Thursday, December 6, 2012

Passion for Fashion & ORB

Last month, I bought my first size four. I looked at the tag eighteen times before I checked out, thinking the one that was supposed to be in front of that four would appear and wake me from my dream like state. As my first size four, ever in my life, this dress will forever hold a special place in my heart. As women, we get very wrapped up in what that tag on the inside of our cloths says. I am not immune. Size four feels fantastic, but realistically, I'm a solid size 6 everywhere I'm shopping. This is my lucky dress.

If you're new to the party, you don't know about my love of layering. You can turn a dress into five or six different outfits this way. Read all about the first time I did that here. I purchased the dress above at TJ Maxx for 20 bucks. Holla for a Dolla. It's dark brown with white polka dots.

I layered my Limited Perfect Tee in white on top, paired with brown tights and brown suede boots.

Tossed on my brown bomber jacket from JC Penny and hit the door!

Cheers to Mr. Noel for his picture taking patience this morning :)

I LOVE layering. I'll wear this dress in the spring sans tights and nude wedges to make it a multi season dress for me. Stretch that dolla!

If you follow me on Instagram you've noticed a lot of hash tags proclaiming #operationredbikini. This all came about when Kassie decided to order her first ever Bikini- which happens to be Red, Scarlett Red Dahling, as a motivator for the coming summer! Usually, I wait until February to start worrying about swim suit season, and this approach has NEVER paid off. I feel like this is it, my summer is approaching, my summer to be the best version of me. That is what #operationredbikini is all about, being a loud and proud best version of YOU and feeling confident in your swim wear this summer.

Post half marathon training, I will complete Beachbody's  Brazil Butt Lift with before and after pictures. I'm feeling super inspired to squat and plank my life away :) I also have some plans to clean up my eating. More to come later. How will you prepare for your version of that hot red bikini!?


Stay tuned for more details on #operationredbikini. There's gonna be a competition of sorts ya'll. You know we all love that :)

Be sure to follow the #operationredbikini board on pinterest that Kassie created. Follow along for your daily dose of swim suit inspiration! Who's in?!

Daily Motivator


  1. So cute girl - so cute. Love it... Yay to a 4 and here we go #operationredbikini

  2. First off, LOVE your layers. That jacket looks great with anything! Plus, a size four? holla for a dolla! That is amazing! So proud of you.

    Second of all, Operation Red Bikini in full affect!!!!

  3. Cute outfit! I haven't worn anything cute in a week now. Where I work we don't have central heat and air and it has been switched over to heat. Yeah, well it is in the 70s so it is hot as blazes in my office! Also, I work in the basement and we have ONE window so cooling off is tough.

    I don't even know what the challenge entails but I am in! I need the motivation like whoa. I saw where Kassie talked about Megan texting her and asking what she was eating or what workout she was her own Jillian. I need one of those. haha!

    I hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. I LOVE your creative solutions to working a wardrobe!!! You inspire me to make mine go further. I shop too much and don't wear what I have enough, shhhh don't tell me hubs :) I'm all about this red bikini trend!!!!

  5. Cute it with tights:-)

  6. LOVE the dress as is....but I also love what you did with it with those layers!

  7. SIZE 4, you rock! You are such an inspiration. I want in on this #operationredbikini. I just bought a bikini for the first time in 19 years for inspiration. I have some work to do to pull it off!

  8. I love a competition...if anything just so I have a goal and don't feel like I'm working out for nothing. Please tell me a meet and greet with a VS supermodel is involved? I'm pretty sure you can already rock a red bikini but keep it up. Can we all have a redbikini get together? I need an excuse/place to wear mine :)

  9. You are darling in the dress!!! #operationredbikini will get its ass kicked!

  10. great layering SKILLZ!! I have never done that before but when I do, you can bet your ripped buns i'll be posting on instagram and tagging you!

  11. I'm stoked for operation red bikini, and I love your layering pics! That's one area where I feel behind the curve! Also, that is awesome you're rocking a size four! And your first? Makes me so happy for you!!

  12. I am such a layer-er (new word!) too. Probably because I can't afford a ton of new clothes all the time so I have to get creative. I may or may not borrow my husbands shirts from time to time too....

    Operation Red Bikini sounds awesome :) I know I need some motivation!