Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Weigh In- It's Miraculous!

Is it really Friday?! Pinch me! A girl could really get used to 3 day work weeks, you betta not lil girl! Despite it being a holiday week deep down south, I managed to get in every single work out with my only rest day Sunday and a two- a day on Thursday.

There's always good and bad news though right? Let's start with the bad first..

My five mile run Thursday night was not fun, it was painful. It felt like a recovery run. I thought about quitting on several occasions. I wanted to walk. I considered it on several occasions. Half way through the run I was about a quarter mile from my best friend's house and I was a half second away from rerouting and begging for a ride home. My legs felt like lead weights, and it was difficult to push through each step at some points. Somewhere around mile 4, I found my groove again and got to pushing. Probably because I couldn't wait for that run to end. I never started walking, not with the frustration and pain, I kept moving. Those are the runs I often feel most proud of, because it's strength of spirit and perseverance that pushes us onward. Running is a mental game. Not every run will be fantastic, I'm on top of the world right now, and that's ok! It's most important that we finish what we start!
That's my "Thank you baby J for letting me finish that run" face.
The good news?

I didn't gain a single pound over Mardi Gras, and ya'll I did not eat well. The good eater award would not go to this girl right here. See Checker burgers, Mexican (twice : / ) , and maybe a Reese's Sonic Blast- super weak moment(s). What saved me? The work outs? No carbs and cheese the past two days? I'm really not sure other than I got REALLY lucky. I knew I was going to be calorie grubbing fool over Mardi Gras, and I never thought twice about not enjoying myself. Now that Mardi Gras is over, this is the time of year when I can really dig deep and focus on my weight loss agenda.Let's be real, the no carbs and cheese I gave up for lent will be a big help too. 3lbs to goal, and 3.5% body fat left to lose. I know I can get there soon. It's time to dig deep! We're halfway through February which leaves roughly 3 and half months to work on those Operation Red Bikini goals!

This morning I got in R.I.P.P.E.D. at 5:30am. I can usually only attend this class at 5:30pm Monday nights. What a great way to start the day. This class is intense. I'm convinced I owe most of muscle definition to this class. Anytime I can do this class twice in one week I am one happy girl! After my difficult five mile run, I'm feeling pretty anxious about my 12 miler tomorrow. I may head back to the gym this evening and walk it out with some incline treadmill work. This incline treadmill routine has been very instrumental in helping me on the long runs- 12 TWELVE miler in the morning.

No pictures of me this morning. It's been crazy at the Noel house this week. I won't bore you with the mundane bull we all have to deal with, but this morning was exceptional. I have carpet cleaners coming to make my floors sparkle and guess who waited until 7am to decide she wanted to move ALL of the living room furniture into the kitchen? This girl.

I found out first hand just how heavy that monster of a leather sofa I just had to have is. In the words of Mr. Noel, "Come on girl use that muscle! I don't want to hear 'I can't' " 

Insert super dramatic female mean mug. Poof! goes the Valentine's Day magic.

Thing has got to weigh 5,000 pounds. Now excuse me while I go try to find someone to outsource moving all of my furniture back into it's rightful place this evening. Any takers? Crickets? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

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  1. Way to push through those 5 miles! We all have those days but finishing it makes you that much stronger you needed that mental excersise for your half coming up :-) and way to go on no gain! That is icing on the cake for a perfect Mardi Gras week!!!!

    Happy Friday gorgeous! XOXO

  2. That is so awesome! I love reading about the time you push through the pain. And lucky duck - not gaining anything over last weekend! Good for you!

    The Hartungs Blog

  3. Great job pushing through that run even though you weren't completely feeling it. You are totally right. It's those workouts you end up feeling prouder of yourself :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It's all the massive working out you do that kept you from gaining this week. WTG! Keep up the great workouts paired with great eating and you'll be seeing your goal weight in no time. Although, I think you look mighty fantastic at the weight you are right now! ;) But I totally understand wanting to hit "GOAL!" Thanks for never failing to inspire!

  5. Well done on pushing through a tough run and not gaining any weight over mardi gras!! I've been slacking big-time this week and I'm dreading my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I'm going to have to get through that and then buckle down because next week I vow to pull out a big loss! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  6. I love bad weeks when you don't gain. Keep up the awesome work. You're an inspiration!