Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post Race Day Four & Cleanse Prep

Four days out from the race, and I'm half way back to "normal". I say "normal" because my "normal" will never be the same again. I still feel like the baddest chick in town. If you're considering doing the half marathon, stop thinking and start doing. STILL on a high. Mentally I feel, I'm on top of the world right now, but physically my legs are saying  hold up swole up we need a breather.

My first post-race run? Terrible, but it got done. I took it super slow, my calves/hips/quads felt tight, but I foam rolled for a good 20 minutes post run. I decided to switch up my Thursday work out schedule. I found out Wednesday night that one of my favorite trainers is doing a kick butt weight lifting to exhaustion class tonight and I want in. Instead of starting Thursday with weight training, I started with cardio. I had planned a fairly intense walk/run routine however, my legs just ain't ready. This morning I focused on walking/slow jog incline treadmill work. I had planned to try this new treadmill routine from PB Fingers, while mentally I'm ready for a speed work out my legs need some more time to catch back up. Instead I did a 35 minute incline speed walk/ jog work out that left me feeling super challenged and uber sweaty. It went something like this...

One Minute Warm Up Speed 3.5 Incline 3
One Minute per incline at 4.0 from 3.5-8
Two Minute Intervals increasing incline 9-12 at 4.5
Two Minute Intervals 10 Speed 5.0
Decreasing Incline at 4.0 8-6
Two Minute Intervals at 5.0 Incline 6
Decreasing Incline at 4.5 6-3
Cool Down at Incline 3 at 4.0

I wrapped that up with upside down bosu ball squats and core work. I'll try another incline treadmill run Friday morning with my next recovery run scheduled Saturday. My favorite ab move as of late- the hang and twist, 15 leg ups per side, yes it's difficult and guess what?! It WORKS!

Who else is AMPED to start the Advocare 10 day herbal cleanse on Monday?! I've received so many questions about the cleanse but really it's quite simple. Just order the supplement, follow the meal plan it comes with, lose a few lbs, feel energized, and get to working on your next goal! Lucky for all of us, Kassie has already started the cleanse, and is keeping updating on all the tips and tricks to success! Be sure and follow her posts here. Skinny Meg and Mama Laughlin also hosted a link up yesterday for cleanse recipe ideas which you can check out here. It's basically getting easier and easier for those of us starting the cleanse next week! Ain't nothing wrong with a little shameless copy!

Food I am currently obsessed with- Target's stuffed tilapia and stuffed Salmon. Check out my straight up don't ya wish your dinner was yum like me- don't ya meal I had Wednesday night. Stuffed tilapia, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. SO GOOD!

Hope you're all having a full on fabulous week! I am so ready for spring- and some color in my wardrobe. Time to go shop-ping! (sing the ping it's more fun that way)

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  1. YAY! I am excited to try the mock mash potatoes!!

    I am also excited about the cleanse! :)

  2. Great and motivating post, once again! I love that you are still feeling like the baddest chick in town (besides the fact that you ARE!) That's how I feel after every run! And the longer it was, the badder I feel :)

    Keep on keeping on lady!!

  3. I need to amp up the core work. In bootcamp today, we took it to the stability ball and I was falling over the entire time! You should do an instructional post of your fave core moves! Or I guess I could just research them my own damn self...this is what you get for being so helpful all the time--more requests! ;-)

  4. I know it's a no brainer, but thanks for posting the cauliflower recipe :)

  5. I've always wondered about Target's stuffed tilapia. So, it's good???

  6. I absolutely love making mashed cauliflower. That whole meal looks amazing!