Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Recap (Calorie Hole) & Weekly Goals

What a weekend. It was fun, action packed, and exhausting. I've got a four day work week and another one on the horizon, thankfully it's a six day weekend! (PINCH ME) What's up Holla!!!

I did a lot of stuff that I wasn't supposed to do this weekend. I fell head first into the calorie pit that is wild weekend fun.  I ate too much, I drank too much, and I didn't count my calories. I know, I know, the shame (NOT). It was a ton of fun, and I knew trying to drop weight over the holidays would be wild crazy difficult. I'm not perfect, far from it, and I need a break from my weight loss agenda from time to time. Real life comes with curve balls. Mine just happen to come in the form of calorie loaded curve balls.

Recap- Friday night, Mr. Noel and I had date night in. I may have drank more red wine than I intended, consequently, my Saturday morning run was MISERABLE. I felt really great until mile 3.5-5 and It took all I had to just keep running. I will never ever ever drink wine and go running the next day again. Not even one glass. EVER. You read it here first. I was still able to run solid ten minute miles but it was not fun. I have never been more happy to finish a run in my life. I did feel fantastic completing my five miles though, always do. Live and Learn!

Saturday night, I had my Christmas gift exchange with three of the most important people in my life: Madeline, Susannah, and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. These girls are my family, the word friend just doesn't seem to do the relationship justice. We always have a blast when we get together and I was really looking forward to a girls night! I ate and drank and ate some more and drank some more- isn't that what you do for a holiday get together?!

Saturday night girl's night outfit-

A glimpse inside our shenanigans-


Princess Consuela Banana Hammock is a younger hotter verison of Susie homemaker. She's been making and delivering countless of her famous made completely from scratch by order cheesecakes. We were lucky enough to try one of her newest flavors, a berry white chocolate that was quite simply DEVINE.  We all have to splurge a little sometimes, and this cheesecake was worth every single last bite. Obviously... we ate it.Yes, all of it.

She's getting super fancy with hand designed toppings for that extra festive touch!

Obviously, I'm super impressed with my friend. She even allowed me to place a last minute special order for an Oreo filled Cheesecake for our family Christmas get togethers next week! They're very reasonably priced and add an extra something special to your holiday gathering. If you're interested in impressing your people with a spectacular Christmas dessert send me an email and I'll give you her information! Seriously, you need one of these bad boys for Christmas dessert. On December 26th however, we run.

My break from my fit life didn't end there. Sunday I may have spent 6 and a half hours on Kate's couch eating thin crust pizza and watching the entire 6th season of Gossip Girl. Now we're all caught up and ready to watch the TWO hour long series Gossip Girl finale tonight!! Glorious weekend.

I needed a break, a hiatus and I got it. Now it's time to get back down to business.

No carbs though Friday.

Weekly Work Out Breakdown


3 Mile Run
Strength Training

4 Mile Run
Strength Training

3 Mile Run
Strength Training

6 Mile Run



What's really strange, is that I don't feel bloated and I haven't gained anything after my day of lazy over eating and consuming more of my fair share of homemade cheesecake. Yes, I was brave enough to weigh in this morning. Regardless, we all need weekends/ days from time to time. I am concerned I went over board with the coming weekend plans and Christmas to shortly follow, however, I'm hopeful half marathon training will keep me from gaining.

Back to my real life as a super fit healthy working girl- I really love that life too :)

Gossip Girl Fans- Who is tuning in for the series finale tonight?!

Daily Motivator


  1. I can't wait to see how it all ends tonight!! I can't imagine how they're going to tie all the loose ends up at this point!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. I have been watching GG since day 1. I am sad that it is over! I will be glued to the tv tonight for the finale! That cheesecake looks awesome! And, one filled with Oreos sounds too good to share, haha! Yay for no carb week two. This is going to be a rough week because of all the Christmas parties but I will prevail!

    Have a great day!

  3. What website do you use for the episodes? I've been meaning to catch up and didn't realize the finale was TONIGHT!!! EEKKKK

  4. props to you for running after drinking....I drank and then didn't run. oopsy.

  5. New follower to your blog! :) Super cute!!


  6. Hey girl hey! Super cute outfits and GREAT job on the 10 min miles! Also, I love your daily motivator :) for a clumsy girl like me, it relates right into real life!

    Have a great short week and LET'S GO NO CARBS!!

  7. Haha I drank wine one time before a race and thought I was going to die! Never again! all that food looks delish! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!
    P.S. Love the outfit as always!!!

  8. 10-minute miles through a wine hangover? Is there anything you can't do??

    Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Ok, I am so new to this blog world its embarrassing to admit my question. How in the world do I email you???

    1. Girl don't be embarassed! You sent me an email when you left this comment, I also linked to my email in the above post. Right now your settings are set to no-reply blogger so I can not respond to you privately, if you change this setting then we can email back and forth! Good luck!

    2. So I emailed you...hope you got it.

  10. um I want to do the no carb Monday-Friday and then eat cheesecake!! :D Maybe that's what I'll make for Christmas desert!

    And GG...definitely will be watching! Did you finish all the seasons on Netflix?!

  11. Gosh, nothing can beat the Gina post. Chris and I were still laughing about that yesterday!

    And that pizza? It's 4:30am, I wanna roll that rup in some hot sauce and go to town!