Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Weigh- In & A New Plan

Good morning and Happy Friday! We survived another one :) I have been running, planking, and squatting my life away over here. You know that if you follow me on Instagram @ellenoelfitness. I love over sharing there :) I lost .4 pounds this week, but we're just going to call that a solid maintenance since it's still technically the same pound I've been battling for a few weeks. Also, I did have a full on Faturday(s) this weekend. I may have had Taco Bell for dinner Sunday night :) Glorious.

However, I am getting stronger! I lifted more weights this week than I ever have done previously, and as we all know muscle be weighin' more than fat ya'll! Since I'm not gaining, this means I'm seriously burning some fat cells!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't itching to see that number moving down. I'm 3 pounds away from my goal "decade" and I really really want to get down there. Bad bad bad. I have a plan, to get my number rolling.

Clean eating and no carbs five days straight. If anyone would like to join along with me, I'd love to see how this little plan of mine would affect some else's body as well as my own. I know the PG Sisters love a challenge!! What ya think?!

Starting Sunday, I'm going to follow this strict menu for five days and see how it will affect my weigh in next Friday. If it doesn't work, I'll just try something else until I find a plan that does!

Breakfast- Strawberry Shakeology - Cup of frozen fruit added
Snack- Non fat Greek Yogurt (Fruit on the Bottom)
Lunch- White Protein (Chicken, Turkey, Fish) & 2 servings fresh vegetable (Vinaigrette Dressing if Salad)
Snack- Think Thin Bar & Vegetable
Dinner- White Protein (Chicken, Turkey, Fish) & 2 servings fresh vegetable (Vinaigrette Dressing if Salad)
Snack- Two Tablespoons Natural Peanut Butter
100oz water per day
2 12oz Diet Drink Max

Half Marathon Training Week 1-
The good news is, my Plantar Fasciitis is completely gone. Zero foot paint. The bad news is, my IT band is still bothering me in my right hip. I was supposed to run three miles Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I got in two three mile runs Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday, my IT band was hurting so I stopped my run 1.5 miles in on the dreadmill. I stretch for a good 30 minutes Tuesday night. Wednesday, I got out on the pavement. I put in three miles, and it was probably the hardest three miles I'd ever run. My IT band was hurting. I ran slow, but I finished. Again on Wednesday, I stretched. Thursday, My IT band was feeling nearly normal. I spent 10 minutes stretching before my run and I took anti inflammatory meds around 3 pm. At 5pm I set out to run my 3 assigned miles. My first mile was slow for me- 10:19. It felt light years ahead of Wednesday's run, so I starting trusting my hip more and picked up the pace. Mile 2 I picked up the pace a little and ran 9:56. Mile three my hip was feeling like myself, I wanted to just take off and Pound the Alarm Niki Minaji style, but I held back a little and ran at 9:49. I don't want to injure myself again, but for the first time since the Gleaux Run the night before Thanksgiving, I feel like myself again. Kassie and I are so excited for the first group run on Saturday, It feels like the first day of school all over again! 4 miles Saturday am ain't got nothin on us! 

I would start the new diet Saturday, but let's be real. Boss lady has a hot date with her man, a new dress, a spray tan, and some heels to rock. Bring on the sushi and cocktails!

It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! I'm working those skinniest Elle Noel jeans again!

Daily Motivator


  1. I added you as a buddy on beachbody! Rock on!

  2. I'm in for the challenge! I need to switch something up, I've been at a plateau for a few weeks now.

  3. I am having issues with my IT band and right knee. It sucks! Glad yours is better. I up for the 5 day challenge!

  4. 3 minute plank?!? you are a BEAST!!!! I like the idea of a no carb week- but I am going to have to start Monday... will be out of town this weekend and doubt I can go no carb on the road... I will try to start Sunday too though!! I dont have the special shakes, but can sub protein shakes! are you doing just scale or measurements too for this strict week? :)

  5. Dang Gina! Look at that form in that plank! You are THE Boss Lady! Go you!

    I will have to see if the husband will be cool with those things for dinner but otherwise I am in. I haven't tried no carb in a long time. Yay for someone to keep me accountable :) but I will be starting Sunday because we have the husband's work Christmas party tonight. I may actually let myself drink. Emily + alcohol = donuts for breakfast, ha!

    Have a happy weekend!

  6. SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYO!!! You are doing so great girl - you are going to be your goal in NO TIME.

  7. Greek fruit on the bottom yogurt is the best thing thats ever happened to me!

    Good job girl!

    happy Friday!

  8. Yessss. I'm so in for the challenge! And I just KNOW my sister Kara will be too:) Thanks for the shout out! Ready Set Go Sunday and link up Thursday?? I know you'll be at your Goal by Wed, that 3 lbs ain't got nothing on Gisele Noel! (your new nickname since you're working it like a former VS model :) Have a great weekend and Faturday!

  9. I'll try it! I did it before my wedding and it was hard but it was successful! See you at the finish line! I am starting mine today because I have a no carb day today so that I am not bloated when I am trying to fit into my dress for my husband's work dinner tonight. :-)

    Plus I finally got around to watching my DVR and the VS fashion show. MOTIVATE GURLSS!

  10. YEAHHHHH BOI! -Flava Flav

    I am in! You know we'll be all up in your biz on Instagram and maybe even start a special hashtag sensation for the occasion! #giselenoel

    You are kicking absolute butt and I can't wait to join in! Thanks for the shoutout lady and have a great weekend!

  11. You are looking so fit, I'm surprised you're not at goal yet! But hey, if you need to keep going, switching things up is the perfect plan! Your diet looks spot-on, and I'm sure you'll see that scale move in no time!

    Sorry to hear that your IT band has been difficult, girl. I'm so glad that it was back to normal-ish on Thursday! I hope that trend continues so you can tear into half marathon training!

  12. I never thought of just focusing on a week of low carb. I normally try to make it my normal diet which always ends in epic fail!

  13. Can I comment even though I'm a dude?

    I'm really impressed by all you've achieved. You've set a strong example for me. Best to you in the new year.