Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bye Bye Party Gras- Hello Reality!

Carnival time has come and gone, thank goodness. I'm really glad Mardi Gras only happens once a year. After a long gluttonous long never ending weekend some much needed normalcy is on the horizon. Yesterday was one long day, but I did get in my 3 mile run and I really didn't want to do it. I woke up with the don't wants, bad bad.

 My first run post long run, is always difficult for me. I've been consistently sore throughout half training post long run with my recovery run typically being slow and difficult to push through. It's been a constant cycle week to week with each long run becoming easier and faster with the following short run consistently difficult. This week however,  my recovery run time increased and I'm not feeling sore. It was still more difficult than a long run, but it didn't require consistent self coaching throughout. I usually have to tell myself, "Come on little girl, you can do this, it's just three miles!" This tells me my body is finally becoming accustomed to the high mileage I've been racking up. It only took week eleven of twelve weeks of training. If you're struggling, stick it out!

Week 1 First 3 Mile Run- Time 32:44/ 10:41 avg mile
Week 2 First 3 Mile Run- Time 30:25/ 10:01 avg mile
Week 3 First 3 Mile Run- Time 29:50/ 9:56 avg mile
Week 4 First 3 Mile Run- No Out door Short Runs (Sore/Injuries)
Week 5 First 4 Mile Run- Time 42:40 10:32 avg mile
Week 6- Treadmill Runs/ Weather
Week 7- Treadmill Runs/Weather
Week 8- First 3 Mile Run- Time 30:08 avg mile 9:59
Week 9- First 3 Mile Run- Time 32:18 avg mile 10:37
Week 10- First 3 Mile Run- Time 31:09 avg mile 10:21
Week 11- First 3 Mile Run- Time 28:39 avg mile 9:32

Yesterday was first for me, working out on Mardi Gras Day. After my 3 mile run I got in a total body work out at home with under 20 dollars worth of "equipment" as my gym was closed. I did a combination of push ups, tricep dips, ball exercises, wall sits, and planks. Exercise has not been a top priority for me in years past, and I almost talked myself out of the work out yesterday. It was also my Mom's birthday, I slept to late, and we had lunch plans, BUT I forced myself to dig deep. I felt like a million bucks afterwards! I was ten minutes late for lunch, and guess what? No one cared. Power down the don't wants- you'll be so happy you did!  Thank goodness I got it in yesterday. Can't have Fat Tuesday leading to Fatter Wednesday.

I ate a small grilled shrimp quesidilla for lunch which I estimated to be around 500 calories. I'm giving up bread and cheese for Lent, so ya know I had to get that in! We did drink at lunch. Like a lot. It was Mardi Gras day after all. I'm so happy I put in that work out. No excuses!

We lived it up Mardi Gras day and ended up turning  lunch into an 8 hour party.   Sometimes it's nice not to have anywhere to be, and just hang out with your people. Needless to say I'm tired today. Hello reality, Back to the grind!

I'll leave y'all with this pic of me and my Momma! How cool to have your birthday on Mardi Gras day when all your people are off work to hang out with you?! Great times! Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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  1. Get it girl! That is so great that your soreness is going away. I love reading about your journey because it reminds me that one day soon I will understand what you are talking about. I have never had those feelings, but I know it's coming.

    Happy belated Mardi Gras! It looked like a fun party and Happy Birthday to Mama Noel!

  2. Love the pic of you and your pretty both of you are! (she get it from her momma!) Look at you in beast mode working out on a holiday....great job girl!!

  3. I love the pic of you and your mom. Mardi Gras should be a national 4 day weekend!

  4. I'm so jealous you get Mardi Gras off work. Up here, no one blinks. We did go out for bar trivia last night, but everyone started yawning at 10:30 and we got home before 11. We're lame and old!

    That shirt you're wearing in the plank it a race shirt? I absolutely love it! I have no idea why, but I want one! :)

  5. Ice Bath! They suck, but are so good for preventing sore muscles after a long run.

    But way to go on getting your workout on, even on a holiday!

  6. Ooh! I haven't even thought of what I'm going to give up for lent. Something to ponder!

    The Hartungs Blog

  7. Way to go on your runs and look at the mile time drop! I'm trying to shave off 15 seconds off of my mile each time I run but it's so hard. Keep at it!

  8. Awwww happy birthday Ma!!! Beautiful picture!!!! Welcome back to the grind! xOXO