that one! AND the pic of you with your shake!? I can see your abs!!! so excited to see your results! :)

  8. thanks for linking with us...and the political shit on facebook bugs big time..

  9. Finally, someone else willing to admit their love of sushi.

  10. Love Amy Poehler!! Thanks for the upbeat smile and can.not.wait to see your JM results!! KaraG is supposed to let me borrow hers but I'm guessing I need to trek out to Tar-jay and get me some JM before the end of ORB

  11. That sushi looks to die for and I'm excited to see your results!!

  12. OOH girl your sneak peak is H-O-T!!! You deserve all that mirror time! And I love the "human pinwheel" high school pose :) And I can totally relate on the awkward phase/braces - please tell me you had headgear too! My fam STILL makes fun of me for it!

  13. Oh wow, that pic at the end is horrible! And I cant wait for your results!!

  14. Where are LL's friends that allow her to step out of the house and look like that? Road hard and put away wet...

  15. Elle Macpherson's face may look young and beautiful but her body looks gross in the picture!! Being super skinny like that is so not attractive! You Mrs. Noel however, are so inspiring!!

  16. OK, you're posting your JM results soon, right? I'm so excited and curious!

    Also, I had no idea Elle Macphereson was 50. That is CRAZY!

  17. Can I be friends with you and Elle?

  18. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH buddy! I knew you were brewing some abs under all those gorgeous OOTD's!!!! I forgot the rest of the questions after that pic!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!

  19. I have defriended so many people because of their political rants. Ugh...

  20. Loved your answers! The pictures are great.
    Oh my goodness that side shot of you looks crazy good pretty please tell me that you are going to post all your JM results soon! I can't wait to read all about how ORB is going!
    Love Gi

  21. Yummmo on the sushi! And I don't even want to talk about my high school pics!