Sunday, December 23, 2012

NOLA Bowl Recap, Weekly Weigh In

I'm home. NOLA was fun, and NOLA always wins. We spent the weekend in the Crescent City to watch our Alma Mata UL's Ragin Cajun's WIN their second bowl game, it was fun, so much fun my hangover is hungover. I'm limping like a Thriller video extra, but that's from dancing like a drunk baboon my severe running injuries.

On the real.

It's time to see a doctor.

"If I were a predator, I'd take you down first"- Cobra. Thanks friend. (He is so funny- "eeh ehhh eehh ehhh, shish shish, clap clap")

Before we left for Nawlins I got in my six mile run. It was horrible. My time was shit. TERRIBLE. Everything hurt.I wanted to quit. I wanted to walk. For the record, I never did. I ran, it was slow, but I kept running. I wanted to crawl. I wanted to cry. So I just kept running, I am a stubborn ox. I actually thought to myself " I don't want to run a half marathon. This is stupid".


Yap, that's what I thought. Obviously I'm not going to quit. Come on now. I do want to remember that thought when I finish the half marathon. It'll make the "I did it" feeling ten times sweeter.

 Additionally, the universe thanked me for my hard work when I randomly won a raffle basket from my hair salon!!! When I was there a few weeks ago I bought a few raffle tickets to benefit a great cause and I totally forgot all about it. I even said to my hair dresser- "I'll buy some but I never win anything, Ever." The only other time I won something was a bet off the radio. The question of the day was "What's the biggest thing women say is a turn off on a first date?" I immediately knew the answer. A messy car. My husband's car is always dirty, that's how I knew, but he has a killer personality, so I overlooked the car. Anyways, that time I won tickets to see Kenny Loggin's at the casino and I couldn't even pawn them off to on my mother. Yeah, she was too cool for that. I was stoked to win the prize pack. That's why you didn't get a Friday post, I was too busy running around grabbing my swag bag and trying all of my new stuff- like a brand new chi iron! PINCH ME!

Then we left for New Orleans and it's all been downhill from there. Lots of eating, lots of drinking, and lots of walking/dancing/actin a fool. If I saw you last night, I apologize for my behavior. I'm sorry I'm not sorry. You know we had fun. We painted the quarter red last night with the rest of Ragin Cajun Nation. Winning is fun.

 (Both of those slices were for me)

I ate pizza Friday and Saturday. I had Sonic for breakfast because my hangover was serious. The kind of hangover that makes you think I never want to have another drink again. Like ever. Maybe we shouldn't have tried every single Holiday special drink at the hotel bar (instead of eating lunch or dinner!!!! I know- what a bunch of drinking amateurs)....woopsies. I'm eating Canes right now for the first time in months and guess what?! I don't give a whhhhaaaa. As Kate would say, I caught a case of the fuck-ittssss.

I don't care today. I don't care because I have this nasty hang over to nurse. It's demanding my attention. Pound pound pound awww fuck- you(hangover) again?! I will care again tomorrow, but for the past couple of days , it's been awesome.

I know I didn't do a post Friday, I'm sowwy. Weekly weigh-in, I was down from last week. I'm four pounds from goal weight.

Yap, just four little pounds.

I'm gonna get there. I'll think about it some more when I'm done eating my fried chicken. What's up holllerrrr!

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  1. I adore this post! I think it's good to have fun and indulge from time to time.

    I find that I can maintain my weight even when drinking my weight in alcohol. And seriously, fried food is needed when it comes to a hangover!

  2. That hair basket prize looks awesome, especially the Chi!

  3. Glad you had a good weekend! Work hard, play hard :) Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. OMG that scarf and hat - tres chic... Love it.. Yes New Years Day will most likely be a "I am dying" type of hangover for me. Ugh.. Look at you all lucky winning crap. YAY

  5. You work so hard you deserve to party hard :D Hope your injury gets better! Enjoy some rest!

  6. 6 miles. That is awesome!!!! I found your blog through Holly's.

  7. Heyyyy girlfran! I found your blog through Pinterest or something. Anyways you crack me up. I'm on a similar journey--size 12 now and looking to get to that elusive size 6! I've never been that small, but I know I can do it! I'm going to follow you because I love your attitude and that you don't sacrifice your life--I love my wine and dark chocolate, I love going out and getting schwasted with my friends and I wouldn't want to give that up to be skinny and you're showing me I don't have to :)

    Also, I ran a half-marathon two years ago and my time was 2:13! Unfortunately, running didn't make me skinny haha so I've been focusing on my eating this time around. Good luck dear! You can do it :)