Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Lundi Gras & Weekend Rewind!

Phew. This has been an unrelaxing weekend. Action packed from start to finish and it's not over yet. In past years, I can remember staying up all night sleeping a few hours then doing it all again...for days and days and days. Mardi Gras you win. I am done-zo. The silver lining is that I am still in bed at 7:00am on a Monday morning and for this I am thankful. So what have I been up to?

Bright and early Saturday morning, I ran those eleven miles. The long runs during half training have been really easy for me. I feel my endurance increase each week and my average speed is increasing. My goal for the half is to have each mile under a 10 pace starting off slowly increasing during the middle miles, slowing down, then finishing the last two miles at an increasing speed. I decided to start testing that goal  this week as I only have one long run left until race day. CRAZY.

Mile One- 9:52
Mile Two- 9:47
Mile Three- 9:42
Mile Four- 9:47
Refuel-Two Shot Blocks & Water
Mile Five- 9:50
Mile Six-9:49
Refuel- Two Shot Blocks & Water
Mile Seven- 9:37
Mile Eight- 9:46
Mile Nine- 9:49
Refuel- Two Shot Blocks & Water
Mile Ten- 9:34
Mile Eleven- 9:36


I'm feeling confident going into the half, I think I'll end up surprising myself with speed, less than two weeks to the race. I am so excited!!!

Saturday Night, we attended a Mardi Gras Ball for the Krewe of Triton. Our very dear friends served as royalty on the Krewe this year, and their friends and family came out to support! I felt like they were getting married all of over again. That's how big a deal serving in the Krewe is, huge deal! They're probably working on next year's ball right now as we speak. It's mind blowing the amount of work that goes into these events. This year the Krewe's theme was Holidays with our friends had St. Patrick's Day- how fun right?! Here they are, cruising around the venue, royalty for the evening!

I had been looking forward to this night for a good long while. A Mardi Gras Ball is like attending Prom, but drinking is legal and the music is better, adults get obnoxiously dressed to the nines, and everyone really lets their hair down for the night! I love it! It took a team of people to get me looking so good, my seamstress for working some magic on this dress from High School, spray tan magic, hair help, and Kassie for making me feel like a total movie star. That girl has mad make-up skills. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like a total hottie Saturday night!

We had a blast visiting with friends and dancing the night away. To the girl I met who reads this little blog- Hey girl hey! You made our night by saying hello! What a great night!

Sunday morning, bright and early- think 6:30am early, we got up and got ready for Church Point Mari Gras. My husband's home town hosts a large traditional Mardi Gras celebration the Sunday before fat Tuesday. Think Chicken chase, street dancing, day drinking, the works. My busy Saturday had worn me down and I was exhausted all day Sunday, but we still had a great time!


Exhausted isn't even the word. Mardi Gras celebrations are always fun, but it's awfully tiring. I'm getting too old for all this business. I haven't been eating well, but I can't say that we've been eating a lot. I weighed in this morning and I'm actually down a pound, but I won't get too excited about that. Anytime you weigh after drinking you'll be lighter, but don't get excited. You're just dehydrated. Womp womp.

Weekly Work Out Goals


3 Mile Run

5 Mile Run & Strength

AM Weigh Training
PM Circuit Training

AM Cross Training & Strength

12 Mile Run - Week 11 Training, last run before the race!

I've decided to give up all simple carbs and cheese for lent. No bread or cheese for 40 days. It's going to be difficult, but I know I can do it!

I  hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm going to get some more rest! Oh Mardi Gras- you win!

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  1. You looked SMOKIN Saturday night! All that hard work is really paying off!

    Your festivities sound fun :) Phil keeps showing me all his friend's Mardi Gras pictures on FB - he is madddd jealous! We can't wait to get down there next month!

  2. Wow you are stunning!!! Awesome recap!

  3. Glad you had a good time! You guys looked awesome!

    I decided to give up gluten heavy items (basically what I do Monday-Fri anyway) for Lent. (and, I am not Catholic)It was a tough decision but I feel so awesome during the week and then like complete crap on the weekends that it is the most logical decision. Plus, I remember how awesome I felt those two weeks before Christmas! So I am taking your 5 day no carb challenge and turning it into my Lent plans. It will make it easier knowing that someone else is doing it too. Although, I will be eating cheese, haha!

  4. I am giving up simple carbs for lent too!!! Couldnt do both that and cheese without going postal... heck even just simple carbs may do me in... we will see! Sounds like yall had a blast and you look AMAZING in that dress!!!!

  5. Hottie! You looked fabulous. What a thing to give up for lent - you can do it girl! It will be worth the sacrifice.

  6. Oh wow, you looked so glam for the ball! And it sounds like a fantastic time! So cool!

    Also, your speed is SO impressive! You're dangerously close to being able to do a sub-2-hour half! That pretty much puts you in the super hero category in my book! :)

  7. No carbs or cheese! You got this, but you might be a little hangry come Easter :) Great job on the run! How do you decide when to fuel and take water breaks? I'm getting up there in miles in training for my half and think maybe some shot blocks will help make it a little easier. Enjoy your day off...LUCKY!

  8. Cheese!? Oh girl you are a saint!!!!

  9. Dayummmmm! Mr. Noel cleans up pretty nicely. And you don't look so bad yourself. ;)

  10. You look amazing in that white dress! Looks like a very fun weekend but I think you are crazy for giving up both cheese AND simple carbs lol! Good luck girl! =)

  11. You look fab! And I am totally jealous. I love getting dressed up!
    You are a brave, brave woman... no cheese or bread. Thats rough, but it'll be so worth it when you hit your goal weight. I bet this does it for ya!

  12. You looked so stunning, what a great reward for all of the hard work you've been putting in!

    Good luck with your Lent sacrifices, I have yet to make up my mind but you've inspired me to go big!

  13. You look stunning!! Loven the white dress and I guess Mr. Noel isn't to shabby himself. Ha! Great job in your run! Ekkk I can't believe your half is so close but you'll rock it for sure!

  14. You in that dress. Amazing! And you rocked those 11 miles, awesome job all of them under 10 minute miles! Cannot wait to hear how you do this weekend!