Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Carb Day & Eating Out

Good morning Elle Noelers! It's time for some weekly housekeeping! Have you found me on Facebook and Instagram @ellenoelfitness yet? You need to, I love shamelessly bragging on myself over sharing my fit life.

Last night, I went out with two of my closest BFFs Madeline and her sister Michelle to dinner and a movie. Yes, I'm that super loser who saw TWSBDP2 twice. I went for the company :)

Yesterday was a no carb day for me, I'm trying to avoid carbs altogether since I have a big weigh in Friday. I'm going into the weigh in completely blind. I want to be surprised. I haven't weighed myself since November 16th. I have not set one foot on that scale. It's been  liberating, but it's time to face the music. That said- I can't ever remember feeling lighter, and I'm getting a lot of "You look so much thinner" comments lately, so I'm going to assume the scale has some good things to say. *Fingers Crossed*

Ok so no carb day at a restaurant. Womp Womp Womp you say. It's tricky but not impossible. It is always possible to make good choices when dining out. You have to majorly flex that wll power muscle but like anything else, the more often you do it, the easier it gets!

I passed on the cocktails, because let's face, I had more than my fair share over the holidays and I really try not to drink during the week. At all. Period. I may have had three diet cokes instead.

We ordered edamame as an appetizer

Michelle and I split the Pesto Crusted Trout, I had mine with a side of Broccoli

This was delicious.  I normally would order a salad and be the annoying girl who says, "Can I have the spinach salad, no feta, no pecans, no croutons, no cheese, dressing on the side, add grilled shrimp" but I did not want salad. Most often, I find salad's at restaurants to be packing more calories and fat than the above. There's a lot hiding in all those extras added to your leafy greens. Thankfully, Michelle wanted to split. Holler!

Then we went to the movie and I just couldn't resist. I had to have some popcorn. It's my weakness. I ordered a kids pack (only $5.75 in contrast a small popcorn alone is $6- movie theatre rip off) and yes I ate every last one of those gummy bears too!

Back on the no carb train today. Thank you all for the feed back yesterday. My Plantar Fasciitis  is feeling the best it has in over a week. I'm presently rolling it on a can of Lysol. I can not wait to sweat like a crazy lady at the gym tonight :)  Does anyone know where I can buy Walk Fit shoe inserts? Thank you so much Liveandlovethree for this suggestion! There's a bunch of you set up to "noreply" blogger, so I can't respond to you via email :( If you change this setting we can chat!

Finally got me a new pair of black work slacks. Thank you Limited for those half off holiday sales!

I hope you hit this day over the fence and out of the park! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Congrats on the no carbs this week. That takes a super strong person to do that! I need to try to start picking a few days a week to do it...I just haven't gotten the will power to make that happen yet! So kudos to you!

  2. I admire your willpower on going no carb for the week! I've been trying to limit carbs but so far it's not going so well. Love the outfit! The Limited is my "go to" store also!

  3. I need to have a few no carb days as well- I have done that before with GREAT results- well never before have I gone NO carb- but low carb... its amazing how much our bodies respond to that! I just love those carbs... so much so I could do an only carb diet... but I like seeing the scale drop more- so I will have to try that soon!!! Need to pre-make some eggs so I am not starving in the morning without my oatmeal! Good luck on your weigh in this week!

  4. You are always so positive and inspiring! I love reading your blog.


  5. I'm not going to lie, I had to google 'TWSBDP2' to figure out what the heck you were talking about, lol, I obviously didn't get into Twilight....

    You are so good for only eating that small popcorn, movie popcorn is my weakness too, and I always go over board, great idea for going after the kids pack.

    Wishing you a good weigh in on Friday, I'm sure it's down, you are such a skinny minny! :)

  6. That meal looks sooo delicious! Edamame is one of my favs (and snack for this afternoon!) It keeps me away from the pretzel buckets in our breakroom at work. I almost always fall prey to movie theatre popcorn, it just smells too good when I walk in there! Great idea about getting a child size, and good for you for ignoring the $0.25 difference between that and a small - it's all about portion size! I usually say "what the heck, it's already expensive and only another dollar for a large - let's get it!" but now I'll think twice!

    LAST - hollllla for the Limited pants! I just got some khaki-ish ones last week for about $20!!! They are that "exact stretch"and surprisingly very flattering! Unfortunately they didn't have my size in every color - you know I would have snatched them all right up!

    Good luck Friday! I'm sure your no carb all week rule will pull through for you!

  7. OK I had to finally look up the Endamame because you are about the billionth person to mention it. Is it actually good? Or just meh?

  8. I was wondering what you eat on your no carb days. I think I'd go insane. And movie popcorn is one of my weak points. Always has been.

  9. Edamame.... nom... nom... nom........ Happy Hump Day Mrs. Noel!

  10. Good choices! I love your shoes! I wish my monster feet would look cute in shoe like that! XXL Pizza over here!

  11. Cute shoes! That popcorn looks amazing!

  12. I for real want to stick my face in that edamame...and the popcorn.

  13. I just left you a bomb ass comment, then my computer froze.

    Short version: You are giving me anxiety about Friday! HAHA And I am glad you enjoyed your popcorn, skinny minnie. :)

  14. That edamame and popcorn look equally delicious. I think just created a new snack!

  15. Gosh I love your blog!