Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wake up wake up wake up, it's the first of the month

Wake up wake up wake up, it's the first of the month
Get up get up get up, so cash your checks and get up

The song that always kicks off the first of the month at the Noel casa. We really love dancing around to that song early in the mornings on the first of the month. It started about a year ago, a random decision Mr.Noel made, and we never really stopped. Anywho, my day got off to a fantastic start thanks to our little ritual. Always puts me in a good mood :)

I wanted to do a fashion post today, but Mr. Noel finally got his Skinny Chicken Pot Pie made for him last night so I figured we'd talk about that instead. Ya know, because we all like the eating!

He's had a rough dieting week this week, ie, he ain't been feeling the skinny food. On our Tuesday evening grocery run he was really pressuring me into a night at Hooters. I know what you're thinking, "Oh my gerd how trashay, who goes to Hooters?!" Hooter's has the bomb diggity snow crab legs on the cheap, they keep the beer cold, and they have trivia night on Tuesdays! Mr. Noel is a bottomless pit of random knowledge and he LOVES flexing that useless knowledge muscle. Especially with a free pitcher of beer on the line. Which makes the knowledge really useful now doesn't it, Holla for a dolla! Though he'd never admit it, I'm sure he likes checking out the tatas there too, which is cool with me. I'm confident in what I'm rocking under my sweater, holler!

I really like Hooters, however, I didn't trust myself not to eat the lots of tots or fried pickles, so I told him no no we aren't going to da hoot tonight. Disappoint. Then when I picked up a pack of lentils at the grocery store he exasperatedly sighs, "Are lentils the new spaghetti squash!?" Ok Mr. Noel, I get the hint. You want to splurge.

I went on a hunt for that skinny chicken pot pie recipe. I found one on Pinterest, where I find everything these days. I did make a few adjustments. I used half fat free chicken broth and half 98% fat free cream of chicken. I excluded sweet potatoes (we dont' really like them), and I used whole wheat all purpose flour and skim milk instead of 2%. This was a great recipe, however, it's super involved. It's not an easy casserole and you have to pay attention to what you're doing. I hate having to do that.

However, I would make it again, and I was able to freeze the left overs in single serving containers for meals later in the week. This meal could easily feed 10. It's HUGE. Additionally, next time I will slice the biscuits in half and then layer on top of the chicken stew mixture.

Mmmmmm so delicious!

Tonight is the last group run for 10k training. A 5.5 mile run. I'm not putting to much pressure on myself for tonight's run, I'd just like to keep it under an hour, which I'm sure I can do. I'm going to do another 5 miler on Saturday morning, one week out from the 10k. The last group run feels bitter sweet, like the last day of school, however, most everyone in the group is continuing on to half marathon training which starts the week after the 10k run. I can.not.wait. I love my sole sistas!
New month, new day, new chance to get it all right! Hope you have a full on fabulous day!
It's the 1st of the month
Gotta grind gotta get mine

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  1. hahaha You aren't white trash the hubs and I go to Hooters once in a while.. I actually like their food! This pot pie looks delish!!!

    Are you going to train for the 1/2?

  2. Oh.... fried pickles are my WEAKNESS! I wish there was a way to skinny-ize fried pickles. I'm glad Mr. Noel got his pot pie fix! (Not my cup of tea... because I don't like my food all mixed up or touching... it may or may not remind me of barf, but I can't begrudge anyone what they like.) :) I think I may adopt your First of the Month tradition - you know how I love to dance it out!! Holla for being comfortable in your own skin and NOT being intimidated by the Hooters chicks! xoxo

  3. You are such a good wifey! I've been feeling the same way as Mr Noel this sick of healthy food. I do good all day long and then at dinner, I just want a big cheeseburger!!! I only splurged once with some buffalo wings :) But still--why is food all I think about?! UGH. I'm definitely making that dish soon...maybe that'll give me the feeling of indulgence without being too bad :)

  4. Love Bone.. Bone, Bone, Bone, Booone... AGH!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was a fan of pot pie - but I can't do crust with stuff in it besides pumpkin pie:) LOL... Happy Day After Halloween.

  5. stumbled onto your blog. BONE THUGS in harmony. following.YES

  6. haha! and now I have that song in my head today, lol

  7. I am going to sing that song all day! Another reason I love you = rap music! :) Happy Thursday!

  8. It's about time you made Mr. Noel that chicken pot pie!! And I died laughing just thinking about you picking up the bag of lentils while he was begging you to go to Hooter's! -- which btw, you have WAY more self control than me.

    Cheers to November first and all the pounds we are going to lose this month!

  9. Following back lady :)
    A-I LOVE Hooters. Like, more than my husband does.
    B- I'm glad you found me because I need skinny recipes, lol