Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Weigh In & NSV

Good morning and Happiest of Fridays to you! We made it! I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time now. It's Mardi Gras weekend y'all and it's going to be action packed. Holler for a four day weekend! It's been a great week for my weight loss agenda. I set a new personal record for my 10k time last Saturday, I got in all my short runs this week (this is a miracle), I'm seven work outs in this week thanks to two two-a-days, and my eating has been stellar. I knew without a doubt the scale would have nice things to say to me today. I weighed in two pounds lighter this week which brings me to an even 3 pounds to my ideal goal weight. Come hell or high water (yeah I just said that) I am going to get that scale to read my goal numbers back to me. In another NSV (Non- Scale Victory) I checked my body fat percentages. I'm down to 21.5% This is so encouraging to me. The last time I checked my body fat I was at 23% so I am over the moon with this progress, because that number definitively tells me that I am burning fat, building muscle, and becoming a smaller lean mean machine! Oh yeah!

While my body fat is at 21.5% my BMI is a solid 21.

OK chick what's the difference between those two numbers? English please?

Body fat percentage is an accurate reading that you must use some form of machine to measure. BMI is determined by calculation of numbers and/or a chart. Which one is more accurate? Body fat.

To measure my body fat, I use a hand held machine in which I input my height (6'0), weight (158), age, and sex. Holding the machine away from my body it sends harmless radio signals through out the body to measure body fat. I always check it twice to ensure an accurate reading. My ultimate body fat goal is an 18%. It's incredibly difficult for women to get below a 20, cause we gotta have boobs and butt y'all, however I want to take on this challenge, I really feel I'll be very happy with my body at an 18 regardless of what the scale says at that point. To check my BMI I use an online calculator which does not take into account your body fat percentage so you can really just take that number with a grain of salt.

For those of you doing half marathon training, I want to talk about the short runs during the week. The continuous 3 mile, 5 mile, 3 mile or 2 mile, 4.5 mile, 2 mile whatever your designated consecutive distances are. These short runs are more challenging for me than the long runs. My strategy through out half marathon training has been to run the short runs slowly and really save myself for the long runs on Saturday mornings. So far, this has been working for me. Additionally, throwing in treadmill incline training and circuit training has really helped to improve my long run time, that said I am not pushing myself to exhaustion on all of these weekly runs. What's your long distance training strategy  Talk to me! I can't be the only one finding the short runs to be killer and the long runs to be easy?

This morning I did a repeat of this treadmill routine from Pinterest. At the end of the work out I doubled the 5.0 jog time and then popped up to 6.0 for one minute before cooling down for two minutes inclined at 4.0. I really like this routine, it's challenging but not exhausting  I can still complete a full body weight routine after the treadmill inclines.

I followed up this morning's work out with egg whites, turkey bacon, bell pepper, & one cup of mixed fruit- peaches, strawberries, and pineapple. 

I think I've finally decided what I'm going to give up for lent. I'm going to make my final decision sometimes this weekend. Make sure you're following me on Instagram @ellenoelfitness! Lot's of over sharing will go down for Mardi Gras! 

Feeling GREAT this morning! I just love clean eating and exercise :)

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  1. Ok, Chicka I have a question. I have am coming to New Orleans for the FIRST time in April. I know and I am so sorry for not coming sooner. I will only be there for 24 hours. What must I do to get an authentic taste of the Big Easy before leaving?

  2. Congrats on an amazing week!! 3 lbs.!! How exciting is that? Have an awesome weekend girl! You deserve it after all your hard work this week!

  3. I have the same problem with my short runs. I am finding it hard to run 3 or 4 miles straight. I think that I am starting out to fast. I tend to pace myself better with the long runs and enjoy them more. Looking forward to see what others say.

  4. Hey! Where does one get access to a body fat thingy??

  5. yep, i have the same question as Sarah, where do you buy one and about how much do they cost?

  6. Ok, I'm a rebel. I so don't do the short runs. I only run 3x a week so I take the "what your suppose to do" for miles for the week and divide them by 3, with my longest one being on the weekend. Maybe that's a bad thing but this girl is running in snow, ice, and freezing temps. It seems to be working because I run longer...not Elle Noel status yet..but your energy and endurance is my goal. ha!! And can I say I think those body fat measures and BMI is a good tool but I feel like it lies. You look less than 20% body fat. I just don't get it..Either way..keep rockn' the workouts and run and have a fabulous time this weekend..

  7. You're a boss! You look awesome and I love to hear that you're feeling great. It's encouraging for me. I'm reading this new book and it told me that for 5'5 my ideal weight should be 115 - say what? I don't think that would be physically possible but now I'm wondering if I'm setting too low of goals for myself by trying to reach 135. We shall see!

  8. Great job this week! 3 pounds is AMAZING! And I'm in the same boat with Sarah and Lora about the machine - I would imagine our gym has one but I'm sure they would also charge me to use it (or have them scan me).
    I always get a little disgruntled after calculating my BMI :/

    Have an amazing weekend!

  9. Happy weekend!


  10. i had no idea the difference between the two!! thank you for breaking that down :) and 3 lbs?! that's awesome!

  11. You are looking great girl! A lean, mean, Gisele machine! I'm sorry though, I really enjoy the short runs for half training and kind of dread the long ones so no help there. I did just go home and bust out a mile as fast as I could just to get it over with, but I can see how a 2 or 3 miler would really kill you if you did that. Have a great Mardis Gras! Let the Good times roll!

  12. You're so close to your goal! Super proud of you and your achievements! Hope you have a wonderful Mardi Gras weekend, and I cannot wait to find out what you're giving up for Lent.....

  13. OK, so I did the tabata workout that you posted yeaterday (and it was awesome, so thanks for that!) and I included the miles between sets (I only did 3 miles b/c that was what my training called for today. My question is... does the 3 miles I ran today between sets count for my 3 mile short run, or should I run another 3 miles later? Thanks!

  14. You are a rockstar! you are so close to goal weight you can taste it! I can't wait for the goal weight post SOON! You can do it!

  15. Congrats on the 2lbs!!! I struggle with the short runs, but for a lot of different reasons though. I try to make my shorter runs more about increasing my speed. I will break them up by doing intervals or just push my pace during the run because I know it's only 3 miles (or whatever you're doing that day). I run slower and enjoy the long runs. I don't worry so much about pushing myself on the longer runs, because those are about building your endurance and stamina by just moving your body for a long period of time. I've using my running stragety for about an year now, and I've dropped about a minute or so off my mile times and PR's by 15 minutes on my last half marathon. It's what works for me, it may not work for anyone else, but just thought I'd put it out there for ya.

  16. I LOVE my short runs. I also love my long runs.
    I love it all!! :)
    I really take the "pace run" to heart every other Wednesday and try to push it out as best/fast I can have a slow/steady pace for my long runs.
    I'm pretty happy with my paces for every run...faster than I ever thought I would be.
    But I want to be faster...always trying to better myself.
    I like "Adventures of a mom on the run" idea on running faster on different intervals.
    And, you my friend are definitely getting better and better average paces and it's due to your interval training (as well as other factors, I'm sure) and it just inspires me!! :)

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