Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Weigh In & 10 K Run Prep

Wake Up, Wake Up,Wake Up it's the first of the month!!! I love February! It's one of my favorite times of year. Spring is just around the corner and February houses one of our favorite holidays, Mardi Gras! Most importantly, this February I'm running my very first Half Marathon EVA! 4- eva eva? 4 eva eva! 

The Rock N Roll is in exactly 24 days. Oh all my gees. Three months of training has been leading up to this. This month. I've been thinking about the half on every single run as of late. Thinking of the finish line. The feeling that comes with crossing the finish line at the end of a big race. It's euphoric. It makes all the hard work, all the training, all the prep work, the injury (s), the force feeding of gummy gu gu yuck yuck to go the distance, so worth it. The feeling is what gets me up and going. Running like I stole it. Running like I just stole back my life! Ahhh I love it, I'm so excited! BAH!

Ok what ya'll really want to know... Did I lose this week? I'm actually up a pound a half.

SaY WhAt!?

No stress you guys. I did really well this week (4 no carb days in a row and NO weekend Faturday!), but I had a Greek chicken salad and whole wheat pita bread for dinner last night ie sodium city. Not my smartest move. A small gain can also be explained by feminine issues. Ya know what I'm sayin ladies so I'll leave it at that...

I feel free from the scale as of late. I really like the way I look, borderline self absorbed. Ok maybe a little self absorbed- I have been working really hard ya'll! Why do I feel the need to defend my vanity? Why is it so wrong to be a little vain?

I could do a whole post on other people's opinion's on spending to much time in the mirror or enjoying your appearance. Exuding confidence. We may have to get  into that in some depth at a later date. After you've lost a significant amount of weight and you really love what you see staring back at you, people start giving you the- "ok you that's enough time in the mirror. I don't care if you've been working like piglet slave driver for two years, you're not allowed to enjoy looking at yourself that much. You have enough pictures of yourself"


Pre-weight loss, when you felt bad about yourself everyone is saying to you "You look really great, it's not as bad as you think, awww come on just take a picture, no you don't look fat in that" It's crap. STARE at what you work so hard for. Appreciate yourself. LOVE IT!

Back on topic....

Since I am feeling really great about myself, the scale ain't got no power. Anywho this brings me to an even 5 pounds to my goal. I'm gonna get there eventually, just have to keep my nose to the grindstone and keep on working. I'm not one of these people who obsesses over the scale. Weigh in the morning, weigh after a shower, weigh after lunch, weigh after a work out, weigh before bed, weigh in the middle of the night.  I weigh myself once a week. Friday morning's before I work out. That's it. I don't dirty dance with the scale every day. I use that bad boy once a week. That's it.

So after I weighed in, I just went about my business. Gym time! I need to take it easy ahead of my 10k run tomorrow, but I'm really not good at resting. This morning I put in 50 minutes on the elliptical and 25 minutes worth of leg and core work! If you have trouble increasing your heart rate on the elliptical up your resistance, don't hold onto the machine, and try going backwards. I adjust my resistance between three and six and usually set the training to some type of cross training rolling hills and I pedal backwards half the time. Ahhhh, I really love starting my day this way! Top questions about morning work outs:

  1. What time do you have to wake up to work out in the morning? 4:30am I try to be in bed a sleep by 10 the night before when starting my day this way
  2.  Do you eat before you work out in the mornings? NO. Working out bright and early first thing in the morning forces your body to burn old fat as you've yet to consume anything for the day. Some studies show you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat this way! Crazy right? I found I really great article on this last week. You can read it here. 

Tomorrow morning is my Week 9 run half marathon training. That shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

It's a 10k run. My best 10k time was during the Cajun Cup in November. I finished it in 1:00:10. I want to beat that time tomorrow. I think I can I think I can I think I can.

It's also my last destination run with my Soul Sistas running group. I look forward to these destination group runs. We all congregate together at the finish and have coffee, breakfast, and laughs. It's become one of my favorite aspects of group training. It makes me feel like I'm part of a team. I love hearing about every one's individual runs and their journey through training. That's what it's all about, a personal journey, and an empowering one! I'm also super stoked because Kassie is injury free and will be joining us this week! Our group has missed her face, big time!

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur....

(I got Bone Thugs N Harmony, OutKast, Gwen Stefani and Flo Rida together in this post. That needs to happen in real life)

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  1. Yet another inspiring post ;) sounds INSANE! Good for you! I cannot even imagine waking up that early.. dang girl! get it, get itttt!

  2. Love, Love, Love Bone Thugs.... It reminds me of 1996 :)

  3. You look awesome and you should be proud of it! Stare at your hot self in the mirror all you want honey. I can't wait until I don't feel like a prisoner to that beeyatch (not recently)of a scale.

  4. Geez, I love your enthusiasm! It is contagious! As always I will be hitting up IG tomorrow looking for your 10k rock star time! Have a great day!

  5. You should come rap with us on Keek on friday nights....

  6. Thanks for the info about not eating before I work out! Good to know!

  7. I loooove that bone thugs song! Good for you not lettin that scale control you! Happy February lady!

  8. I enjoy seeing your sweet face everyday. I love your attitude. We would be awesomelo friends in real life - I mean we are here too but we would ROCK it in Reality. LOL

  9. I had no idea that working out in the morning makes that much of a difference! Love the Gwen Stefani reference in there too. I can't believe you wake up at 4:30am; your drive is amazing!


  10. You had me at quoting Bone Thugs... And OutKast!!
    I love your no big deal attitude about the scale.
    You're accepting how you feel and look and that's really what's important!
    Aghhhhh!! Must remember that!!
    We're following the same half training program. I am 2 weeks behind you as my half is on March 9th!
    So fun to read about your progress!!

  11. It's so impressive how you're weathering the gain! But you're so right not to sweat it--you look amazing and you're knocking it out of the park with your eating and workouts! You should do a post about how you keep your motivation up! You're like a rock and I'd love to know how you keep your head in the game!

  12. I would love that musical combo :) Thanks for this post - just on my way to work I was thinking that I need to lay off the scale for a while and just way myself once a week - ironic my weigh in day is friday mornings too :) but a lot of my stress this week would have flown out the window if I trusted myself and not the stupid scale - grr! Happy Friday!

  13. I can't wait to dust off my running shoes and joing you girls again tomorrow! ORB!!!!

  14. Hell yeah girlfriend I'm with ya! After years of hiding from the camera and mirrors, I'm all about it now! We're just making up for lost time! Good luck on your 10K kick donkey booty girlfriend!!!!! Happy running!!!!! XOXO

  15. OMG girlfran.... I totally woke up today (my very first clinical day of many more to come) and I immediately had a Noel household "Wake up wake up it's the first of the month" dance party because I was so freaking excited! :) And I love that you've got your confidence back... You tell it like it is, lady, and I love that about you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  16. I would like to do that exercise.Great blog as usually. I'll follow all these steps.