Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I won a Hubby! Should I be honored?

Today Chris, lucky husband to one superstar blogger named Holly, surprised the female blogging world, bestowing us all with the biggest ass backwards compliment anyone could give. 

He handed out the "Hubby"'s which is really just the blog world's ugly cousin to the actors' Razzie.

While I do think I take a phenomenal shameless self-shot, my girl friends even talked me out of Instagramming this amazing-ness Saturday night while I was highly intoxicated...

Because let's face it- I'm not all up in the gym sweating my ass off everyday, sometimes twice a day, and force feeding myself celery because it gives me the warm fuzzies inside, I mean it does, but I do it because it feels fucking awesome (qualify for the potty mouth award? no? need more fucks) to be hot, sexy, damn I have fine ass, and virtually (pun intended) unstoppable.

Drum roll please... I took home the....


YOUCH. Yap that is the award that I won. While I certainly hope that I in no way make other people feel like crap (my intentions are quite the opposite) about what they ate for lunch or their afternoon work out, if I ever guilt tripped you out of stuffing your face into a pile of Christmas cookies or devouring all the Taco Bell you could get your hands on at lunch- then shit I'll take it.  Whatever it takes to help us all get to "damn I have fine ass. Holla playa" #operationredbikini dayuuummmmm I am one fine ass bitch (I'm trying to hard for the potty mouth award huh) status.

Head over to check out the rest of the Hubby Jack awards here. Chris is either incredibly stupid or incredibly funny for harassing a bunch of loud mouthed women this way, I'm rolling with the latter.

Disclaimer- This is all in good fun and in the spirit of "The Hubby" award. Back to positive patty clean fun tomorrow! I really do have a fine ass- shake shake what ya Momma gave ya.


  1. LOL OK I love this post even more than his! Funny funny funny stuff. No shame either...and yah, you're celery photos stop me from shoveling grilled cheese sandwiches in my mouth weekly. So I appreciate your guilt trip IG's. LOL

  2. You inspire us... you don't make us feel bad!!

  3. You earned it girl! You make me feel like crap because I'm a lazy ass who eats sausage egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast and you're a rock star. You make me feel like crap in the only good way possible. The kind that makes me want to make a change.