Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Goals & New Product Finds

Good morning!!! I hope you are staying safe and toasty warm whatever part of the world you're in. To think Sunday morning I had thoughts of laying out by the pool, oh mother nature you can be a mean one at times. Today begins week 3 of Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack. It's my last week on Level One and this feels accurate as the routine is getting easier and easier each day. Even when upping my weight resistance. I did not want to get up and work out this morning. Not at all. Don't wants to a 10. Even once I did get up and put on my gym gear, I was trying to convince myself my time would be more productively spent cleaning something. I rarely get don't wants this intensely, but I did power through, phew! Monday morning work outs are always the most difficult for me, consequently, I think it makes those work outs all the more important.

Last week, I had a goal to run an 8 miler on Wednesday, however I had a hair appointment after work that I had completely forgotten about,  so I skipped my afternoon work out. I know, the horror. I had planned to make up the run Sunday , but after Saturday night's shenanigans, my body revolted. It's important to get in a rest day, I do know this. However, this sin't why I skipped the run. True Confessions: I skipped the run because I had to much fun the night before. Womp Womp. I had to out myself, moving forward...

Two random product finds I want to share-

1. Ulta Tan Towels & L'Oreal Sublime Glow. I am hard core addicted to tanning. In college I spent three years working at a tanning salon where I faked baked every other day continuously for three years. After leaving that job, I continued tanning until one of my close friends found several precancerous moles on her body. We were only 21 or 22 at the time. This scared the tanning bed addition away. Bye Bye tanning beds. I love to be tan, but I love living life way more. Insert spray tanning obsession. I spray tan, mainly before an event, but occasionally  I want a glow but don't have time to get a spray tan in. I'm loving Ulta's Tan Towels and this daily lotion from L'Oreal.  Both are presently on sale buy one get one half off at Ulta. Neither product will turn you orange, they don't have the self tan stank, and my hands look normal. No Umpa Lumpa up in here.

2.Smart Balance Popcorn- I've told ya'll about my hard core popcorn addition previously. It's my biggest weakness. While shopping at Rouses Sunday evening, I found this- 100 whole grain, Gluten Free, No Hydrogenated Oils popcorn. I'm in heaven. I may have purchased 10 bags. Don't judge me ;)

Weekly Workout Goals-

6 Week Six Pack

6 Week Six Pack
Treadmill Circuit Training

6 Week Six Pack
8 Mile Run

6 Week Six Pack
Weight Training/ Body Sculpt Class

6 Week Six Pack 
Treadmill Incline Walk/ Run (If Gym is Open) 5 Mile Run if Closed



This coming Friday is Good Friday aka the end of No Bread and Cheese for me. I have a new plan for next week as I gradually and minimally reintroduce cheese into my life. Surprisingly  I don't miss it at all. Seriously. I've also found I can live without diet soda. Last week I had less than 5 total. Craziness!

Don't forget to link up Wednesday,  button and detailed reminder to come tomorrow! Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful Monday!

OOTD- It's cold out there!

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  1. ELLE! I just bought Ulta Tan Towels this weekend and haven't used them yet because I am scared that I will apply them ALL WRONG! HELP! What are your tips on applying them? Did you use them on your face? I also use Loreal Sublime Bronze self tanner and have always sworn by it!

  2. I gotta get me some of those tanning products STAT!!!! You are so funny how you publicly announce your faults because I have to do the same exact thing!!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the tanning products! I have been wanting to try some, just didn't know where to start! Do you use either of them on your face?

  4. Girl, I was addicted to tanning too. I started tanning in 8th grade (my sister was a senior getting ready for prom) and didn't stop until I was 22. I worked at a tanning salon in high school and had lots of free time before work at 5 in college. Needless to say, I tanned erryday! I got a spray tan last week because they were running them half price. I had forgotten how much I LOVE being tan. Bring on the warm weather and the pool! I will have to check out your products. I am always afraid I will miss a spot somewhere noticeable, haha!

  5. A ripped tan goddess I love it!!!! Happy Monday girlfriend!!!

  6. I didn't get in one workout this weekend because I had too much fun! You aren't the only one.

    I am addicted to popcorn to! I will have to check out that kind.

    Have a great week!!

  7. OOOOH let me know hot you like those tanning products. I've been trying out new products to get bronzed for the sun (if the weather ever warms up around here!) but haven't found anything I'm crazy about yet! Hope your weekend was fab, my dear :)

  8. I used to tan A LOT in college and finally stopped when I got pregnant 2 years ago. I'm really curious to try the tan towels. I'm ready for the warm weather to get here and stay here!

  9. Seriously going to need a tutorial on the tanning stuff and keeping your hands looking normal ...

  10. I am right there with ya on the tanning products. My mom had melanoma a few years ago, all has been resolved but she still has scares, and I haven't been in a tanning bed since. I've been using Jergens Natural Glow and it sounds about like the Loreal lotion you use. I'll have to give that a try!

  11. I'm a new follower! I wanted to just let you know I love your blog. On my lunch break yesterday and today I find my self going back and back to read! The tan towels I've heard recommended by people going through chemo. If they note they work in helping them feel better about their complexion during such a rough time, they are worth the try!

    I heart jolly time popcorn!

  12. I think I'm going to do some spray tanning before we hit up Vegas. I figure that way I won't feel pressured to get a tan while I'm there (because I always end up burning my lily white Irish skin) and I can just pile on the sunblock by the pool. How many sessions does it take to build up a nice tan?

  13. Just wanted to stop and say that you inspire me. Thank you!


  14. That popcorn looks delicious actually! I actually have a sample of the Tan Towels from Sephora.. I guess they are pretty similar to the Ulta ones? I actually was planning on trying them for a wedding coming up! I love a tannn.. I just feel better about myself... Gives you more confidence than the super white pale skin I have going on :)