Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In : It's ugly

Welp, it happened. The scale jumped up and pimped slapped me this morning, with THREE pounds. Told ya'll I wasn't over exaggerating about how much fun I'd had in the last week. Imagine how bad it would have been sans a work out Monday *shudders*

It's been along time since I've gained, I forgot how shitty this feeling is. Seriously. It feels shitty, but you get what you give.I fueled my body with junk and it fueled me with three pounds. I'd be lying if I said it didn't sting a little, I'd hoped my metabolism picked up some over the last few months. Gaining weight ain't fun, and old habits die hard. However, I will persevere. I was just one measly stomach flu away from my goal weight too. Rats. Big girls don't cry, back to the grind- 7lbs to go.

I got in my work out last night and this morning.

Work out Summary:

Thursday Evening-
30 Minutes Stair Master
Fat Burner Plus Level 4
Arms (10lb)- Shoulder Press, Flys, Tricep Dips, Bicep Burn outs- 21/18/12/8
Core Work

Friday AM-
45 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backwards
5 Minutes Combo
15 Minutes Core & Booty Work (Fiyyyaaaa)

After much thought and consideration, I'm not going to spend my evening crying into my steamed broccoli. The last week was completely worth it, and I'll get these three pounds back off quickly. My super sweet husband said, "That's just water weight, don't you worry".

Note to self- eat like crap, gain weight, and feel like crap. Eat clean, work out, lose weight, and feel like a hot sexy beast. I much prefer the latter.

Did the holiday bulge get to you too??

Check out my new boots, thanks Santa! I'm glad I didn't just get the three pounds :)

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  1. Found your blog through Holly!! You look great! I had the same problem. All play and no work this past week ended up making a 2lb difference! : ( I will have to remember what this feels like next time.

  2. Hello Elle - I'm sure those 3 pounds will fall off as easily as they came on. No worries, you were just enjoying yourself! We are all doing it! (Some more than others - my jeans are disgustingly tight today :)

  3. I feel the same way. I need a shock to my system. Literally. I need a jump start!

  4. I am in the same boat girl. We can get back on track though!

  5. at least it was worth it...and umm yeah, you will totally lose that 3 lbs immediately and then some. :) you got this!

  6. Love the boots! But good for you for taking the gain, accepting it and moving on. I feel like we all have been a little overindulgent but have some good times to go with. Have a great New Years!

  7. The three pounds got me too! However, I am going no carb and getting back to working out and they're already gone. So, you should have no trouble getting rid of them forever with your bad ass self.

  8. At least you had fun. Your hubby is sweet and probably right. Those three pounds will be gone in no time. Happy Friday!

  9. Minor setback! you'll get it this next week!

  10. Youll knock the lbs off in no time! Or you can come visit and ill share my stomach virus with you that got me below 200 for the first time in almost 8 years. Whatevs

  11. I'm avoiding the scale at all costs, maybe it will sting less next week! ....wishful thinking

  12. 4 lbs here! Blech. I hopped back on the healthy train a few days ago (after a FULL week of stuffing my face) and I've already dropped 3 of the 4 I gained. It wasn't as hard as the first time I lost them. You'll probably drop yours quickly too.

    I found your blog last month and it has quickly become my favorite. I look forward to your instagram pics and posts so much. Thanks for sharing and inspiring - you are amazing!!!

  13. Oh yeah, I finally stepped on the scale this a.m. And up 3 pounds! Holidays are a bitch! But oh so fun!

  14. You must have gained that weight in those guns, because I can't seen a pinch of excess fat on you in your pictures!

    No worries, just shake it off and show those pounds who's lady boss!

  15. I agree it's just water weight! It will ge gone before I finish writing this post. Glad u had a fun time your entitled to revert once a year. Hee hee! Now go kick ass in the gym!

  16. My weigh isn't until Monday, but feeling slightly pudgy. Keep up the workouts and runs and before you know it the 3 pounds will be gone plus more. If you are like me, when fun nights/days happen very little water is actually consumed and that doesn't help the cause. Good luck this week.