Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Run run runaway runaway baby!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I am so happy to have returned to my normal schedule this week. I had a killer work out in R.I.P.P.E.D. last night and yesterday was a great eating day. I'm finally feeling like my old self again. Those holidays will really throw ya for a loop!

Today I'm linking up with Laura at Serrano Style and Melanie at 4Kottez to talk about running shoes! Finding the right pair of kicks to protect your feet and that big thing attached to them you walk around in everyday- yo boday- is running STEP ONE! The wrong piar of shoes can affect your form, the way you strike the pavement, and consequently effect every aspect of your body. The right pair of shoes will help to protect you from injuries as well, and take it from injury city of here, you don't want dat.


We have two specialty running stores where I live, meaning these are stores that sell strictly running shoes, running gear, and running accessories. They employ running experts and can help you identify the perfect shoe for your foot and your walk because you friend are unique. We all are and one pair of shoes may not be right for the next! 

I discovered my running home away from home locally at Geaux Run. The store even organizes a running group that meets twice a week- how stinking cool is that?! 

The staff at Geaux Run helped me to identify several issues with my feet and my running shoes. I am incredibly flat footed. I have no arch. None. Zilch. If you walk behind me in the sand, my imprint looks like the flap jack with toes attached. Some running stores will tell the neighborhood Sasquatch foot that a high motion control high stability shoe is the only way to go. This information is false.

I have been running in a pair of K Swiss Kwicky Blade Light for a few months now and I absolutely love them. They are light weight, comfortable and padded through out the heel and foot pad. I put them on and got to cruising. No need to break them in, I never got a blister, and I have had zero issues with my shoes since I purchased this pair. See how happy I look running in them?!

I also participated in the Newton loaner program, an opportunity to try out a different kind of running shoe without having to commit to a purchase. I talk to much this why they offered it to me. "Here lady stop asking questions and try these out!" I kid I kid! It really is a loaner program. 

Newton's are in a class all on their own. The feature that makes them stand out the most is a low heel pad and a raised toe which forces your body to run in a forward motion aligning your running form in the best possible way to prevent injuries. I absolutely loved the Newton's, I ran about three or four six mile runs in the Newton loaners. On one of those runs I recorded my fastest mile ever without even trying! 

Here's the catch with Newton's, you can not run indoors with these shoes or use them for any other type of physical activity besides running. Period. The kleet on the bottom of the shoe will completely prevent you from doing so. When I come in off the road, I'm not done working out. I still have weight training and core work to do, and I can't be stressing about switching out shoes. Additionally, you have to gradually break your Newton's in, because the heel and toe features will put strain on your calf muscles. 

For example, run one mile in Newton's, switch shoes, next run run two miles in the Newton's switch shoes. In all honesty, I only switched my shoes on a run the first time. It was just a little to high maintenance for my taste. For those reasons, I have not purchased a pair of Newtons. I may buy some when I train for the full marathon next year. (Oh yeah did I tell ya'll I'm gonna train for a full marathon next?!) For now however, I will continue to buy K Swiss Kwicky Blade Lights. This post reminds me that it's already time for a new pair. Le Sigh.

Yes, Running shoes are expensive, but you only get one body and if you're going to be out pounding away at the pavement you owe it to yourself to spend the money on a great pair of shoes. End of story. 

This evening I have my three mile speed training run and strength training to complete. My legs have been feeling super tight the past few days- maybe from running 8 miles then biking 12 the next? Possibly.
Thank you to everyone on Instagram @ellenoelfitness for the encouragement in purchasing my #operationredbikini, online shopping has never been so fun! I know you're itching to see a pic of me in this suit come May right?! 

This suit is from Venus online! Have you purchased your Operation Red Bikini goal piece yet? Do you already own it?!  

....and it's off to work I go! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Got some fresh new balance running shoes I've been saving for when I get sub-300




  2. Thank you for linking up girl - loved reading this. Can't wait top see some red bikini pics;)

  3. loved this post! And you are going to ROCK that bikini!!!

  4. That bikini rocks! I have yet to purchase a suit, but I got time, right? Might have to check out Venus. I'm so unfamiliar with fancy swimsuit retailers--being overweight for so long meant I settled for suits at Kohl's and JC Penney! I guess I did do the online route for my wedding, but I think I only bumped it up to like Nordstrom or something. I think it's about time I splurge on something a little more beachworthy!

  5. A loner program is such a good idea! I wonder if we have that in Dallas somewhere??

  6. A bikini pic in May? What about the before picture??? If KaraG and I are getting our booties in a swimsuit in the northern Midwest, you best be showing off that sexy red number too!

  7. Love the loaner program idea! and I love that suit!

  8. Oooo I need to see if they have a loaner piece here. I am too scared to buy a bikini on lie, even if I lost the weight im going to have to hold up these big mamas and can not imagine not trying them on!

  9. Ok so I need to go find those K Swiss' because then maybe I'll smile while I run! LOL I haven't seen them before, so now I'll be on the lookout to try them out! Thanks for linking up and for the info!

  10. I purchased mine 3 days ago! It may be blue but it's still a style I wouldn't have worn before! So excited for this challenge!

  11. LOVE it! I am def going to the running store ASAP to get fitted for the right shows before I start half training next week! :)

  12. I think we might have briefly discussed this before, but my feet are just like yours! ZERO arch, flat, ugly feet and I overpronate in a bad way... :-( You are so right, everything I've been told and read says stability type shoe - well those always hurt my non-existent arch BAD!
    I finally lucked into a pair of UnderArmour shoes that feel like the just let my feet be "free" inside the shoe and I don't get any pains/cramp like feelings in my non-existent arch.
    It's time for a new pair so I might hit up the running store in JoMo (closest one) and see if they have the K Swiss you are rocking or something similar.
    Does that sound like your feet/experience?

  13. I just found out about a local running store here, I am going to have to check it out immediately! Congrats on purchasing the bathing suit, I have mine picked out just waiting for the next paycheck - woot woot!

  14. I totally agree with shopping at a local running store! I love the one around here. They give you individual attention when you go in there and ask you all the right questions. They even have a whole camera set-up with a treadmill so they can analyze your stride! I am their number one fan, can you tell?

    That red bikini is HOT HOT HOT!! I already have a couple bikinis I would like to look gooooood in....stayed tuned for a picture :)

  15. I'm not sure if I've found my go-to shoes yet. I have brooks and Nike. I usually by two at a time an alternate them. When I first got the brooks I lived them but then started getting inner knee pain. I have flat feet as well, but when you do the wet paper test (get you foot wet step on a piece of paper and compare) it looks like I have high arches werid. Well in may when it's time to buy again I'll have to give the kswiss a whirl. I really liked asics too. Thanks for the info!

  16. Loaner program is pretty awesome, but yeah, it's hard enough for me to put my sneakers on once vs multiple shoe changes. Def high maintenance, but sounds like it might be worth it for those long runs :)