Thursday, January 17, 2013

Q&A Post- You asked- I'm answering!

Good morning!!! We have sunshine this morning and I could not be more ecstatic about that big ball of yellow energy making it's way up into the sky! I almost forgot where I'd left my sunglasses! Today I'm posting my first ever Q&A from all of you. I think I've covered the majority of your questions so here it is ya'll, the question and answer post! I've been getting so many of the same questions lately, I figured it was time to share with the class! With out further adieu...

How do you get through running on a treadmill? 

I coach and motivate myself. I think in terms of "I'm going to run for three minutes at 6.3" after the three minutes are over I'll change the speed and run at 6.8 for three minutes then bring it down to 6.5 for a few minutes. Then bump it up to 8 for a minute, down to 7.8 for a minute, down to 7.5 for a minute, then back down to 6.5 (which begins to feel like a walk in the park). I also try to park myself in front of a television and try to read subtitles while hauling butt. When I'm getting extremely bored, I'll change the speed in increasing intervals every 15 seconds. Often times I tell myself, "Suck it up buttercup! Gotta keep moving!" Running on the treadmill is a mind game, it's so easy to just stop and do something else. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming,

How did you start running?

I started running in February 2012. I was working with a personal trainer and she would make me run a half mile before each session. I HATED it, but the weight started coming off. Then I hit a plateau and I started running from my house to the gym and back again. 1.5 miles round trip. Next, I threw in little two mile runs on Sundays because my gym is closed. I continued to run on the treadmill at the gym. Finally, I enrolled in 10k training and never looked back. My best advice is to keep pushing when you want to give in. Push the wall out of the way and keep going. Walk when you must but pick it right back up. PUSH yourself.

How do you deal with weekends away?

Taking yourself out of you element and away from your schedule is dangerous, but you can still make good choices while dining out or at someone else's house. If you're staying at someone's house and they are cooking something highly illegal, I think it completely acceptable to slip off to a Subway for a salad or serve yourself an extremely small portion. Just like all of you know how healthy I like to eat, all of my family and friends do too. Tell everyone about your goals, they'll be supportive of your goals and want to help you. Additionally, If you don't make food a big deal, it won't be a big deal. Just stay cool fool! Don't let yourself get Hangry.

Another way to deal with weekends away is to bring your own food. Mr. Noel accuses me of having squirrel like tendencies because I am always hiding snacks here in there: In my purse, the glove compartment of my car, my suitcase, I'm always prepared for a snack attack. When eating out, you can make good choices. Request to have your meal prepared in Pam only, and order foods that are grilled with double veggie sides. It is just food. If you treat it like it's just food, it ain't got no power! 

Lastly, willpower is a muscle, the more you flex it the stronger it gets!

Here are some snaps of recent meals I've ordered on the go.

Bonefish Grill- Sea bass, Mango Salsa, Veggies, and Mashed Potatoes

 Cheddars- Tiliapia, Double Veggies
 Random Restaurant in NOLA- Salad with shrimp and vinegar
 Hooters- Snow Crab NO butter dipping ya'll!
 Random Restaurant with Mr. Noel  grilled steak double veggies and white rice
 Zea's- Pesto Trout (half) and broccoli
Grilled Tuna and double veggies- Superior Grill Uptown New Orleans

What are compression sleeves? Do you wear those compression sleeves on your calves during your runs? If so, why?

I have a pair of lime green compression sleeves I wear on long runs or runs when I'm wearing shorts. Compression sleeves help in blood circulation and swelling. I also find they take pressure off of my knees. I find when I'm running it tights, they have the same effect. The sleeves are an effective pain reducer post run. Pain reducer you say? After running six plus miles, I'll be real, it's starts to hurt. Not hurt as in "Ahhh I'm going to lose a leg, this is crazy what I'm doing to myself" but hurt as in "Ok I've been non-stop running for an hour and I can feel it in my legs" The compression sleeves make running the longer distances less painful in that way. Additionally, they look so freaking cool! Don't ya want some?!

What are your measurements?

Chest- 34.5
Waist- 26
Hips- 37.25

Can I have like 3 inches of your height? 
Yes, Kassie my dear- anything for you!

How do you fuel for a run? For a race?
I don't like to eat a whole lot before a run or a race. I'm usually a ball of extreme energy before a group run or a race, which makes me not want to eat.I typically eat a Think Thin bar about an hour and a half before I run with 8-16 ounces of water.

What do you wish someone had told you when you first started working out and counting calories? Any big mistakes to avoid?

  • STOP with the Lean Cuisines. Eat more Salad.
  • Every little thing you eat counts- write it all down, and plan your meals out in advance
  • Push yourself harder at the gym, come on now you got more and you know it.
  • Stop listening to other people's opinions on your diet. It's your body, no one knows it better than you.
  • Ignore the people who are trying to sabotage your diet. They're feeling insecure about their own habits. It has NOTHING to do with you. Stick to your plan.
What ap are you using to track your runs?
Nike Running

How do you season your chicken and fish?
I cook it in Pam and Salt free Tony's Chacheres

How do you stay motivated?
There's a million little different ways. I coach myself, I write this blog, I look at old pictures, I remind myself how great accomplishing the "impossible" feels. I post a daily motivator here. I set short term achievable goals for myself. I'm constantly planning a trip to the beach- hello swim suits! Most importantly, I get encouragement from my family, friends, and all of you-Daily! 

Just how tall are you?
5'11 and 3/4

When its the "time of the month" (which i call shark week) I am soooo freaking hungry! Do you find it harder to eat better during that time too?

The more weight I've lost, the less I've felt influenced by that time of the month. That said, If I'm really craving something, I'm going to eat it and get it over with, but it's always on my "Faturday". I find I used to use my monthly gift as an excuse to eat poorly and give into my cravings. I'm sure I pissed someone off saying that, but I really feel that it's just that, another excuse or a crutch. Dig deep, it's just mind over matter.

Do you and the hubs plan on having kids? if so, is it in the near future? 

We do plan on having kids, however we have absolutely no plans to start on that any time soon. We're still adjusting to being married, and I'm career oriented at this stage in the game. However, we hope that one day, a few years from now, to start working on the next stage.

Does your hubby eat healthy with you? Does he work out?

For the most part, Mr. Noel will eat the meals I prepare in the evenings. He's even been known to cook up his own skinny recipes. Occasionally, he will revolt and refuse to eat what I'm eating. He still buys ice cream bars, macaroni &cheese, potato chips, pizza rolls, and trys to talk me into Chinese/ Mexican/ Pizza/ or other bad stuff on  the rare occasion. However, he can set his watch by my response,

"It's no carb week" 
"Get real Noel" 
"Go eat that with the guys for lunch" 
"hahahahaha- as if!" 
"I didn't get this body by eating at the buffet baby!"
"so you want more veggies with that?"
"Come back with a real offer"
"No. Just No."
~Dramatic female eye role on a hangry day~

The more I say no, the easier it gets. Does he work out? We ride bikes together, however he does not work out.  Long story short, It's not his thing. Hence, my all women's gym :)

I'm shamelessly obsessing over my outfit today. I got a new pair of black dress boots thanks to Dillard's end of Season sale!

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  1. Cute coat girl! Thanks for all the questions answered and I love your quote "I didn't get this way by eating at the buffet baby!"

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  3. Love it! I need to get me some compression sleeves asap! Where did you get yours?

  4. I think I need to get on the compression sleeves ASAP. My knees have been killing me when I run...and, therefore, I use it as an excuse to not run as much, or as long, or as hard. I need to research other ways to relieve the pain...and get over it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. this was a great idea...I've been planning to do a similar post but i fear that i will get no questions! lol

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  8. You are right on about the Lean cuisines. BTW the lean cuisine SALAD kits are nasty. add the to the list too. dont judge me I had the flu and was desperate LOL

  9. Love your outfit today - looking fab.

    TOTALLY agree about TOM cravings. I used to use it as an excuse to shove as much bread and mashed potatoes and mac & cheese in my face for like a whole week. I pretty much feel pathetic about it now. I am around that time of the month this week and although I have added in a square or 2 of dark chocolate I have stuck to my calorie goals every day and I am freaking proud of that! Also you're right that the cravings don't seem so intense after you're losing weight and more focused on that. Saying no more to the bad things just becomes an automatic response, which is fantastic!

    Glad you're seeing some sun today finally! :)

  10. Thanks for the Q and A. You are so awesome!

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    And I call it shark week too! And I L-O-V-E your outfit!!

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  12. Now tell me again why we DON'T LIVE NEAR EACH OTHER? My life would be so much better if we were bffs all the time. I would LOVE to be your gym buddy...I'm pretty sure we could conquer the world!

  13. Tip from the "wise" (meaning I've learned something & would do it differently):-) If you are planning on having kids, learn to live on one person's income if possible; you may surprise yourself and want to be a stay at home mom or go PT...I was career minded too and still strive for success in this area, but dislike nothing more than to leave my kid (soon to be 's) to go to work when I'd really rather be with them. Don't get me wrong some days I'd rather work and having a balance is a good thing. It's just nice to have the choice and no better time than to plan prior to the event and have some options. It also doesn't mean that Mr. Noel couldn't stay at hubby would love to do that too! I'm not saying we're one in the same, just thought I'd share my two cents:-) Great post!

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