Thursday, January 3, 2013

Perspective & Staying Motivated

2013 is off to a rockin start! As anticipated there was a massive influx of newbies at the gym last night. I know the first reaction for many is annoyance. How dare all these people come in and take over my gym, my machines, pfff they'll all be gone in a month. Sure, a crowd can be inconvenient, but what I saw last night, was a bunch of determined faces.

Determined to take back their body, determined to fight for their goals, determined to feel good about themselves. I find that look inspiring. It reminds me why I got started in the first place. The way I used to feel about my body and how long it took me to get to the point where I said ENOUGH. Enough feeling sorry for myself, enough making flimsy excuses, enough hating this body I have to walk around in all day everyday. It's time to feel good. The problem most people have is staying motivated. Waking up each day with determination. Sure there are bad days, or weeks, but consistency over long periods of time brings success and resluts. When habit becomes life style, working out and eating clean no longer feel like a chore, and all the other pieces begin falling into place.

I stay motivated by setting short term achievable goals for myself, hence, constantly feeling rewarded. I always have a weekly meal and exercise plan. I never leave my house for the day unprepared for what I will fuel my body with that day. I work in a "Faturday" on the weekend, and I got involved socially with other fit for life minded women.

How do you stay motivated??

Wednesday evening work out breakdown-

Speed Training- 30 Minute Treadmill Routine
3 Sets 5 80lb Lat Pull Downs
2 Sets 15 Tricep Dips w/ double leg isolation on ball
1 Set 21/18/12/8 with 10lb dumbbells
Shoulder Press
Hammer Curls
Tricep Kick Backs
Leg Extensions- Standing Ab Machine (15)
Leg Pull Ups- Standing Ab Machine (15)
Upside down Bosu Ball Plank to Knees 3 Sets of 15
Upside down Bosu Ball Roll Ups 2 sets of 15
Upside down Bosu Ball Roll Ups One set of 8 per side
Three Sets of 20 Ab Pulses on Ball with 12lb Weight
20 High Plank Pulse
20 Low Plank Pulse
20 Rolling Planks
1 Minute Plank

Wednesday was day 2 back on no carbs, clean eating for me. I feel a-maz-ing this morning. The holiday bloat was making me like an overstuffed sausage or a busted can of biscuits. You know what I'm talking about. Eat like crap = feel like crap. Eat Clean = lean machine! Why do we do these things to ourselves?!

Last night's dinner was Kassie's version of the big ass salad.

One whole bag of lettuce
6oz grilled chicken breast
1/4 cup of no salt added corn
1/2 cup of low sodium black beans
1/4 Cup of Mild Salsa
1/4 Cup of Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt mixed with 1 tablespoon of taco seasoning

In other news- I need a new book to read. I think I've had my fill of the romantic novels for awhile- I only read four over the holiday break. That's not embarrassing or anything. Any suggestions?!

Brrrr it's cold up in here!

Daily Motivator


  1. What motivates me is you girls! All my blogging friends lifting me up. I love posting successes and getting cheers from y'all! Also, new clothes motivate me! I lived for so long only buying what would look right. No options! Now I can wear nearly anything! That's inspiration!!!

  2. That salad looks seriously delicious. I love that you post the daily motivator! Really helps!

  3. Have you read Gone Girl? So good.

  4. I'm reading the Lone Wolf right now by Jodi Picoult, (My Sister's Keeper) normally she's wordy but this one I'm speeding right through and it's great! I find all you blog ladies my biggest motivators! It's kinda hard to eat Taco Bell on my lunch break while reading your boss lady workouts!

  5. Thank you. I needed this! I cherish the health/fitness/fit for life minded women I have met on the internet. I think the hardest thing for me is that that is the only place I have found them :/ So when I am all up in the kool aid it isn't because I am cray it is because I don't have that with the people around me. A friend actually said to me last weekend, "If I hear anyone else talking about losing weight or working out I am going to scream." Really? Thanks. That is my passion and you just poo-pooed on it. All that to say, thanks for being awesome!

    Also, if you like love/suspense type books you could try

    If either of the first two sound good to you let me know. I have them and can send them to you if you want.

    Have a good day!

  6. I love your healthy, inclusive attitude! I know you've already got a career, but I think you'd make an amazing trainer!

    A few good non-romance books I've read are: "Devil in the White City," "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," "The Raw Shark Texts," and "Enders Game." :)

  7. I found your blog through Holly?..I am pretty sure. I am about a 10 on the blog stalker scale. I have almost read your entire blog and follow you just about everywhere! You are such an inspiration! Getting back on the bandwagon since the holidays has been rough but reading your blog has been a lifesaver! Keep it up girl! Your fabulous!

  8. definitely needed this post this morning. my fiance and I took a ONE day trip to Miami on Tuesday to watch my alma mater (Northern Illinois Univ) play in the Orange Bowl. Between two EARLY ass flights and a mai tai or two for lunch, my body is totally out of whack. back in the swing of no carb things today and for the next four weeks! our wedding is 2/2/13 and dress fittings are upon us. crap.

    also, if you haven't read the Hunger Games, do so. it's definitely young adult fiction, but so good. the Divergent series is also good. super easy reads, but entertaining.

  9. I know you have kind of had your fill of romance novels but have you read The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks? That one still have a love story, but also has a lot of suspense. Or Nicholas Evans- The Loop, The Horse Whisperer (way better than the movie) or The Divide Or Nora Roberts Montana Sky.

  10. Um... coat - adorable. Carbs totally not worth it.. but they taste so good. LOL... Happy Thursday girl.

  11. The yogurt and taco seasoning sounds yummy. I will have to try that. Thanks!

  12. If you are looking for a real book, not a formula writer, try:
    She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb-you will wonder how a man can write in first person female so well.
    White Oleander by Janet Fitch-the book is always better than the movie.
    These books will shake up your psyche and work your intelligence.

  13. You are exactly right!!!! You are amazing!!!! XOXO Happy Thursday lovey :)

  14. Ugh you are so pretty! haha I might have to start writing down my workouts for the week, maybe that would help me get them done lol

  15. I wish you lived close to me! I need someone to motivate me and hold me accountable. The new year hit and although I've been eating very healthy, I have no motivation to go to the gym. I KNOW I feel better when I go. I KNOW it makes me love my body, gives me energy, and overall I just feel better every day. If we KNOW these things, why is it so hard some times to keep going. One day my LEIGH ANN is going to kick in and be on fire. Oh bikini season is closer than we think...please kick in soon, please kick in soon.

  16. I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks but haven't commented until now. You are the first person I have heard say anything positive on the 'New Years Resolution' crowd at the gym. At some point we were ALL at the gym just starting out so instead of complaining about the lack of free treadmills we should be encouraging one another! Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. :-)

  17. I've noticed that I view people differently too. Today I saw a girl running outside in the cold and last year I would have been like, "no thank you" and today I was all "you get it, girl!" Love the change in perspective. Thanks for your daily motivation, love it!

  18. As always your anazaballs! Thanks for the pick me up on days when I need it. So glad I blogstalked you! Keep being the best motivator out there. Well besides Meg. You both have do much energy. It's awesome!

  19. girl, I just have to say from your IG pics, those arms are amazing! You should just be SO PROUD of yourself!!!!

    Also, would you like to do a button swap?

  20. It's refreshing to see you have that positive perception! I'm so on and off at the gym and I feel like the regulars are going to judge me if I start back on the first week of January (lame, I know). Thanks for being so upbeat and keeping me inspired!

  21. How did you decide on your gym routine? Did you find the exercises somewhere or just start on your own? Thanks for being an inspiration. I am new to the blog word and look forward to reading your posts.