Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Rewind & Question and Answer Post

Good morning and Happy Monday! This week is gonna ROCK, I can feel it in my bones ya heards meh!

WOW! Ya'll continue to amaze me each and every single day, thank you so much to each and everyone one of you for the overwhelming positive feedback in regards to Friday's post! I must say it was scary to write but liberating to get it all out there :)

The weekend zipped right on by yet again! It's stopped raining long enough for me to get in my long run Saturday morning. I was supposed to back off on mileage this week and run a 5k pace run, but ya know I just didn't want to back off of my mileage. I decided to meet up with a different run group Saturday morning. This group is organized through a local running specialty store, my other home away from home these days, Geaux Run. The group met to run two routes, a 5 and 8 miler. A few ladies from my Sole Sista's group who didn't want to back off of mileage ran with the group too. My goal was to run between 7-8 this week. Apparently a lot of people wanted to run the mile 8 route because they ran out of maps! Woops! Not a problem, my friend Kat and I decided to wing it. I wanted to run with Kat because she is a strong runner. She keeps pace like a machine, and she makes it look easy. That girl is on fiya! I did speed training three times this past week so I thought surely I'd be fast. Running 9:10-9:30 pace easy. WRONG. It was HOT, my legs felt like they had 100 pound weights clinging on for a free ride, long story short, this was a tough run. I ran between a 10:15-10:30 the entire way. However, I did make it to 7.5 miles and my original goal was to run between 7-8 so for this I am happy :)

After our run we had a cup of coffee and girl chat time We're all really looking forward to our half marathon weekend in NOLA. I still can't believe we're only 6 weeks out from running the half. Time is a flyin! After the run, I was kinda beating myself up for not making it to 8 miles, so I decided to head to the gym. I did about 20 minutes worth of arm and core work, after that, I was feeling like a BOSS!

I decided not to have a Faturday last week. Honestly, I didn't even crave bad stuff. I know right, who am I?! I'm only 3.9 pounds to goal weight. I'm ITCHING to get there. I kept my calorie count very low and capitalized on my morning run calorie deficit as  I did have drinks Saturday night, my low calorie alcoholic beverages of choice are white wine, champagne, or diet coke and vanilla vodka.

I think it's time to do a question and answer post, ya'll keep firing off so many at me, it's time to share with that class! If you have any questions you'd like for me to address in the post, please leave a comment or a shoot me an email. I'll do that post Thursday of this week.

Weekly Work Out Breakdown:


3 Mile Run (Speed Training)
Strength Training

5 Mile Run
Strength Training

3 Mile Run
Strength Training

Cross Training

9 Mile Run


Fingers crossed the rain will hold off long enough for me to run that 5 miler outside on Wednesday. The weather prevented me from running outside last week and that aspect really affected my long run Saturday. Must take it to the pavement!

Don't forget to give me some questions for Thursday's question and answer post! Ya know ya wanna!

Gurlll you better work!

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  1. Do you wear those compression sleeves on your calves during your runs? If so, why?

  2. I don't have any questions. I'll try to come up with something for you. I'm super jealous that you can wear shorts, I hate them they ride up and hide in places they shouldn't.. hee hee. Great job running this weekend girl! Always an inspiration:)

  3. What app do you use for running?

  4. What do you wish someone had told you when you first started working out and counting calories? Any big mistakes to avoid?

  5. does your hubby eat healthy with you? I find that is my hardest thing to deal with... eating a salad if we go out to eat and my hubs orders a fried platter of smell yummy goodness...

    does he workout with you/period? mine goes through spurts, but is never consistent... also makes it hard to workout

  6. I second fortworthonmymind's questions. I'm only 1 week in to my lifestyle change and 2 weeks is where I usually get burned out and lose my motivation. Thank you for sharing your story and being a great inspiration!

  7. I love your self pics at the gym, you always look so freaking happy and I KNOW the feeling :) haha.

  8. You are so close! You can do it girl, hahaha that picture at the gym is just awesome ;)

  9. First of all, I love how stubborn you are, "No, I'm running Novice 2. No, I will not run only a 5K." LOVE it! Such a go-getter!

    Second, Yay questions! Here's mine: How do you fuel for a run? For a race?

  10. Can I have like 3 inches of your height? Come onnnnnn!!! I have nothing to offer but Think Thins and a pair of Compression socks lol

  11. What are your measurements?

  12. You are looking soooo good! For real, everytime I see a pic of you on IG, I think "she is so skinny"! Hope you have a great week!

  13. Love your blog- and your instagram is so inspiring!
    My question is- how do you deal with weekends away? My downfall has always been when my boyfriend and I go to visit his parents- there is never healthy food around! Any strategies you have for those situations would be great!

  14. When its the "time of the month" (which i call shark week) I am soooo freaking hungry! Do you find it harder to eat better during that time too?

    Do you and the hubs plan on having kids? if so, is it in the near future?

    How do you get through running on a treadmill? I am purchasing one today because I cannot run in this cold miserable weather. I am afraid i will get waaay to bored with it. I know you call it a dreadmill but you still do it! so I am hoping that is motivation enough for me!

    I also would like to know about the compression socks, what are they for?