Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Victoria's Secret : The Ultimate Motivator

It's Wednesday! That means it's time for a round of Housekeeping!!! Are you on Instagram? If not, you need to be. Find me @ellenoelfitness. Facebook is so 2010. Now let's shamelessly plug my Facebook Page, I'm only kidding FB I'll always love you :)

Marathon training week one- first little 3 mile run was a FAIL. You read that correctly. My hip was really bothering me, I was chained to the dreadmill because the weather has been shat, and I made the tough decision to end my run at 1.5 miles. I do not want to risk serious injury. I wore heals yesterday (with my foot and hip, I'm not supposed to be doing this) I know I know, so dumb, and I didn't take my anti-inflammatory meds. I will try again tomorrow. Fingers crossed the weather will participate. In lieu of finishing the run, I did this:

30 minutes Level 5 Fat Burner Plus on the stair master
1-12 Normal Step Up
20 Double Step Leg Lifts per Leg
13-18 Double Step
1 Minute Recover
3 Minute Side Walk Right
1 Minute Recover
3 Minute Side Walk Left
1 Minute Recover
3 Minute Backwards Walk
1 Minute Recover

Ab Work on Ball
Chalene Johnson's upside down Bose Ball balance ab roll ups (set of 20)
5 Upside Down Bose Ball Oblique Roll Ups per Side

I've been seeing all these planking times on Instagram lately with pics of some of my favorite people planking. I thought it looked fun, and interesting, but I had no idea what was going on. Thankfully, Nancy Clue sent me a text and told me what was up. I'm in on the #MerryPlankmas trend!

Who watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night? It's no secret round these parts that I am obsessed with some VS super models. On days I have the don't wants or a case of the Monday's, I literally ask myself, What would a VS supermodel do? Two of these lucky ladies have taken up residence on my refrigerator and pantry door to help me back away slowly from the temptation. Cause those girls ain't missing a work out and those girls are not eating or drinking crap. Like ever Taylor Swift style. Anywho personal highlights- Bruno Mars. I'm in love. The big band dancing to "Locked Out of Heaven" was the best part of the whole show if ya ask me.

My new favorite model is Doutzen Kroes. I'll be asking myself, What would Doutzen Kroes do? Check this chick out, she is super fit, not skinny, and she looks amazing. AMAZING. Check out her ass! This girl is muscular!

Plus she held hands with Rhianna. If you haven't heard, Rhianna is my real life homegirl. She's always out on the road talking me into running faster. So since we have a mutual friend. I should be getting exercise and dieting tips from my girl Dou in no time!

Doutzen really won my heart when they were asking the girls about Romance, le sigh. She was interviewing with another girl who went all, "I don't kiss on the first the date" shenanigans on us and Doutzen said "Oh I do. If I like the guy, I Like the guy". Amen sista. Let's be bffs.

I am motivated. Thank you CBS, thank you Bruno Mars, and thank you Doutzen for the insane motivation.

Heading into work. No worries ladies, I'll be tres chic when I'm running around in my next career, as a Victoria Secret Supermodel.

No if you'll excuse me, I have lots of cyber stalking to do on Doutzen. Surely her exercise and dieting habits are posted somewhere out there on the interwebs. Wish me luck!

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  1. She is ROCKIN'!!!! Seriously, fit and toned is so much more beautiful than frail-skinny. And I most definitely have photos of the Angels posted around to remind myself to be healthy :)

  2. Wowzers girl - she rocks.. I didn't watch... but I am glad I had you to tell me the good parts:) Happy Wednesday.

  3. Share your findings, I need an ass like that!

  4. I didn't watch because I was making dinner and Becky decided to watch the dumbest episode of Bones (I usually like Bones) ugh! Now I want to google all the ladies and get some motivation...but my work so kindly blocked VS website and now I can't spend money either! #FAIL

    I really need to understand your lingo when you talk about the stair blimber and the are amaze!

  5. I didn't get a chance to watch it but WOW. That's pure motivation right there!

  6. I know I said it on instagram....but you look hot! those guns are to die for. :)

  7. Can't wait to see you on the run way!!!

    today is day 5 of me ever really working out and I can barely walk! Tell me it ends soon!

  8. While I was at bar trivia last night (I stayed strong and stuck to water) I got to watch part of the VS fashion show without sound (but WITH captions). When Doutzen emerged in the outfit you've got pictured, I asked Pete if I should get one of those headdresses for the bedroom! He said no, harumph!

    Anyway, yay for the planking challenge! Yesterday was my first plank attempt and it was definitely not 2:02--looks like I've got some room for improvement! You're off to a nice start! I look forward to planking with you! :)

  9. The VS models are definitely motivation, but I just don't think I'll ever get there. I like food way too much! :)

  10. Doutzen is my favorite, too. I would give my liver and kidney for that bootay!! Gosh and reading this post just makes me want to jump on the stair climber.

    I hope you and Mr. Noel have a great night! We need another guest post from him!!

  11. Girl... I hear you on the VS fashion show and Bruno Mars. Loved it. I definitely don't have Beiber Fever, but I was impressed with the acoustic song. Adriana is my favorite. These girls know what it's all about. Good luck with your stalking and do share your findings!