Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ready Fit Meals & Adjusting Weekly Goals

Good morning! I did an extra post today, I know things are just getting crazy around here, but I really wanted to link up with Holly and Jake for their finish the sentence post! You can read that post, as well as tomorrow's link up post details here.

Yesterday, I teased ya'll on Instagram and Facebook with pictures of my delicious lunch and a experience at Ready Fit Meals, a new meal service offered here in Lafayette. They've been open for a week now, and yesterday was the first opportunity I had to get over there and check out what they had to offer. The food industry in our area is slacking when it comes to quality healthy balanced meals to go. Ready Fit Meals is the answer to that problem. Quick, easy, and healthy! Pinch me!

Prior to visiting the store, I had done online menu research. I knew they served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are several items I'm just itching to try, however the protein waffles really stood out to me as I had been wanting to try them on my own for quite some time. Heading into the store, I didn't know what to expect. I had a few questions bouncing around in my head:

Would there be a sit down area to eat?

Does someone take your order?
Meal selections are made from their coolers based on availability  however, they are very helpful in making that decision and explaining the process.

Do you order at the counter much like a fast food restaurant?

Would I be required to buy in bulk?
No, although it is an option

Would I be pressured into a long term meal plan?
NO- zero pressure however they do have meal plan options.

Is the food any good?
YES! The food was of the highest quality. Fresh, not frozen, and prepared on site.

Upon entering the store, I was faced with a wall of coolers. Labeled breakfast, lunch and dinner. I felt a tad overwhelmed but only for a second as I was immediately greeted by Jasmine. She was super friendly and knowledgeable  She actually complimented me on something I had been feeling quite self conscience about lately and won me over right away. She explained their meal prep process to me, the shelf life of their meals, and helped me select my lunch as I was hungry "right right now". She asked me if I had any special dietary needs etc.I can't begin to explain how wonderful it was to say to someone "I'm not eating bread or cheese and I'm avoiding gluten" and there was no funny look. Is this girl is crazy, no bread no cheese no gluten?! What does she think she's going to eat?!  I had many many options. I ended up purchasing what she had eaten for lunch- the BBQ Fit Chicken sized medium. All meals are broken down into small, medium, and large with detailed calories, carb, fat and protein contents. This made logging my meal in My Fitness Pal easy peasy.

I left with lunch, and breakfast waffles for the following morning. The BBQ Chicken was divine  The chicken was moist and tender, and the whole meal extremely filling. The sweet potatoes were scrumptious,  I want to try and make them on my own. I would eat this again in a heart beat. Ready Fit Meals has an area in which you can dine in the store, however picking up to go is incredibly easy as all meals are packaged microwave ready.

BBQ Fit Chicken

Protein Waffles- Large 176 Calories
The protien waffles felt like a cheat eat. They were that good, crisp, sweet, and warm as if I had made them myself this morning. The waffles will become a favorite for me without a doubt. I could pass these off as the real deal to my husband and he's never even know the difference.

If you are thinking of checking out Ready Fit Meals, run don't walk. The staff were welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help. The food was phenomenal, reasonably priced, guilt free and so tasty. I can't wait to visit again!

Weekly Goals- I'm making some adjustments in my two a day work outs this week. Always listen to your body- mine is telling me to slow down, I'm over training. My last longer distance race of the season is this weekend and I want to wrap the season on a high note which means rest is key. 

Wishing each and every one of you a positive and productive Tuesday!

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  1. that long distance run this weekend wouldnt be the Crescent City Classic would it??? if so I would LOVE to meet you!!! I will be there! :)

  2. I'm going to have to check out whether they have one closer to me than Lafayette. I can't be schlepping three hours for grub. LOL

    @Melissa Folz - I'm doing the classic this weekend too. I'm in terrible shape currently, so I'm walking, but I will be there! I can't wait to get my calorie burn on. :)

  3. @Elizabeth I checked the website out yesterday and they only have one location right now :-( I hope this store/restaurant blossoms and becomes nationwide as we all need healthier options that are budget friendly available to us, besides our normal fast food chains along the highways! So here is to fingers crossing that we get a Ready Fit Meals in South Carolina-ASAP!

  4. That place seems AMAZING! I hope they are successful and can expand to other states/locations. I would LOVE to have a place like that near me. The only way it could be better is if it had a drive-thru.. Haha!

  5. Oh how I wish we had ready fit meals around here! If not for the convenience, the ideas would be helpful too! I love the sweet potatoes and barbeque chicken....might need to re-create that!

  6. Hey! I have a quick question for you... what kind of cross training did you do while you were in training mode for your half? I have been doing Insanity, but I think I may be over doing it. Thanks!

  7. I wish that there was something like that around here because I am always lamenting that we have to healthy to-go options. The closest whole foods is way too far away.

  8. I seriously seriously wish they had this in my town! This looks amazing, and would make it soo much easier to find healthy meal options! Jealous.

  9. Oh my goodness both meals look super amazing! I have never heard of Ready Fit Meals but it seems like a wonderful idea.
    I want waffles now :( ha ha my veggie soup will just have to fill the void.
    Love Gi

  10. YUM!!! We have a few places like this in Austin that I have yet to check out. Need to do it stat. Thank for stopping by today! Happy we found each others blogs!! :)