Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Introducing Gina

Good morning! The 5 Day Challenge is complete! I am so looking forward to hearing all of your results, I know quite a few of us did the no carb craziness! I must say, I feel fantastic! I am down one whole pound from last Friday. Honestly, I was hoping for more, but I'll take it! These last few pounds to goal are going to be the biggest mental test of my adult life. SIX pounds to goal weight. Wassup holla! I am going to continue to follow the five day Challenge rules, aside from Saturday night, and some popcorn I have planned Sunday. Hopefully I can drop me another ell bee next week!

Just gotta keep working hard!

 I have to tell ya'll about someone who is incredibly important in my life. Let me preface this by stating, Judgement free zone!

Her name is Gina. Gina is a bitch. You have a Gina in your life too. She says nasty things, snaps if some unsuspecting fool cracks her mean muggin eyes, and she is fierce.

Gina is my alter ego. She comes out when I am hangry.

Gina doesn't come around very often, probably about once every six months, but in the perfect storm that bitch comes a rarin. She made an appearance yesterday. When I do no-carbs, I plan my meals mapped out down to the minute degree. I don't want any surprises. It needs to flow like clock work. Yesterday morning, I had a wild crazy, shoot me, the crazy shit we do for money kinda day. I was late getting home for lunch to eat my left over Skinnytaste Turkey Chilli Taco Soup, I had two servings left. I hit the door, annoyed, running late, and HANGRY. I opened the door and the aroma of MY soup hit my nose. WTF.

"Mr. Noel, are you eating MY soup?!"

holding empty Tupperware container while shoveling the last spoon in his mouth,

"Rearf rhry" mumbling as he's consuming the last bit of my lunch.

Shit balls. I felt Gina start waving her flag. "Oh no he didn't eat your lunch! What are you supposed to do now? Maybe if you had time to go to the grocery store you'd have a plan B!"

Deep breaths. Not gonna freak out. Shut up Gina! In his defense, I never told him not to eat the soup.

I head to Wendy's, I'll get a chili and a side salad.

After wasting FIFTEEN minutes of my life in line. I get to order. I literally feel like I'm starving at this point.

"Our machine be down. We can't sell no food"


I speed out of the parking lot.


I'm hungry, my lunch break is over, and I have no food. This is not good. This is bad bad bad.

Enter Mr. Noel. I call him to Gine style bitch vent about my awful awful first world problem day.

"Where are you, what Wendys are you at?! I will get you some chili baby,I will get you some Chili!!"


I found this so embarrassing after yesterday's post discussing how food doesn't control me anymore, because clearly, when I'm HANGRY, it does. Get out of my way.

After collecting my thoughts. I made the executive decision to take a few minutes longer lunch, and stop for a salad. Crisis averted.

Then I get a text "I love you crazy lady"- Mr. Noel

Geez I am so lucky.

That's the hard core truth about dieting. Sometimes, when we have three or four wrenches thrown in our way, we have to lose our shit. It ain't all sunshine and daisies.

Have you ever had a freak out over food??? I can not be alone in this. Pinterest tells me so.

All work outs goals for the week have been completed. Check Check Check!! If you follow me on Instagram @ellenoelfitness- you know all about my work outs and what I ate for dinner! Instagram is definitely my social sharing venue of choice these days!

I'm down a whole POUND from last week. Six pounds to goal. I can and I will get there.

Can't stop won't stop!

OOTD. Black skinny jeans, black boots, ox blood turtle neck, and keeping Gina in check. One pound down and six to go!

How did the Challenge work for you?! I can not wait to hear your results!!

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  1. Down 2.4 lbs thanks to this challenge! Looking forward to the next one whenever that may be. I think we all have our own type of "Gina" moments at some point. It happens! Have a good weekend. :)

  2. That Gina sounds like me when I'm craving sushi and then remember that it's expensive as helllllllll. I go apeshit, and poor Glenn has experienced it one too many times.

    Congratulations on the pound!!! Here's one more pound for ya ~ a virtual fist pound of pride for you :) You are rockin' that weight loss, no matter how fast or not fast it goes, and YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

  3. This is day 4 for me but as of this morning I was down 4.9 from last Friday! Say what? (Keep in mind that I was eating like a sugar monster before)I think I am going to give myself one cheat meal on Saturday evening then do this again next week. I need to go all out before I head to Texas for the holidays.

    One day I hope to be as fierce as 'Giselle' Noel!

  4. This is hilarious...I love your alter ego! and I love the word Hangry. I think I live in this state. So proud of you and impressed! Well done!

  5. I lost two pounds since Monday. I did cheat with a Luna Bar yesterday. I was HANGRY too. You look fabulous. Keep it up!

  6. Ever heard of the saying "Damn, Gina!"? It sounds fitting for this situation :) I have a crazy Gina inside me too but no name for her besides "Crazy Kara" according to Phil.

    I loved doing the no-carb challenge with all of you and it was mucho successful! 2.8 pounds down...whaaaat!!?

  7. OMG this post was hilarious! My Gina would've thrown a massive guilt trip Mr. Noel's way the minute she discovered the eaten soup. Seriously, Pete can tell you all about the martyr I become when he makes a mistake like that. :)

    But despite the terrible first-world problem, you still kept on plan! And you lost 1 pound! And at your weight, that counts for like 10 fat-girl pounds. So really, you lost 10 pounds!!! Yay!!!


  9. Looking good girl.. Yes food does control me too - enter my Jack N Box tacos this week - but whatever onto a different day:) Happy Friday girlfriend.

  10. New follower and loving your blog! I will definitely be using some of the many recipes you've posted!

    And don't feel too bad about being "hangry." We all go there every now and then. :)

  11. Hey girl don't worry about it!! It isn't a sign of food controlling you... it is a physiological response to when your blood sugar drops. So don't beat yourself up over it! I have low blood sugar and my husband knows that hell hath no fury like Sarah when she hasn't had her scheduled meal... oh, and my hubby ALWAYS eats our leftovers... ugh.

  12. Ohhhh yeah, you should see ME when I'm hangry. SUPER BITCH!

  13. I love this story too much! What a sweet husband you have to go grab you some food even when you are in crazy mode! haha!