Monday, November 26, 2012

Routine- Oh how I love thee

A lot can happen in four days. I've got a new 5K Personal Record, I've only had two bad meals, and I've finally dealt with some long standing personal demons. It's been pretty freaking exhausting. I'm so ready for my routine.

The 5K Gleaux Run last Wednesday night was FUN! I set a new PR time, 28:45, my previous time was 30:33, I was so happy with this time. However, I hurt my stinking foot so I now I have to rest and take it easy with the running.

The foot is getting better everyday. I should be just fine for the start of half marathon training on Saturday!

Last night I made one of my favorite fatty meals for lunch/dinner. It's basically all I ate yesterday, and because I felt like such a basket case after finally dealing with my emotions, AND I rode my bike for 15 plus miles. I thought what the heck. I'm doing it. WARNING- Nothing Skinny about these dishes!! Calorie Count is unknown as somethings in life should remain a mystery :)

Cheesy Garlic Spinach Bread

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Oh all my gees this was so amazing. Thankfully it's almost all gone and Mr. Noel will tear it up for lunch. I didn't weigh myself Friday, because I was scurred. I can't hide forever though, I've got my 6 week weigh in/measurements at the gym on Friday.

We all need days/ weekends/ holidays to not stress about the dreaded C words : calories & carbs. I should be good for quite sometime now.

No Carb Day

Two- A- Day Cross Training
No Carb Day

Butts & Guts
No Carb Day

AM Weight Lifting Class
PM Cross Training
No Carb Day

AM Cross Training
6 Week Weigh In
No Carb Day

4 Mile Run- Half Marathon Training Week One
Carb Day

How was your long holiday weekend? Are you ready for your routine?

Work Work Work!

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  1. No carbs all week? You're one hardcore bitch. ;) After this weekend, no... more like past week, I need to get back on South Beach Level 1 and cut out the carbs again. Happy Monday Mrs. Noel! xo

  2. Hey girl those cheesy meals look awesome! I am sorry to hear about the foot - oh no... Back to work - back to fun - Happy Monday.

  3. Yes girl! I love my routine! I know that if I stayed at home I would be as big as a house. The little man needs a snack? Sure, why don't we share it? No ma'am! haha! I am going to detox this week but I don't know that I could go cold turkey no carb. I might go into shock!

    I hope your foot acts right this week so you can get your training done for the half!

  4. Your 5K time is soo impressive! Well done! Now take it easy on your foot with that intense workout schedule, you crazy lady! :)

  5. AWESOME job on the 5K PR...the Gleaux Run looks so fun! I hear ya on the routine-lovin! I really enjoy some time off but today I am so glad to get back to life as regularly scheduled!

    Great work keeping up with your fitness over the holiday weekend! I noticed No Carb days all week - does this help you move past a plateau? I still struggle with that (or maybe it's my constant healthy-life-break-taking over the holidays) so wondering if this does the trick :)

  6. You rock, I don't have the umph to give up carbs! Allll that yummy food is making me HUNGRY! Hope your ankle gets back on board :)

  7. You are a beast! Keep up the good work and make sure you rest enough for that foot lady!!!

  8. You are kicking butt! Hoping your foot is better today!

  9. Um..I want that cheesy bread to jump in my mouth. NOW. Holy yum..

  10. I'm for real considering the no carb thing for a few days during the's just so dang hard! but if it were easy, then anybody could do it. great job on starting the half marathon training...hope to be following that soon. :)

  11. Hey girl, this is Laura of The Luckiest in Love and the host of the ornament swap you entered. I got an email from your partner saying she hadn't heard back from you and wanted to make sure you're getting the emails I and she have sent. Let me know if you haven't!

    Also, so glad I checked out your blog - Your weight loss journey sounds really similar to mine and I'm so happy for you! :)

  12. I am sure your measurements on Friday will be glorious.... You are on fire!! I can tell from your posts the last few weeks that you have been slimming down mucho bueno. Seriously. Two bad meals? I've had two bad weeks. And your new PR just makes me want to run like Forrest. :)