Friday, November 9, 2012

The most important question is: 'Are your ready?'

Talent alone won't make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: 'Are your ready?' -Johnny Carson

Yes Mr. Carson, I am ready. I've followed my 10K training schedule down to the minute degree, and I am ready. I feel prepared and confident in my ability to achieve my goals ahead of tomorrow's race, complete the 10K under an hour. It's difficult to describe the anticipation I feel ahead of tomorrow's race. It's not my first race, I've completed many a 5k (three since training for the 10K began) in my life, but it will be my longest run to date. I feel proud of myself to have come so far. I remember at the end of my 3.5 mile run week two thinking, "How the hell am I ever going to run 6.2 miles?!" Now, I'm running circles around my old self, and feeling super amped up about training for and running a HALF MARATHON- say what!?!?!

After the race, I've got two weeks until half marathon training begins. It really feels like the 10K training is the teaser trailer before the big show. It's going to be cold tomorrow morning, but I find running in cold weather much easier than in hot, my new K Swiss kicks are rocking my footsies, and I'm ready. Really that's what it all boils down to, I'm ready.

Last night my running group met up to get our team shirts, discuss our meeting place, and run one little mile to stretch out our legs. We ran indoors as it was dark outside (thanks daylight savings time) and I completed it rather quickly without even trying. Running indoors is child's play compared to the big bad pavement.

I put in my last pre-race work out this morning-

45 Minutes Elliptical Trainer
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backwards
5 Minutes Blast it out Combo

Ab Work-
20 Pulses on Ball w/ 10lb Weight
20 Sit Ups on Ball w/ 10lb Weight
20 Russian Twists on Ball w/ 10lb Weight
Repeat previous three moves four times
10 Reverse Ball Crunches
10 Oblique Roll Ups per Side
20 Oblique Crunches on Ball R & L
30 Second Low Plank
30 Second High Plank

I managed to wiggle out of another half of a pound this week. This was super surprising to me, because I drank Friday (Cause it was Friday), Saturday (Susannah's Birthday), & Tuesday (Election Partay!) night. True confession time: Friday night, I drank half a bottle of red wine, got on my bicycle and rode a half mile to the corner store near my house, where I made several random purchases including a bag of mini twix and assorted mini snickers. The Halloween sales called to me, ya'll know how I like to Holla for a Dolla! I fully expected to GAIN, but running saved my ass yet again. That and Mr. Noel and friends we had over Friday night who helped me with the candy, regardless I had about four pieces of each before bed that night, so sue me. Shit was delicious, especially washing it down with red wine. I do a lot of stupid shit when I drink. However, booze and exercise is a fun combo. Additionally, I woke up early the next day and ran 5.5 miles, so that helped too. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to wiggle out of some more of these ell bees this week. I won't drink tonight, obviously, I've got a 6.2 mile race to run in the AM! I don't have much planned Saturday- for the first time in FOREVER. I'm looking to take it easy! This shouldn't be a difficult dieting weekend. *Fingers Crossed*

The scale isn't controlling me the way it used to, having the running to focus on has really put my mind at ease and given me a different goal to focus on. I'm in a place where I know I'm going to reach my goal, but I am not and never have been willing to stop living my life and enjoying myself. Additionally, for the first time in a long long long time, I'm happy with my body. There I said it. That's why I'm not beating myself up about the election party or the candy, I'm happy with myself, I like who I see in the mirror, and it feels grand. I've still got my eye on the prize, but I must say, It feels great to feel good! 7.5 pounds to goal.... I'm going to get there, slow and steady wins the race!

Jacket- JCPenny (Very Recent)
Shirt- NY & Company (2006?)
Jeans- Miss Me Dillard's (2007)
Shoes- Target (2006)

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  1. I've been big, skinny, and everything in between. It's taken me a long long time to finally realize that the actual number on the scale means nothing if you can't be truly happy with yourself. At my current weight I am unhappy not because of the high number, but because of the way the weight inhibits me. I get tired quicker, my health isn't as great, I feel awkward in my clothing. So weightloss, at this point, is essential. But once I begin to FEEL better about my body and I feel healthier and vibrant I don't plan on making the scale as big of a factor. Good for you for making the committment to get healthy and obtaining that health. You've put in so much hard work you have every right to be happy with your body.

  2. Love that jacket girl. You are so cute - you are going to do great on your 10K and you WILL do great with the half marathon. Congrats on another great weight loss - Happy Friday.

  3. Holla for a Dolla! hahaha I needed this laugh today! Great job on the one pound but I think you may have just passed it on to me... :-)

  4. Good luck on your first 10K! The extent of my running prowess is when I tell my husband I'm "running to Target, be back in seven hours and $300 poorer!" :) Kudos to you on all of your hard work! It has paid off!!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  5. Good luck on your 10K! Your hard work is definitely paying off!

  6. Hi! New follower - good luck on your 10k!!

  7. Good luck tomorrow girl! Happy Friday!

  8. Good luck on your 10K! You're going to tear it apart!

    And congratulations on the loss this week! Seriously, you do look amazing!

  9. Good luck on the 10k! I am sure you will do so great!!!