Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back to Business- Challenge Day 3

GOOD MORNING! I'm BACK! I feel about 80%  today, and hey I will take it. I felt about 3% yesterday.  A few Housekeeping Items I need to address! I got such amazing feedback from our Noel Christmas pictures! Thanks ya'll! We feel so schnazy. My friend Anna took our pictures and by sheer Christmas miracle she got Mr. Noel to pose for pictures. She's freaking awesome. There was an issue with the links in the previous posts to her Facebook page- some momobo jumbo about iPhone and blogger interface for Facebook, but it all sounds Swahili to me so here's the link to her official Website where you can get more information about having some fabulous pictures taken of you and your man, your BFFs, your family, yourself, your wedding, your new house, whatever! Here's her Facebook link again- if you're using your iPhone this may not work. Just FYI!

A few pictures from our, less than 30 minute long, Christmas Card session last Saturday- yeah, she's the shiz nit!

We're on No Carb Challenge day 3. Let's just clarify what I'm calling no carb. I am avoiding gluten heavy foods. Ie any bread or bread product- chips, bread, tortillas, luna bars, pasta, etc. I am not giving up fruit, beans, or cheese although I am avoiding the latter in any excess. I detailed my meal plan for the Challenge in Friday's post which you can read here.

I'm working on shedding off my last 6lbs to goal weight. A few have you have asked for specific numbers. I haven't shared this as of yet, so no you haven't missed out on anything. I know you really want to know, but I'm waiting to publish this publicly as I've written a success story for my gym Personally Fit, and it details all the nitty gritty, so I'm waiting to fully out myself until that runs. If you really want to know, just email me and I'll tell you everything. Let's be real, I don't care at this point, I'm just waiting on the other story to coincide. Clearly, I'm over saturating the market. I kid I kid!

Last night we made Skinny Taste's Turkey Chili Taco Soup for dinner, and by we, I mean Mr. Noel made it and brought it to me on the couch- can we say Supa Star?! Skinny tast is a treasure trove of your favorite meals made clean & skinnified. It's a go to blog for me!

He added cheese, sour cream, and chips to his, I had mine plain. All parties were satisfied! 200 Calories per serving. Yum Yum get you some!

Week Two Half Marathon Training-

Monday- Rest (Sick)
Tuesday- 3 Mile Run & Strength Training
Wednesday- 3 Mile Speed Training & Strength Training
Thursday- 3 Mile Run & Strength Training
Friday- AM Cross Training
Saturday- 5 Mile Run
Sunday- Rest

I'm about to start blowing up Keek with mini work out blasts. Stay tuned!

How's everyone coming with the challenge?! Thanks crazy people for joining me in losing in December! Boss up!

I must confess. After two days on my couch, I feel super schnazy in my outfit this morning!

Navy Blue Sweater Dress- 80% off at LOFT
Red Pea Coat- 70% off The Limited

Daily Motivator


  1. I love that red coat! So pretty! I also love the Turkey Taco Chili soup, I have made it for me and my husband every week for the last 5 weeks. It lasts us about 3 days too! I love putting jalapenos in mine, give its a little more kick and flavor without all the calories of the usual adds :)

  2. Love your motivator! Kara and I always say "Act like a lady" :) Doing great on the challenge, although I forgot and just went to grab pretzels, before I dove in I realized we're halfway through! I'm just doing this to do it, but super excited to see how your weigh in goes on Thursday. When is your gym story being published? I'd love to see your whole boss lady weight loss journey recap on your blog, just want to know how soon we get to see it :) Glad you're feeling better Gisele!

  3. Love your outfit for today! Glad you are feeling better!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Would it still be good if I left the beans out? I have bean phobia!

  5. Doing good on the challenge although at times I feel like I just want to shovel carbs into my face! Sticking with it though. Glad you are feeling like yourself again. Looking forward to seeing your success story. :)

  6. I nominated you for the liebster award. now go answer the questionssssss :)


  7. Super cute outfit and at super great sale prices! We have had that soup before and it is wonderful. Perfect for this weather too. I am glad you are feeling better!

  8. I nominated you for a Libester award.


  9. I am still doing this challenge. Clearly, you know what you are doing and I am a follower. (just kidding, sort of) I am glad to hear beans are ok in your book, because I just ate a few.

  10. OMG the pics are so cute. I love it. and that RED coat - magnafeek. LOL. That saying is one I have downloaded in my phone and it is SOOOOO true.

  11. And she's back in business! That was barely a blip on your workout schedule, lady!

    I'm so in awe of you guys doing the no-carb challenge! I generally try to avoid a lot of them, for sure, but I'm so far from swearing them off completely (pasta for dinner last night, hello)! Such willpower!

    Have an awesome non-sick day!

  12. Love your Christmas cards! And YAY for feeling better!! By the way... I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details are on my blog. :)

  13. Glad you are feeling better! Can you share your speed running workouts sometime? Thanks!!

  14. Glad your feeling better, you look stunning I love that red coat!

  15. Do you have a direct email address? Im old school and dont have twitter or even facebook :)

  16. Leigh Ann, I stinkin love your Christmas pictures! Those are so good! Love the OOTD also. I will have to look that soup up, looks delish! :)