Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Renewing Resolutions and Pink Sparkles

It's Tuesday! Woop! I love Tuesday. It means that Monday is OVA and the weekend is a coming. Cause you know we're all working for the weekend! This is our last week of January and I know many are excited it's coming to a close. I know most people aren't crazy about January, but I really like this month we're in. It's the first month of a brand new year. Yeah, remember that?

2013 JUST happened! 

Lots of us are out trying new activities and challenging ourselves to push out of our comfort zones, resolving towards bettering ourselves. This past Saturday as I was finishing up my 10 mile run, a group of ladies from my gym was heading out onto the road, about two tenths of a mile in to their run. It's a group of brand spanking new runners. All ages, all shapes, all sizes, all runners. They are just starting a 5k training program. Each and every face filled with excitement and positive things to say, cheering for me as I was cool whipped from my 1:40:00 minute plus time pounding the pavement. "You're almost done!" "The end is in sight!" "Great job Leigh Ann!!!"

I absolutely love the energy people give off when challenging themselves to a new activity. Unabashed excitement, unjaded by setbacks, and full of positive thoughts. That kind of excitement is contagious! It's infectious because we all want to feel that way each and everyday, but after awhile our negative thoughts take over. Time wears down on our resolve, and we forget how to renew those initial feelings of excitement. We being bashing ourselves over slow progress, setbacks, mistakes, sidetracks, and self doubt weaves through the brain like weeds squashing our excitement for activities which in the beginning, brought so much joy. As I watched that group of women head out onto the first day of what is sure to be a life changing journey, I allowed their enthusiasm to remind me why I have and continue to love this fit for life/ weight loss/ life changing/ run like ya stole it path in life I have been on for the last two years. I want to wake up each day with "This is the day I take charge and everything changes" mentality. Those are the days in which I accomplish the most positive for my goal. This ordinary Tuesday, this is the day, I renew my challenges and my goal. This is my year! Didn't I just resolve it to be?

2013 Fitness Resolutions

Achieve 18% body fat - Currently at 23%
Wear Hot Shorts to Run (Yeah like volleyball player spandex biz nitch) ALREADY DID IT!
Rock a Red Bikini (Pictures & Previous Summer Shots to be Included) May 
Complete a set of 10 Unassisted Pull-Ups
Run a Half Marathon - Race Day- February 24th, 2013 

Where are you in relation to your 2013 Resolutions?! 

Tonight I've got a 3 mile run and strength training. weather permitting, I'm taking my three miles on the road, if the weather refuses to cooperate, I'm going to get in circuit training. 

What are your work out plans for the day?

Give Away coming on the blog this Thursday! I have three non-slip Brady Bands to giveaway to one lucky lady! Brady Bands donate 10% of all their proceeds to childhood cancer research. I wore this sparkly pink number all afternoon, all through my work out and it never budged. Not one bit. AMAZING! Plus all the ladies at the gym were all "Ohhhh girlll, where you got that head band?!"

Be sure to check out Brady Bands online! Lots of cute stuff , she even does custom work!

I'm going to dig deep and put in work this Tuesday! What about you?!

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  1. I love this refreshing post! I am NOT where I should be regarding the health department in this new year, but I got plans to kick it up a notch this week and on into February!

    Gonna hit the gym tonight for the first time in a WEEK (awful that I didn't have much time to work out at that conference last week - I could have skipped events with the executives to sweat but I don't think that would have looked too good for my "career path")

    Keep on Keepin on Leigh Ann! And thanks for the inspiration as always!

  2. I am absolutely in LOVE with this post! You want to know where I get my motivation everyday? YOU! Everytime I'm feeling a little down needing to suck it up and put some sweat time in I can always come to your blog and find a million reasons to get off my BOOTAY! You're amazing! Keep going girl!

  3. I love going back and refreshing the feelings of starting something new! It is something everyone should do often to every aspect of life!

  4. I would really like to get into some Yoga - bad... I like starting NEW things...

  5. You rock those hot pants girl!

  6. Hey lady! I rarely comment because everyday it would go into some variation of this:

    You are awesome and encouraging.
    I completely agree.
    Keep up the good work,
    When I visit my brother in Monroe next I am so stalking you so we can have a vague day together.

    Wash rinse and repeats :)

  7. YES I love this!!! I love to hear of more and more people everyday chatching the running bug! Love the sparkly pink and that gorgeous pic! Happy Tuesday girlfriend!!!! XOXOXO

  8. Great post! I think I may add a goal to my new year's resolution list - run the 7.1 mile road race in June! GAH! Can I commit to it? I've slowly been putting it out there to people because once I start talking about it, I feel like I have to do it. I already have people that said they'd come cheer me on. What's a girl to do now? Maybe start training in March...

  9. Hi Elle!

    First of all, you are an AWESOME woman! Over the past week I have read the majority of your previous posts to catch up, and I have to say your blog is one of the reasons my fire has been refueled on my weight loss journey. I have a few resolutions, based on specific goals, but my big one is running a 10k in April!! I am on week 4 of training. I don't know what is different for me now but something just hit me and I am bound and determined. Thank you so much for your inspiration :)
    ps- I found some buttered popcorn rice cakes at my store - YUM!

  10. Your positivity is such a great lift on this blah day. You know what? Screw it. I'm going to do two fitness classes after work and dinner will just have to wait until 8! Time to take charge! :)

  11. I totally got busted looking at the Brady Bands after you posted that pic of you last night on IG - my hubby was like "headbands? really taylor?" what can I say, Im a sucker for a good headband :) plus the purple chevron one? I think I might have to have that one :)

  12. Love all the positivity around here!


  13. As a new reader, I'm totally loving you and your blog. You are so positive and uplifting. Very motivating to me. Thanks

    I bought some BradyBands yesterday. I can't wait for them to come in. If they hold all my crazy thick hair, I just may have to order more and get me a pink sparkly one too.

  14. Ha I LOVE today's daily motivator!!

  15. Love ya girl! Thanks the refresh button! I think we're so hard on ourselves. But we do need to be realistic. The fat doesn't melt off by itself. I praise your encouragement that gets me through the days when i wonder what in h-e-double hokey sticks I got myself into. Thank you!

  16. LOVE this post and I couldn't agree more about the energy and motivation of others spreading, its awesome! Today I did a gliding class at the Y after work. I love the fitness classes there because I usually burn about 400 calories in a 45 minute class and have a lot of FUN with others while doing it! That part definitely makes working out much better/easier for me =)