Thursday, December 27, 2012

True Confession Time: Back on the Wagon

Gerrrdddd Merninggg! I'm back!! As much as I love a long break from work and life in general, I literally crave my routine. The holidays have been super fun and action packed.

Remember when my Cajuns won the NOLA Bowl for the SECOND time?! Still basking in that victory!

By action packed I mean I got in two work outs since Friday and more cocktails than I'd care to admit to, one to many trips to the dessert table, fast food, loaded nachos, the list goes on.

Hey now hey- There's grilled chicken in there under all that cheese!

Literally that happened. I'd rehash the whole ordeal in minute detail for you, but let's face it. You probably ate wild Monkey in Walmart after hours too. It's been grand. The harsh reality? I've gained weight. I can just tell. However, I won't weigh myself until tomorrow morning. Gotta stick to my routine. I'm hoping it's only two or four pounds. I want to wear that size 2 dress again on NYE.

Squat Squat Squat Squat Squat.....

Christmas Eve was bonkers. I went to a an hour and a half long cardio blast class in the morning. The class was super fun,. however my running injuries were holding me back. Big time. It seems no matter how hard
we try to prepare for Christmas, there is always last minute shopping going on. I swear I didn't sit down all day.

Christmas morning I woke up and Santa had passed by my house! WOOP! Seriously, I was an AWESOME girl this year, and he checked that list twice when thinking of me. It pays to be a super star, oh yeaaaahhhhssss.

There's a pull-up assist in there. That's my New Year's Resolution. To be able to do a pull up all on my own. I've never had much upper body strength and I really want to improve in that arena. I'll do a tutorial with my pull up assist shortly.
That there Kindle fire is the reason ya'll didn't get a blog post yesterday. Wednesday, my last day away from the office. I got sucked into another 50 Shades of Grey- esque trashy romance novel series. I'm such a sucker for trashay romance. This one is the Sylvia Day Crossfire series. If you didn't like 50 Shades of Grey or felt so/so about that series- you will literally hate these books. If you loved 50 Shades of Grey hit purchase and don't look back. I'm already onto book number 2.

This is what my week as looked like those far-

1.5 Hour Cardio Class
Carb Carb City bitttchhhh (extra cheese please)

What's a calorie? Yes, I'd love more wine, oh you have cake? I'll have a slice of that too. Oh and pie? Well I really shouldn't (slurping more Chardonnay).....put extra whipped cream on dat.

50 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minute Strength Training

30 Minute Stair Master
30 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Strength Training
No Carbs

AM Training
45 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Strength Training
PM Training
30 Minutes Stair Master
30 Minutes Strength Training
No Carbs

7 Mile Run (Injury Permitting)
No Carbs

4 Mile Run/ 10 Mile Bike Ride (Injury Permitting)
No Carbs

I pray the scale doesn't jump up and pimp slap me tomorrow morning.... I'll say some prayers for you too...

How was your Holiday?! Tell me all about it!

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  1. OMG! Whatever that is covered in cheese looks AMAZING! The scale doesn't show a gain, but I can totally FEEL one. Time to get back to the gym. Pronto!

  2. I love your description of Tuesday because it pretty much summed up mine as well. As I'm sure it did for most people! Back on track now. :) Happy Thursday.

  3. Those nachos look "AMAZE-DONKEY-BALLS!" Good for you for even getting 2 workouts in. I have been sooo lazy on top of eating crap - yuck! But I am back in the office today and that always helps me get back on track. I can't be healthy while sitting at home....just can't! I ate popcorn by the tub while reading two awesome books and enjoyed every second of it. But I'm so glad to get back to reality!

    Have a great rest of the week gf!

  4. I have several comments. 1. You look adorable in that white hat. 2. those nachos look AMAZING. thank goodness you had grilled chicken or that wouldn't have been healthy. 3. I LOVED those books. I'm a slace to trashy novels too. 4. I am doing no carbs and I have my day all planned out. Just trying to make you proud! :) and last but not least 5. I want to find a 1.5 hour cardio class! that sounds amazing!!

  5. Geez, I just love you. Where do I begin? You crack me up, first off. Love reading your posts, always. I am so glad y'all had such a fabulous Christmas--looks like you were a good girl this year! Proud of you for jumping back on the wagon so quickly--I said Wednesday was going to be different than my chow-fest on Monday and Tuesday, but somehow I'm still not back to usual. GOTTA get back on that train, ASAP! Happy Thursday, dear! You're the best.

  6. You are such an inspiration! Like really!

  7. Girl Gideon is the shit. I love him more than ANY man on the planet. I want him NOW!!!!!!!!! Wait till you read "Reflected to You" - killer. Oh GAWD now I might be reading this series again. BTW that dress looks killer on you - I heart you Leigh Ann baby.

  8. I am working on my third round of that series of trash!!! Love Gideon!

  9. Hey Girl! I LOVED 50 shades of grey! I own the first two books of the crossfire series but I'm afraid to read them now cuz the third one doesnt come out until may! and I don't to get sucked in and then have to wait an eternity to see how it ends! Ugh why couldn't they all just come out at the same time like 50 shades? Oh well!

    On a side note thanks for being so inspirational! I look forward to your posts daily :) Have a great short week of work gf!

  10. I read the 1st two Crossfire books in 5 1/2 hours on a plane to Mexico last week... couldn't put them down! Good thing for E-readers so no one can see what trashy novels you're reading! lol

  11. SUPER HOT in that black dress!!!! LOVE your Tuesday!!!! Way to get back at it sister!!!! XOXOXO Looking forward to hearing about your Saturday run! I have 9 miles on my schedule uugghhhhh I'm scared :-/

  12. I need that purse you are wearing on your shoulder with the saints sign! Need!! What brand is it and where did you find it?! ;)

  13. So, I'm a high school English teacher--this past semester one of my senior boys brought that "Bared" book for SSR. I said, "So, this is the book you want to read? For the next 5 weeks?" and he said, "Well, it's my sister's, she said it was good..." I bet she did! ;)