Sunday, January 6, 2013

Half Marathon Week 5- 8 Miles

What a weekend! Things have finally calmed down after the holidays. We've been enjoying a relaxing low key weekend. I love it. This is how I know we're becoming an old married couple. This side of five years ago I would have considered a low key weekend a social death sentence but this old gal slept for ten hours Friday night, read an entire book (Gone Girl- it took forfreakingever to set itself up but it finally got good around page 150), woke up at 6:30am Saturday to run 8 miles, and was home in bed for midnight on Saturday night. Just go ahead and sign me up for bingo and let's call it a day. This has been an awesome weekend!

I've been comparing half marathon training to 10k training a lot. I feel like I excelled more quickly during 10k training, that I kept having magical runner's high I'm the Queen of the World runs, and I've been waiting for a break through run during half marathon. It finally happened. I woke up early and met up with my Sole Sistas. We ran from the gym to Great Harvest Bread Company where we had breakfast and lots of laughs. I really love this group of women! Not to toot our horn or anything but... Beep to da Beep Beep!

My 8 mile run rocked. It was my longest distance to date, and it felt I'm on top of the world right now fantastic. Flying on runner's high. There's something about the group runs that really amps me up. Running alone is not nearly as fun, and it's harder for me to keep a faster pace, I really push myself running with the group. The biggest factor in this run was finally finally FINALLY being injury free. No pain whatsoever.

Oh and a killer playlist :)

Feel Again- OneRepublic
Remember When (Push Rewind)- Chris Wallace
Don't Stop the Party (feat TJR)- Pitbull
Thrift Shop (feat.Wanz)-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Hall of Fame (feat. The Script
Va Va Voom- Nicki Minaj
Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler
Treasure- Bruno Mars
Runaway Baby- Bruno Mars
Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears)-
Killin It- Krewella
Finale (Original Mix)- Madeon
One Minute- Krewella
Your Body- Christina Aguilera
Ball (feat. Lil Wayne)- T.I.
Die Young- Ke$ha
2 Reasons (feat T.I.)- Trey Songz
Red- Taylor Swift
Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)- Calvin Harris
Good Time- Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson
As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean)- Justin Bieber
All Around the World (feat. Ludacris)- Justin Bieber
Beauty and a Beat (feat Nicki Minaj)- Justin Bieber

My first four miles I ran between 9:15- 9:30 pace- easily. Carrying on conversation, no need for water, and feeling incredibly energized. I ate a pack of Go right before the run and had two egg white muffins for breakfast. At the four mile park the group of 5 I was running with stopped for water. I still felt like a badass biotch at this point. About mile 6.2 I started getting very tired. Not, "There's no way I can finish this" tired, but I was starting to feel like I'd been running for a long time. I had to significantly bring down my pace and coach myself through to finish. I should've brought Go or Chomps for the run and my next long run I definitely will. I think it will make  a world of difference in maintaining pace. I've also got to learn to hold back during the first few miles. It feels so great when we first hit the road I have a hard time containing my enthusiasm and I pounding away super fast. I know- crazay laday.

Now we're onto half marathon training week 6. We're half way there. I'm running a half marathon in 6 weeks. Honestly, I feel like I could do it today, I can not wait to run the race!!!

I've received a whole bunch of emails/ messages from all of you in the last couple of days. I'm working to get back with each and everyone of you, please be patient with me! I want to make sure I take the time to respond in detail to everyone who reaches out to me! You won't get some two word response back from me- don't you worry :)

Busy Sunday on the agenda- bike ride, grocery store, Les Miserable!? Sign me up!

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  1. You are freaking awesome!!!! That high is what pushes me to continue to run!! Gu does help though ;)

  2. That's awesome! & I love the motivational quote!!

  3. heck yes girlfriend!!!! Way to rock those 8 miles!!!! How did you find that group? I wonder if there is something like that in my area?! Happy Sunday pretty! xoxo

  4. Congratulations that is awesome!! I still haven't done more than 7. I need to step it up!!

  5. You are such a great inspiration!!! I love reading your blog!! You are making me want to get up and go run!!!

  6. You go girl! Love that pic at the bottom. For real, I'm needing that message a lot lately!

  7. First off, Les Mis is INCREDIBLE!!

    I am also training for a half marathon and getting ready to start week 4. I had my longest run to date yesterday at 6 miles. I
    I'm intrigued by these GO and Chomps...would you suggest I try to get my hands on some for my 7-miler for next Saturday? I guess I just don't know when I should go for some!

    If you get a chance, shoot me an email at (my profile is not set up to reply to my comment via email...can't figure out how to do it through my Google + profile...LAMESAUCE!)

  8. Great run! Training for a 1/2 marathon is one of the most rewarding experiences for a runner's high.. just wait girl, you will have many more "on top of the world" feelings!

    Also love that you plan the run to end somewhere fun and rewarding - like a cute coffee shop or great harvest bread. Just adds a little pizazz and motivation to the run, plus the chatter after is great!

  9. So we are totally having a dance party in the living room right now while I check out all your songs! That is a killer play list! I may be making a visit to itunes tomorrow when I get to work! Hope your bike ride was awesome!

  10. I needed to read this post tonight because I have been in a cardio rut... Just making up excuses like it's the only way into Heaven.

    Keep kicking ass, Leigh Ann!

  11. Ah that is amazing! I'm injured at the moment so I know being injury free has to be A-Mazing! Congrats!

  12. Awesome (high pitch voice)! You inspired me to do 7 miles on Saturday for fun. Love it. Thks girl and way to kill it on your run. Holy balls your fast!

  13. “The biggest factor in this run was finally, finally, FINALLY being injury free.” – That is good news! Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of running on marathons sans pain and injury. Still, you have to take some precaution to avoid a repeat injury. Taking it easy and doing some warm-up exercises can do the trick!