Monday, February 4, 2013

Positive Patty in the House & Weekly Goals

Good morning and Happy Monday!! It's the first Monday of a short month so we better enjoy it while we can ya heards meh!? This coming weekend is a HUGE one at our house. Think Cajun Oscars meets Swamp People wrap party and we call that Mardi Gras weekend. Those of you who follow me on Instagram @ellenoelfitness know we've been celebrating Mardi Gras for awhile now. It is a season ya'll not just a day, but the weekend before Mardi Gras is when all the Taxi companies make the most money big celebrating goes down!  It's also going to be a long long weekend because they even let us off work for all dat. Craziness right? Any who I want to feel extra thin and extra hawt for this pinnacle of annual coon ass celebrating. I've also been thinking about what I'm going to give up for lent. Ya know, the reason we get to have all this party hardy is to over indulge before paying penance. Are you going to give up anything for lent? Any who, looking AND feeling like a million Beyonce bucks, Cash money holla! I'm going to work extra hard this week! 

Throwing down the gauntlet ya'll. No simple carbs until Saturday, one diet soda a day, and no exceeding 1200 calories on any day. No excuses. Bam. Shiz just got real.


Am Cross Training
PM 3 Mile Run & Strength

5 Mile Run & Strength

AM Weight Training Class
PM 3 Mile Run & Strength Training

50 Minute Cross Training & Strength

11 Mile Run - Week TEN Half Marathon Training.


In other news, I feel zero soreness post run this past Saturday. I find after every long run, I need a recovery run. Meaning my first run post long run is usually difficult to get through and my speed is significantly slower than normal, however this week my legs aren't sore or tight so we'll see how the run goes tomorrow. 

Last Friday, I randomly decided pulled a two a day, my husband was working late and I had nothing else to do so I headed back to the gym. My run buddy recommended this treadmill work out to me. 

I extended the "run" time on some of the faster sections by a minute and ended the work out with 2.5 miles. If you're looking for a beginners speed training routine, I would highly recommend this work out  minus the inclines. If you're like me and needed some non-running cardio to do that's challenging this is for you! I'll do this treadmill work out a few times this week. I printed out the picture and took it with me to the gym. Simple things like this really help me beat gym boredom!

Oh and who hyperventilated like a 12 year old school girl when Destiny's Child popped up on stage last night?! THIS GIRL! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I seriously want to learn to STRUT like Beyonce!

"Can you pay Bills, can you pay my Stadium Bills?!" 
Badum Cha! I'll be here all day ya'll!

Let's kill it this week with our #operationredbikini goals! I want to hit goal weight this month. YAP this month! Let's get it!

I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine! Does anyone else feel like spring has sprung?!

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  1. Love B last night - amazing. Happy Monday girlfriend - its time for shiz to get real for me too.

  2. wow steppin' it up for Mardi Gras!!! Way to go on your run! Excited for your celebrations!!! I wish my work would let me off early to party!!! When your Boss is 3 years old I guess that wouldn't be a good idea! Happy Monday sole sista!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Good idea on stepping up the diet this week in preparation for Mardi Gras, I will be visiting family in NOLA this weekend... should be a mess diet wise, I need to be good until then! I mean is it possible to go there and NOT get beignets? I dont think it is.... lol

  4. Haha I did the dame thing w DC everyone was like wait...what? Haha

  5. Love the yellow in your outfit. You look like sunshine! I got 40 days until vacay, so shiz is about to get real over here also

  6. You look great in yellow Gisele! I'm totally down with getting to our goal weight in February, I started the 30 day shred so I'm all gung ho and I've already given up pop all together, but I'm thinking drive throughs will be a great Lent giveup. Have a great week and enjoy your extra day off...LUCKY!

  7. Your Destiny's Child caption has me rolling!

    I was JUST thinking about Lent this morning, actually. I think I might try to give up social media (FB, IG, Twitter...everything except blogs). It would probably give me so much extra time in the day! Have you come up with anything yet?

  8. Can't wait to see you in that ball gown guh!! So super hot. (I am a little jealous you get to get glammed up!)

  9. Ok, so I have a question :) I have never been to Mardi Gras or New Orleans or Louisiana for that matter, and I could so totally go google this but I want to hear it from you :) What is Mardi Gras all about? Is it just indulgence? Im a historian at heart and love to know what a real Louisiana girl thinks about it :) Thanks lady and I love your goals and I think Im going to do something crazy for lent...cheese...I dont know if I can do it but I know it would help drop these LBs :)

  10. Love the yellow cardigan! Happy Monday!


  11. I'm so super jealous of all your Mardi Gras pictures! I haven't been since I was 13 when we (the family) first moved out of Louisiana. Next year will be the year! I'll be living vicariously through your photographs! :-)

  12. Have fun partying it up this weekend! Love the treadmill workout. Supposed to rain here Thursday, so will print it and take with me to te gym.

  13. Girl, I am having Mardi Gras withdrawals!! Also, you were totally, totally not alone when Destiny's Child popped up. My friend and I were screaming and all the boys were looking at us like we were rooting for the 49ers.

  14. God, your willpower is stronger than my love for Bill. :)

    But I am doing that Fat blasting work out on the treadmill today... and I will post a picture of my purple face when I am done, granted I don't die.

    Happy Tuesday, Leigh Ann! Keep on keepin' on!!

  15. Oh miss L! You crack me up. Lov'n me some Destinys Child and those legs. Holla! Can I have her legs when I grow up! Ha! Or at least I'm working in them. Good luck on your craziness of a workout. I wish I had your energy. 15k this Saturday. It's going to kill me to miss a run to rest my legs. Have a great one girl!

  16. You looks very beautiful. It would love to follow you exercise chart. Thanks...

  17. That color looks gorgeous on you! Love your hair :)

    xo, Megan
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