Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

One day it started raining, and it didn`t quit for four months. We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin` rain... and big ol` fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath. - That Forest Gump said some profound shiz ya'll.

It has been raining and raining and just when you think it may stop raining, the ground is wet and there is mist- everywhere. I think I've forgotten when the sunshine looks like. The way it feels when it hits your face at all different angles. Ya know so you don't have to reapply on tan towels for a little bit of color. I am translucent ya'll. I thank the spray tan and tan towel powers at be everyday for fake bake. Glowing in the dark just ain't a good look. I am a sunny girl. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, and I yearn for sunshine.

I can handle the cold, without the over cast, and the mist. I have a new found respect for writers who can make the Pacific Northwest sound so utterly romantic in books. The misty rain and overcast cold- pfffff. I am OVER IT! I want to get out on the pavement, feel the sun on my face, music filling my ear buds, rocking a pair of hot shorts, and sweating out all the toxins. I long for Spring.

It's not looking likely I'll get in my five mile run outside tomorrow. I'm going to have to do some more rearranging of my work out schedule. I did a four mile run on the dreadmill last week and I had to dig way deep deep down to pull that off. I know if worst comes to worst, I'll do it again. I need to take it to the pavement. I need sunshine, come on weather cooperate!

Thursday, I'm going to do a Question and Answer post- phew y'all have give me a lot to work with! Keep sending the questions!

Last night, I made my skinny girl version of the Southwest grilled chicken salad, while watching the crazy train that is The Bachelor.

6 oz boneless skinless grilled chicken breast
1/4 low sodium black beans
1/2 cup no salt added corn
1/4 cup pineapple peach salsa
1/4 plain non fat Greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon of taco seasoning mixed in
Half Bag of Pre Chopped Lettuce of choice

Back to the Bachelor-

Kee yaw ya'll Sean is one of the best looking Bachelor's I can ever remember watching. The show is cheesy and predictable, but I can't look away. My husband provides some incredibly interesting  and hysterical commentary. I'm trying to con him into a guest post concerning the male Point of View on the crazy train that is this show. Stay tuned- I promise it will be hysterical.

Do you watch The Bachelor? Who are your favorite "contestants?"

Leslie- She's seems normal, nice, like a girl you could easily be friend with, and I found her awkwardness endearing- I mean the whole show has to be one big barrel of awkward I like that she acknowledged it.

Desiree- she reminds me of one of my very best friends, so obviously I just like her!

Catherine- She strikes me as the voice of reason in the group of crazy. That and the moment Sean walked into the cocktail party/ rose ceremony/ weekly hormonal disaster that is this show, she handed him what looked like a double whiskey on the rocks. Holla, girl knows how snag her a man!

and I'm off to my real life. If only I could get paid for my expert reviews on reality TV and complaining about the weather. Oh life you are so unfair! (Drama lama says, "I'm ssssooo sure!")

Dress- LOFT 
Boots- Victoria's Secret

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  1. I used to watch the Bachelor but this year I'm in to the Biggest Loser! That show is keeping me all sorts of motivated.

    Any girl that hands a guy a drank walking in to the rose ceremony knows whats up!

  2. I like all of those girls too!

  3. Are there any un-rain dances? It has been raining for days here in Alabama too and I am about sick of it! Let's do a sunshine dance!

  4. The weather has been all doom and gloom up here in NJ lately too! I need some sunshine in my life! Hope it gets better down there also. :)

  5. Ugh, I hate spring! Dirty snow, cold weather when you're so sick of it! It doesn't get truly warm until June (most often LATE June) here. But I'm so sick of running inside and walking the dog wearing 5 layers, that maybe I'll actually like spring this year! And there's that springtime Vegas trip. Vegas knows how to rock April/May!

  6. That salad looks yummy! I am so sick of rain and winter. Summer cannot get here fast enough!!!! Ready for a beach!

  7. 1) That salad just make my stomach audibly growl.
    2) Lesley's older sister is a friend of mine from high school (she's like six years younger than me, haha), and she's just as sweet and normal as she seems. It's so weird seeing her on TV!

  8. I have got to get some of that salsa. It just looks and sounds amazing!

  9. I made a modified version of your salad for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Gotta say I totally copied your salad last week and it was GREAT!

    And I'm a total Bachelor fanatic and LOVE Sean...he is so hot! And he is totally down to earth. I love Des and Leslee too...I thought they seemed the most real and genuine.

    Have a great night and I totally think you should get paid for your reviews...Reality Elle Noel :)

  11. I do believe we have received your rain problem here in my part of the south {South Carolina} It's been raining non-stop since last Friday night and I need, might I say again- NEED some sunshine!! Hope you get your sun soon so you can get in a good run besides on the dreadmill!!



  12. Oooh, that salad is looking yummy! Love that quote at the bottom of your post. I have been the queen of excuses re: working out since the first of December. Gotta get back to it!