Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cleanse Day Three Summary & Feeling Fabulous

Good morning eerrrbody! Day four is rocking every single one of my long brown hairs! So far this morning, I've completed 45 minutes on the elliptical, ten minutes worth of core strength, written this blog post, and prepared all of my meals for the day. All before 7am. I seriously feel fabulous. Since today is a two a day work out day for me, I threw in an extra Spark. Ya know that Advocare energy drink I am straight up obsessed with. Productivity to a ten this day ya'll.

because cats are funny
Thank goodness, because cleanse day three was not easy. Gotta keep it real! I ate more on day three than days one or two, however, I did feel a bit faint during my evening work out. It was nothing I couldn't handle, but I did take it down a notch and rest between reps more so than I would normally. I also stopped for water on my 5 mile run and that's not something I would usually do on a five miler. I only plan fuel stops on runs 7 miles and longer. I can run about 6.5 miles before feeling like I need water or fuel, but Cleanse Day Three, my body was screaming MORE WATER. What's really wild is that I drank over 128oz on day three, and then I stopped counting and just kept drinking. Up and down to the bathroom has been at a constant but that's not unusual for me as I do drink lots of water on a daily basis. I did have a mild depletion headache part of the afternoon- this was a first on this cleanse. The night sweats were milder, Mel pointed out that she had the sweats and crazy dreams, and now that I think about it, the dreams have been out of the box and extremely vivid. The limited food selection has not been that difficult for me as I already gave up most carbs and cheese. I am missing greek yogurts, and I'm looking forward to trying more overnight oat recipes post-cleanse. Overall, this experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I feel like it's zooming right on by- day four already?! Oh yeah, feeling great!

Day Three Food Log:

While I haven't weighed in, because I don't want to drive myself to crazy town with scale-obsession, I can tell I'm losing. We can define this by what we all know as a "skinny day". Ya know when you're "lookin good feeling fly" (Thanks Kate for the new catch phrase!) and I am feeling fly today!

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  1. You're doing AMAZING!!
    I've always wanted to try a cleanse, was thinking of starting small with a 3 -5 day!
    What do you use to track your food log? I eat gluten free and dairy free and am pretty sure I'm way under necessary caloric intake, so I'm looking for a better way to track it than just in my head!

  2. you are lookin' super fly today!!!! Happy Thursday Sexy Lady!! XOXOXO

  3. Ok this outfit is super smokin! You look HOT GIRL Dayuuum! Lol! Day 4 is here! Yay were doing it! i don't find it as hard as I thought it was either! I feel great! I want to try that spark now cuz of you! ha! Yay to the first day without the fiber drink :) The only thing I miss is my beloved diet coke and diet dr pepper :(

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING MISS THANG!!!!!!!! You rock my socks. The end. PS why in the hell do I feel so bloated?! ugh

  5. No Greek yogurt is a scary though for me! It's one thing that makes me double-think a whole foods kick! But I'm glad you're feeling so great today! Sounds like you hit your stride!

    By the way, that leather jacket is FABULOUS! I want one!

  6. Adorable jacket! Keep going strong:-)

  7. Good for you girl! Im glad you feel so great! I had a little weakness during my day two evening workout, and so last night on day three I took it easy and just did weights instead of cardio. Youre right, it does seem really easy!

  8. I love seeing how everyone is doing on this cleanse -- I'm still considering giving it a shot. Just found your blog & you definitely have a new follower! Stopping by from :)