Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Livin on the Edge! Wonderful Wednesday!

Good morning! A few housekeeping items I want to address first thing or else I'll forget- If you leave comments and your reply address is set to I can not respond to you :( Please change your settings so I can email you back! I've been sending extremely wordy emails out into the emptiness bloggersphere however, if anyone is reading emails sent to I really do hope you have a great day! Also, have you found me on Instagram yet? I'm way to obsessed with over sharing there- @ellnoelfitness

Two a day Tuesday was a major success! Last night's speed training left me feeling super accomplished. It keeps getting easier and easier so I'll need to find something more challenging soon. Christin over at Classy Southern Wife, gave me some great tips on increasing my speed. She's a certified running coach and and bottomless pit of all that running knowledge you need to know! Seriously, go tell her hello :)

Tuesday AM Work Out-

Tuesday Evening Work Out-

Speed Training
Bose Ball Squat with a Shoulder Press (10lb)
Ab Ripper 4 Rounds

I am majorly amped up for my first 10K race on Saturday morning. 10 Minus 3 days! My goal is to finish in under an hour. To add to the excitement, I keep getting emails about race prep. I followed 9 weeks of training to an exact T, running more than I was supposed to in the last few weeks, and it has been such an amazing experience. I couldn't feel more prepared for the race on Saturday. Bring it on Cajun Cup, I am ready for you!

Running related news- I did speed training in my new K Swiss kicks, and I must say, I think I've finally found a winner for running. My speed training routine is right at 3 miles and my feet felt amazing. I've been having trust issues with running shoes after those Asics led to my hip injury in July and then those same shoes tried to eat my feet last Thursday, but I'm really putting my faith in you K Swiss. They're super light weight and are working wonders on my flat Sasquatch lady feet.

Concluding the randomness that is this post- I tried egg beaters for the first time this morning. Mr.Noel did grocery shopping for me yesterday so I could fulfill my gym rat obligations, and accidentally purchased egg beaters instead of egg whites. They're 25 calories per serving (3 tablespoons) and taste quite similar to an actual egg. I think I've found a new foodie favorite!

My coffee cup that's getting Instagram love was a Valentine's Day gift from my Momma. Yes, my Mom and I exchange little Valentine's Day gifts. I love you Mom! If I had to take a random guess, I'd say she'd she got it at Target.

And just because I felt like it, I wore red pants to work this morning. I feel like I could do anything in these pants, dance my face off, crack the glass ceiling, and jam out to Justin Bieber at my desk. So what! I love doing whatever I want! Muahahaha! "Livin on the edge"

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday doing whatever it is that makes you most happy :)

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  1. I love reading your blog every day and look forward to your new posts. Your workouts put mine to shame! Keep up the great work!

  2. Cute red pants! My legs are no where near long or thin enough to carry off skinny jeans. I'm super glad to see that my baby girl got her legs from her daddy's side of the family. Long and lean! Good job on the workouts! I'll be so excited when I can get back into running. :)

  3. LOVE the pants Leigh Ann - love them and I AM jamming to Bieber. He is my boy - BLUE. Great job on the workouts and I LOVE egg beaters. I heat them up here at work and I know my coworkers are so happy about that;)

  4. Those red pants are the bomb! Way to rock them! And you are going to rock the 10k just as hard! So excited to hear all about it!

  5. I'm pretty sure I just fixed my account to have my e-mail linked, so I apologize to you and all other bloggers who couldn't view it before. Thanks for pointing that out! I immediately thought of you today when I fit into size 29 jeans which was my ultimate goal! I've lost a total of 30 pounds in 5 months and am so excited with my lifestyle change because I will keep it up, it's not a fad or a trend to get into those jeans. Speaking of pants--you are rocking those red pants!!! Go girl! I'm curious how close you are to your goal weight? I know the last 5-8 pounds are horrific to get off.

  6. Love love your pants! I go the no reply thing taken care of but maybe we should also be giving a shout out to those who have no clue what email they associated their commenting name with. (AHEM- me) I thought it was one email address and alas this whole time it has been one I never check. Hello emails from 2011 howyoudoin'?

  7. Ran into your blog from someone else's blog I was reading! I love all your fitness stuff. I enjoy working out too( and I'm a personal trainer!). Love the red pants! I have some skinny red cords and wear them all the time!

  8. Oh my word I need your blog for inspiration to start working out again!!
    I'm your number 101 :)

  9. Preach it to the noreply bloggers, sista!!

    And I did my version of Elle Noel's Guts & Butts. I am loving the butt lifts more and more-- thank you!!