Thursday, December 20, 2012

The. Hardest. Ever.

Good morning! Just in case you missed it, I did I Holiday Vlog Link Up with Sarah at Fueled and Aflamed this morning which you can read/watch here. I know ya'll love listening to my jacked up accent. Wouldn't want you to miss out on that one!

What you really want to know about, my aweful, when will it end, ugh why am I doing to this to myself, running is miserable, I just want to QUIT- 4 mile run.

When training for a long run, in my case a half marathon, each week it's important to add in mileage and consecutive runs to build up endurance and get your body adjusted to high mileage. You can't just wake up one random morning and start running ten miles. It don't work that way cher (sha).

Last night I had one of the hardest runs of my life. It sucked to put it mildly. Just about every three minutes, I thought about giving up on the run. Throwing in the towel and heading home. A half mile in I had to stop and tie my shoe, and I thought "This is a sign. You should just turn around now" Say what?! Yap, I wanted to quit. To come up with some excuse as to why I couldn't finish that run. Not even a bomb ass song could pull me out of my funk. I dug deep and kept moving. I had to reach way deep down into the darkest depths of my "Please let me wake up a hot sexy supermodel prancing around in a bright red bikini" bag to get that shit done.

Would Doutzen give up on a 4 mile run? No. No she would not. That's why she looks like this:

Operation Red Bikini!!!!!!

It wasn't a long distance for me, 4 miles, and I've run it much much faster previously. I don't know if my injuries are holding me back more than I thought, if my body is adjusting to the higher mileage, the loaner Newton's I had on my footsies, running into the wind, but it was not my day. That's ok too, can't be on fire every single day. I finished. That is what is important and that is something to be proud of. That's why I'm grinning like a crazy idiot in this picture.

I've got  a three mile run on the agenda this afternoon and I'm logging my "group" run tomorrow morning because I will be out of town this weekend. My Ragin Cajuns are playing in the New Orleans Bowl and you can bet your bottom dollar the Noel krewe will be there! I'm going to try and get in a keek inside the Superdome. Fingers Crossed. You can also bet I'll be shoving greasy Bourbon Street pizza in my yap Saturday night too. Clearly, that is why I work hard all week long, to trash can my body out on the weekends. Seems like a theme as of late huh? Holidays.

Speaking of greasy pizza....

No carbs day 4- I feel fantastic. No temptation to cheat, I don't miss bread when I do these challenges, and I feel so light. Cutting breads, sugar, and processed crap will make you feel like a million skinny bucks.

Weekly weigh in time tomorrow.... Don don don! I'm so close, it's the final countdown!

Feeling festive on my "Friday", and still rocking flats to baby my PF.

Daily Motivator


  1. Two things. First, I am wearing the exact same outfit as you today! Red shirt, black pants, only I added a scarf since this may be the last cold day till next November, with our luck!

    Second, I love how the little face on your running app looks disapproving and sad. Really? Way to make you feel worse about it lol

    Operation Red Bikiniiiiii!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it! Way to not give up on your run...that's great! And those arms are killer hard! :)

  3. Awesomeness! Way to go on sticking it out instead of giving in to the "I don't wannas". Jumping those little hurdle reap the skinny rewards that we so long for. And you are almost to the finish line. Keep it up, girly!

  4. I love it that you just kept going. Such an inspiration! I know you'll make it into that red bikini.

    Enjoy the game and the pizza!!

  5. Way to go! Love your determination!

  6. Maybe now you can look back at your next hard run and think, if I did it then I can do it now! :-)

  7. Way to push through and get it done! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets out there some days and thinks "effff this" the entire time!

  8. Good for you girl - my carbs are headed out the door on Wednesday Dec 26th - fab.. WOOT WOOT!

  9. Wow I continue to be impressed and motivated by you! Not stopping when you wanted to soo bad - that takes a lot of willpower (or WP as my cubicle post-it constantly reminds me :)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Those days are the worst! You'll get past them and until the 8 and 10 mile runs come uggghhh but running is so metal! You got this girlfriend!!!!!

  11. AHHH!!! Please please post lots of pictures of NOLA! My southern soul is having withdrawals and I can't go this year :( Darn classes.

    Your motivation is killer. Way to keep with it!

  12. I just stumbled apon your blog and had to read every post before I commented. You are anazaballs! Like really I could feel your energetic energy from your posts. I was like holy crap please bottle that girls energy and give me some! Ha! I love that you are so positive and that you end posts with a motivation. That is awesome. Keep up the great work although I think you've made it. Seriously, your my goal. I want to grow up and look like u and the mama. Ha ha!