Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What the Cleanse has Taught Me & Upcoming Guest Post from my Better Half

Good morning!! First and foremost I want to say thank you for all of the wonderful feedback in response to yesterday's post! I'm working to get back with each of you who took time out of your day to comment on my little spiel. It's incredibly important to me that you all know how much I value your feedback. In all honesty, I always feel a little nervous in hitting publish when digging a little deeper in content. It makes me feel nervous because I never ever want to portray myself to be some type of expert. I'm not. (although I'd really like to get more formal education- i.e training & nutrition certifications maybe even another degree- so that I could be, but more on that later). I'm just a girl who figured out how to shift some pounds around and feel fantastic. My goal is, and as always been, to spread that wonderful feeling around, because every one deserves to feel great in their own skin!

Speaking of feeling fantastic in your skin. It's cleanse day 10, and I feel rejuvenated  I feel fit and strong. Not once through out the cleanse did I feel hungry, and I worked out every single day, some times twice a day. This experience has been overwhelmingly positive. While I have not been scale obsessing- ie weighing everyday- I will weigh in tomorrow. Regardless of those results, I have no regrets in completing the cleanse and highly recommend the Advocare Cleanse and of course SPARK! (I  love, I love it, I love it!) to anyone.

What has the cleanse taught me? The cleanse forced me to reevaluate the way I have been eating. No I don't consume a lot of sugar or carbs on a day to day basis BUT it forced me to become more balanced. It also taught me that I can live without my diet sodas, coffee, and popcorn - no one is more shocked than me. I've gone 10 days without any carbonation or popcorn. It's crazay! Food options on the cleanse are incredibly extensive. Here's a look at some of my recent choices:

Green Apple with Two Tablespoons Natural Peanut Butter

Tilapia, Asparagus, Turkey Bacon, Normandy Blend Veggies, & Brown Rice

Chocolate PB2 with Fruit

Spaghetti Squash, Grilled Chicken, Normandy Blend Veggies

Grilled Chicken, Egg Whites, Bell Pepper, Brown Rice

Shakeology Breakfast- Everyday!
Going forward, I'm going to continue my commitment to near squeaky clean eating. I say near, because I'm not perfect. I have always said that I won't deprive myself or quit living my life. However, I'm bringing "faturday" down to one cheat meal a week. I'm going to allow myself one bag of popcorn per week and one diet soda per day max. I also really like the formula of eating I've been following on the cleanse; Three proteins, two fats, three fruits, three vegetables. I'm also planning to add SPARK! into my daily routine. I really love that stuff! I will also be adding dairy back into the mix starting Thursday morning. This girl is craving some over night oats!

Post Cleanse Diet-

1 Dairy
1 Whole Grain
2 Fats
3 Proteins
3 Fruits
3 Vegetables

This biggest change I'm going to make is upping my daily calorie intake. While I lost the majority of my 60 pound weight loss aiming for 1200-1400 calories a day, it's time to make a change. This formula is no longer working for me. I have done extensive research on this subject and feel and upped clean and balanced calorie count will be the best formula for my future goals. Skinny Meg did an excellent post on this awhile back which you can read here. Based on my height, weight, age, and activity level, I should be able to consume 1900 calories per day and lose a pound per week according to the formula. However, I'm going to start slow and aim for 1600 calories per day on a work out day and 1400 calories per day on a rest day. Baby steps.

Tomorrow I'll post cleanse results! I can't wait to read about everyone else's experience!

Upcoming on the blog: I've asked Mr. Noel for another guest post, and he's agreed to step back into the spotlight! If you have any questions you'd like for him to answer please comment, Facebook, Instagram, MyFitnessPal, whatever your chosen avenue of communication and will make sure he wiggles those burning questions into his post!

I'm loving my outfit today- I feel like a Rockstar! A Rockstar who is ready for Spring! Oh Yeahs!

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  1. Today is my last day on the cleanse and I feel great too!! I haven't had a Diet Coke in 13 tummy feels sooo much better!!! Thanks for sharing the yummy food!!!

  2. Whoop Whoop, no more fiber drinks! I think this is a great eating plan to stick with. My only question about the cleanse is "Would I feel this good with only Spark and the meal plan?" I remember feeling this great when we did the no carb challenge before Christmas. Nothing against Advocare, but, I don't think I had enough 'junk' to clean out in the first place. What are your thoughts?

  3. You rock! I wish I had your eating discipline.

  4. I don't feel like you're trying to come across as an "expert" or seem cocky or anything. I feel like you're just giving us your experience. Way to go finishing the cleanse!

  5. Questions for your hubs:
    1. Does all your working out and eating healthy make him want to join in?
    2. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
    3. Does he only eat healthy stuff with you or does he eat whatever he wants while you are eating healthy?
    4. What does he like most about the new you?

    ...these are mainly to help me find out the best ways I can try to encourage my hubs to get on the bandwaggon! :)

  6. This post has so much awesome! Love it!

  7. I'm so glad you've had such a great experience with it! I'll def look forward to hearing all your official results tomorrow!

  8. Today is the last day! Yay! We made it ! I am honestly not looking forward to anything more than chugging a diet coke sorry im not sorry haha

  9. Thanks for the cleanse review, it's all good info and things to think about!
    I'm excited for a hubby post :) Here are my questions:
    -Do you know how famous your wife is in blog-land? Us bloggers loooove her to the moon and back!
    -What do you think of the blogger life (aka blasting the personal deep stuff on the interwebs and taking photos of everything for IG?)
    -How proud were you when she ran the half marathon?

  10. You've gone this long without it, just give up the diet soda completely! It is so not good for you and you don't need it. I'll step off my soapbox now because you probably already know that. You have so much knowledge now about what to do for your body to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I love reading your posts!

  11. Way to go with the cleanse! I like your outfit. I just purchased a similar pair of pants in that color :) Spring is almost here!

  12. So I've been watching you enjoy these shakeology shakes for awhile now. I've looked for them in several stores and then someone fnially had the decency to tell me they are only available online. So I went to look online and Hold Batshit... did you really pay $120??? That seems to be the only way to buy it... Is this the route you took?

  13. Your food looks amazing! I find your approach to everything very refreshing and enlightening. You are a great role model and I look forward to reading your posts.

  14. I'm loving those red pants!!! One of my weight loss goals is actually skinny jeans in a million different colors. And boots. If my calves will agree with me. I'm starting the 10 day cleanse tomorrow and am eager to see how I do without coffee, some foods cooked in bacon grease, and mac & cheese. Haha!

  15. 1. You most definitely should get training in regards to nutrition/personal training
    2. Your outfit is badass! Seriously....hawt!!

  16. From your section of "Post Cleanse Diet" -- What are your "2 fats"??

  17. You are awesome(high pitch voice) ha! I'm seriously thinking I need to up my calories since im starving everyday but limit the carbs when I really only eat oatmeal except my cheat meal:) oh the wonders of the body. It would be so nice if it was cut and dry. Lol rest job girl. You're looking long and lean in your skinny jeans

  18. Your outfit is fantastic! Definitely ready for Spring.

    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

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