Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going the Distance, Friday Comes Early

Good morning and Happy Thursday to each and everyone of you! Huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Link Up yesterday! I realize this one was a little difficult as it required participation in another party, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's posts!

Today is my Friday- What's Up Holler! I am pumped about that! 3 day weekends are few and far between and I plan to enjoy every single last second of that time with family and friends. I've got tons planned for this weekend, including my last longer race of the run season. Womp. I'm a little sad, but I've got something extra special planned to document this first year in my life as a runner. I'll share shortly. Think crafty.

Wednesday's evening work out goal was an eight mile run. It's the furthest distance I've run since the half marathon last month. My last 8 mile run took place during half training, and it was a tough 8 miles. That run was January 5th, I've come a long long way in the last 3 months. 8 miles seems easy to me now. No one is more surprised than me.

 I want to push my endurance and speed on my next half so I don't want to lose the longer range mileage and endurance I built up for the half marathon. My plan is to get in one long run per week consisting of 8 plus miles. Training for my next half will not officially being until the last weekend in July. Lucky for me, Sabrina wanted to run her bum off too, so I had company. The difference between a solo run and having a run buddy is light years apart. Sabrina and I run well together as we push one another. When she's feeling tired, I'm feeling strong, when I'm feeling tired she pushes me harder. Girl can keep pace like a machine! We managed a great pace, especially considering we got caught up at red lights for four whole minutes. Dang five o'clock traffic!

Mile One- 11:30 (Red Light Number One)
Mile Two- 10:01
Mile Three- 9:50
Mile Four- 10:37 (Red Light Number Two)
Mile Five- 9:31
Mile Six- 9:33
Mile Seven- 9:43
Mile Eight- 9:20

Over all this was a fantastic run. I felt like I sill had a few miles left in me, I never felt completely spent, and I'm prepared to run with my heart at the Crescent City Classic on Saturday.

 I'm wearing my trusty compression sleeves. These help with blood flow and take pressure off of my knees on long runs. The app I use to track my activity is called Nike Running.

Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack goals are blasting on all cylinders! I've completed level one five times per week for three weeks and it's time to step it up to level two for the remaining three weeks. I can not wait to show ya'll these results. I'm already pleased as punch! Bring it Jillian! I am ready for you!

Next week there will be an Operation Red Bikini give away and poo yi it's good y'all! Here's a clue- give away is something in this picture....

#OOTD- Casual Friday comes a day early! I'm wearing a really old pair of jeans (that I worked my tail off to get back into), and a blouse from LOFT

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What are your long weekend plans?

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  1. Is it spark?!??! Please say yes and then say that I can win it ;)

  2. Do the compression sleeves really help? My calf muscles have a really hard time keeping up with the rest of my body... They always get really tense... even when I stretch. That would be awesome! :)

  3. i saw your picture on IG this morning and I just stared for a minute. You look so beautiful!! Long and lean but mostly, you just ooze happiness. I love reading whatever you have to say. You're always so positive! Good luck this weekend!

  4. whoop whoop! You go girl! DYING to see your jillian results! I may just have to get on that bandwagon too! Hope you're having a great day girlie !

  5. Looking great girl!! I'm glad you posted about running after the half as I'm struggling to figure out what I'm going to do after I run mine. I may do 8 miles every other week...just gotta fit it in!

  6. You look awesome! I love fitting into old jeans = free new pants! Great run! My post 1/2 plan is the same!

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love to hear from new followers! Your email address isn't linked to your profile (no-reply comments) so I couldn't email you back. Just read your weight loss story, you look great! I am fighting my own battle. Currently feel like I am losing, but gotta keep going. So glad to have a long weekend! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. So excited about the first ORB giveaway... I went and ordered the right size and a few other tanks today from Ruffles with Love... cant wait to get them in! :)

  9. Great job on your run girl!! You are amazing to get up so dang early. My plans...easter 2,3 & 4 with the family. Yes I have 4 Easters. Big family=many stretched out holidays. And maybe a long run for myself. Enjoy your long weekend lucky girl.

  10. I'm so excited you're already seeing results from 6 wk 6 pack! Gives me hope that these mountain climbers aren't for naught! :)

    Also, I hope you're giving away nectarine slices. LOL!

  11. Girl, you look amazing!! I am still getting in my 6 week 6 pack and frequently think of you when I get a case of "don't wants") and can't wait to see your results!

    You calling 8 mile runs easy is just downright inspiring. I want to work hard to get to that point! There was a time when I couldn't run an entire 5K, now it is "easy" for me. I'm so ready to raise the bar on that!! Onward and upward!

    Have an amazing long weekend, and I'm sure it will be full of fitness! We do not get a long weekend, WOMP. And we have an out of town trip planned (to go drink beer.....srsly, thanks Phil) so I have to get my butt out of bed EARLY on Saturday to run 9 miles - I'll really need to channel my inner Positive Patty and knock it out!! Have a great day gf!

  12. Which compression sleeves do you like best? I am trying to decide is Pro Compression or Zensah is better??