Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turbo Fire Burn & Link Up Questions!

Wednesday! Here we go- short and sweet this morning because I am running behind, thanks snooze button, appreciate ya! Changed up my normal Tuesday work out routine- threw in a 3.5 mile run and an hour plus of Turbo Fire - fast paced cardio, fat burning, FUN!- with two of my lady friends/ run buddies/ party pals mix it all together and get CrAzAy! Working out with friends is just ten times more FUN! Can't wait to switch it up again! We had a serious burn last night.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT my watch. This is Sabrina's watch (my sole sista pace car). She recently bought the Garmin 110 with a soft strap heart rate monitor and is loving it. I'm going to shamelessly copy and purchase the same as I trust her judgement. No better referral than actual use! Her watch had us at 1100 plus calories. Burn baby Burn!!!

I'm three work outs into week two of Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack and I'm LOVING starting my day this way- I'm already seeing results. I'll reveal the abs I'm brewing (Elisha's terminology- check her out!) at the end of the 6 weeks. YES I have before pictures- stay tuned peeps!

#thatPOWER - Rocking out to this JAM!
Next Wednesday Sarah, Kassie, and I are teaming up for the Husband/ Girlfriend/ Signification Other/ Best Friend/ Whoever you want to throw in there with you link up! You can respond in Blog or Vlog format. I'm posting these questions a week early as it gives me plenty of time to sweet talk Mr. Noel into a vlog with me. To those of you who gave him specific questions, I'll make sure he answers those too! 

1. What are your thoughts on your wife's blog? 
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?
3. How long would you say you've been together?
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire him to workout/eat healthier?
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?
7. What do you like least?
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?

Speaking of OOTD- Rocking some mint capris this morning! Hello Spring!

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  1. Mint is the color of the season, I hear! Lookin' good, lady! ;)

  2. Sweeeeeeeeeet burn!!!!!! You are running behind and I still get a shout out?!?! Double sweeeeeeetttttt! Thank you so much my awesome XOXOXO!!!! I know you have some abs a brewin' under that amazing OOTD! You are a rockstar! Happy Wednesday gorgeous

  3. I am hella jealous that you can wear mint capris right now... meaning that it's even warm enough to wear them... ugh!

  4. Love the mint pants!!! I am so excited that mint and coral (peach) are trending again!

  5. I can't tell you how excited I was to swing by your blog this morning. My JM 6 week 6 pack DVD came in the mail last night and I did the level 1 workout after work. I LOVED it! Omg I'm so glad you told me it was only $7. Once I hear something is under 10 and that's it--I'm sold! Also, these link-up questions are awesome, I'm so excited! ALSO, your outfit today is absolutely adorable! Uh dorable!

  6. Those capris are fabulous! Love the link-up questions too!

  7. I am loving those mint capris! I need to get myself a pair. ASAP!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day :)


    The Hartungs Blog

  8. OMG loving todays outfit! those Mint Capris are to die for! love love LOVE them! Well done on the burn, I am looking into a garmin watch but they are a little on the $$$ side so I might have to sweet talk the husband!! Love the link up questions and tots looking forward to hearing all about your brewing abs!!
    Love Gi

  9. Awesome job girl!! Too cold for spring up here but I live vicarisily through you!

  10. I laughed aloud reading these questions and answering them in my head! Hilarious! :) I especially like the agreeing to answer the questions. I'd just slide them in over a couple of days!