Thursday, February 21, 2013

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

Good morning and Happiest of Thursdays to you! We're almost to the weekend and that is something HUGE to smile about :) There's so many new people here today, we need to do a little housekeeping! Be sure and head over and check off a like at Elle Noel on Facebook and a follow on Instagram @ellenoelfitness (lots of over sharing going on over there!)

For those of you just tuning in, I decided to give up bread and cheese for lent. I've been having lots of internal debate over what my exact definition of "bread" will be. I'm mostly concerned with eating carbs Saturday night,before the half marathon. I fueled with carbs before my eleven mile run and it was my strongest run to date. I've decided I will have whole wheat pasta the night before the race, but I'm still going to pass on the cheese. In other news, avoiding bread and cheese is working wonders on my stomach. I feel more toned and tight than ever before! I may have to reevaluate eating bread and cheese after lent as well. Hmmmm Operation Red Bikini is only 99 days away, and I promised swim suit pics. Gotta look fiya, and we all know abs are made in the kitchen!

Here's a look at some of my gluten free/cheese free meals as of late:

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles & Egg Beaters
Gluten Free Rice Cakes
Subway Double Chicken Spinach Salad with all veggies & Vinegar dressing
Greek Yogurt & Banana
Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder & one cup fruit
Seafood Stuffed Salmon and Steamed Veggies
Messy Lettuce Wrap, Pop Chips, & Fruit infused water
Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti, Pop Chips, & Diet DP
Crab Stuff Tilapia & steamed Veggies
Cucumber & No Bake Energy Bites
Quinoa Scramble- Peas, Bell Pepper, Egg Whites, Grilled Chicken
I feel like this could be my week to hit my goal weight. If not this week I am super close. Even if I reach my goal weight this week, I reminded of my other goals. Hitting ideal body fat, Operation Red Bikini goals, running a full marathon, completing a set of ten unassisted pull ups, and goals I know I've yet to dream. Hitting this goal is simply a reminder of other goals to come. Regardless, I feel fantastic, and that's what it's all about. Feeling great in your own skin!

There's been some concern among the Rock n Roll runners as the weather wasn't looking to promising Sunday. However, New Orleans weather Sunday morning is looking on the up and up, but I was never really worried. Ain't nobody raining on this girl's parade :)

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  1. Thanks for the meal ideas! You are lookin as fabulous as you feel!!

  2. Thanks for all your ideas and motivation. You have really inspired me lately even though I havent commented.

  3. I need to re-new my Sams membership, those fruit pics look amazing... as do you!!!! I am so excited for you this weekend! I will be pulling for you and my cousin, from Houston! :)

  4. That last dish you made with the Quinoa I totally had screenshot on my phone last night from IG. I WILL be making this. #3 count for the recipes I've stolen from you, LOL;)

  5. I'm so excited for you to reach goal! And I'm glad to hear that no cheese and bread is working wonders! I wish I had the resolve to give that shit up, but I'm merely mortal! :)

  6. No wait! Hold on! Not done commenting! :)

    I'm going to use your tabata workout tonight (you posted about it...last week? I think?). Could you explain something to me? You said you did two moves in four minute rounds between each run--was that alternating each move for four minutes, or doing one move for 2 minutes, the other for 2 min? So if you did, say a hammer curl and a tricep extension, would you go hammer, tricep, hammer, tricep? Or 2 min hammer, 2 min tricep?


  7. Great meal ideas & motivation girl!! Everything looks so good! Your gonna rock your half marathon this weekend!!!

  8. I wish I had your eating discipline

  9. I'm so excited for Operation Red Bikini! I haven't been hashtagging as much on Insta - but I'm working!! :) Looking forward to rocking that body!

  10. Get it gurllll. You are def going to hit your goal weight! I will say with this reset after a week you really don't miss the bread/carbs. The only non fruit/veg carbs I've had this week is a sweet potato and honestly I'm not hating it! My tummy is also not hating it either. :)

  11. Girl you are one hell of a motivation for me! Thanks for that! You are going to kill it this weekend and I hope you hit your goal weight this week! I am 1 pound away from my 100 pound weight loss =)

  12. I made the energy bites and they are sooooo yummy!! Thanks for posting those and I found a recipe that I liked online and made them. My health coach told me to try to stay clear of protein bars and this I think is such a better alternative to them. I'm trying to do more clean eating and stay away from anything processed. Cheese and bread are one of my weaknesses well and pasta since I'm Italian as well.

    I know you will hit your goal weight and good luck this weekend with your race!!!

  13. By the way, how do you do your Quinoa Scramble- Peas, Bell Pepper, Egg Whites, Grilled Chicken?? That looks really yummy and something I would love to try!

  14. I can never find Quinoa. Where do you buy yours at and in what area?

  15. Have you researched good foods to eat the night before and morning of the half.
    That's my next thing to figure out and didn't know if you had any leads for me to follow!! :)
    And none of us will judge you if you eat "bread"/carbs the night before your race...gotta do what you gotta do for your race!
    Girl, I am getting so excited for your half!! Cannot wait to cheer for you via IG and in spirit!!
    We're all cheering for ya!!

  16. YOu look great! And very good advice too. Snacking is my number 1 issue!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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