Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running & Strength Training- HM W2

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I'm nearly back to 100%, still fighting a little bit of the cold "gra-do" as my Momma would say, but I was able to put in a killer work out last night and follow my no carb challenge to a T. Wassup Holla!

Over the last few days, I've received tons of questions about running. Particularly how I started running. I didn't just wake up one random morning and start trotting along for miles. Far from it. All of my life, I've believed I could not run. That I didn't have the body for it (flat feet) or that I flat out just couldn't do it (always comparing myself to faster people. shame shame shame). All lies.

I can't sugar coat it though, running is hard work. Running is also rewarding work. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long run, crossing the finish line at a race, or setting a new Personal Record (PR) is euphoric. Running has also helped me to trim the fat- literally. Running melts fat.

I wrote a post after 10K training week one that details the beginning of my running story, which only began in February of this year. You can read all about that here.

Half Marathon Training Week Two- Run 1
3 Mile Run (Outside Steady Pace)

Strength Training
3 Sets of 20 Squats with 20 Squat Pulses (40 Pound Weighted Bar)
One set of 15 per leg Bench Step with Lunge
36lb Weighted Walking Lunges - 25 per leg

Arms- Set of 15, 12, 8
20lbs- Bicep Curls
20lbs- Shoulder Press
20lbs- Flys
Tricep Dips

2:30 Plank
60 Bicycles
30 Crunches
30 Toe Touches
15 per side Oblique V-Ups

Oh and we're on day four of the no-carb challenge- one day to go! I'm feeling a-maz-ing! How bout you?!

On the agenda today- 3 miles speed work (I'll post tomorrow) and more strength training so that I can get faster faster faster! The stronger dem legs, the faster I'll move!

I am officially registered for the Rock N Roll half Marathon. If you're running a Rock n Roll half series next year, it's 20 dollars off registration today only! You're welcome!

OOTD- A coat! TWO days in a row! Pinch ME!

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  1. Are you doing the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half marathon

  2. UM HOLY CRAP your arms. I am just in awe over here at those GUNS!!!!!! Girl, you are so awesome. I don't say that enough, but my goodness--you are rocking this out. I have slacked so badly lately from crazy work schedules, sickness, and vacation, and I can tell from my waistline! Gottttta get back into it :) And you're helping me get motivated big time. Thanks, sweet girl. So blessed by YOU!

  3. You are so stinking inspiring, look at those arms, and that long crazy plank! I'm amazed.

  4. YAY.. you are looking great lady. Love the plank arms - my favorite thing - good shoulders:) Also super cute scarf. Oh yes... I will be running the Rock N Roll AFTER the GO in April. BOOYA!! Love all this running.

  5. I might just pin the picture of your arms for inspiration!

  6. You are such a boss lady! The amount of ass you kick on a daily basis is so inspiring. I love it.

    And sorry to do this to ya but I nominated you for the Leibster award that goin around! Check out my post to see your questions/the rules. Have fun!

  7. You are a rockstar....and I love your instagram updates. make me feel lazy but love them nonetheless! :)

  8. Love your photos! Your workout looks fabulous. I've been wanting to up my strength training and this totally inspires me!

    I was never a runner either. My PE teachers hated me (at least it felt like that). I am amazed at myself that now I actually look forward to my runs ;)

  9. I simultaneously love and hate running, but I am a hell of a lot farther than I was at this time last year. I'm not ready for a half yet, but I hope to be there at some point!

  10. you look AMAZING! just saw your pic from 2010 and you have worked so hard! way to go!!!!!

  11. Awesome woo woo! You already know how I feel about your arms :) I am soooo jealous that you are running that rock n roll 1/2 - putting it on my bucket list now! No carb challenge is still going strong - did you miss me whining about it on instagram today? I am busy busy busy and haven't had time to think about eating carbs! Today has been easier! Last day tomorrow YEAH!

  12. Your arms look fantab! And I didn't get to post on a past blog but the size two dress is killer! Way to go you!