Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Good morning all ma peoples!! Happy Wednesday!!! I'm no longer feeling sick, at all, thank you air-borne and sleeping until 6am! I got in my 5 mile run last night plus some, ended up being more like 5.5 since I did not pre-plan my route, "I just started running". If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you already know this as I already shamelessly bragged on myself shared this with you.

Over the past few days, I've been getting a lot of the same questions, so I figured if this many of you are asking the same questions, those of you who remain quiet probably are wondering the same things!

How tall are you?

6'0, I'm trying to "own my height" as I really want to tell you 5'11 and three quarters.

How Many Calories do you eat in a day?

This varies, but I try to follow a general rule of thumb. I don't eat back the calories MFP gives me as it feels counter productive, and I believe MFP grossly over estimates the calories I'm burning. I try to keep my calorie intake at 1200 per day, unless I pull a two-a-day (two work outs in one day) then I'll try and consume closer to 1500. Also, after a long run, 50+ minutes, I'll consume more calories. Right now I'm focused on cutting gluten, salt, and processed foods. When I'm hungry I eat, when I'm not hungry I don't. It's as simple as that. The lower I get to goal weight, the more stubborn those pounds have become, but I shall persevere!

How Do you make your coffee?
Black Coffee with two Truvia, and a dash of Skim Milk. If I order coffee out, I ask for one cream and two splenda.

What Ap are you using to track your runs?
Nike Running- I paid $1.99 for the Ap, but another great free option is called Map My Run.

When did you start Running? How long did it take to work up your endurance?
I started running on the treadmill in February 2012 because I was forced to by a trainer at my home away from home Personally Fit. This was around the time I began using MFP to track all of my food, and I needed to take my work outs up a notch to drop some weight. Running will beat up your fat and tell it to GTFO like no other.

Previous to this- I was NEVER a runner. I was even told I couldn't be a runner because of my horribly flat feet (lies!). I didn't start out strong, and I could have never run the way I am now with 50 more pounds on my back. I started off aiming to run a quarter of a mile with out stopping, or I would focus on time- run a full three minutes, walk 2 minutes, run three minutes, walk 2 minutes. Over time, this morphed into running a half mile without stopping, running three quarters of a mile without stopping, and so on. I did have to push myself, it was not easy. I also suffered at IT band injury in July and that was a HUGE setback. I couldn't run for a month and a half, and the first outdoor run I attempted on my own a week before 10K training started, my husband had to pick me up on the side of the road because I couldn't make it home. True Story. I preserved. I did not give up. I started running again, for the first time outside, when I began training for my first 10K in September. You can read all about that run here. I'm so focused on running time now, because I'm an OCD freak who needs a number to obsess over, plus I enjoy pushing myself. It's how I get my kicks in life. Which brings me to my next question...

What kind of shoes are you wearing to run?
I've had some shoe issues as of late. I have incredibly flat feet, ie NO arch. I've been to two speciality running stores in town, one showed me two pairs of shoes with heavy motion control and said "This is what you can pick from", and since I didn't know any better that's exactly what I did. I bought a pair of shoes that I hated, and I couldn't run in. I tried breaking them in, but they kept trying to eat my feet. Blister city, what what!? You should not have to break in running shoes. You should put them on, and get to cruising. Unless, they're super fancy like Newton's then you have to break them in slowly. The second running store I visited did all the same things, watched me walk, run etc. I told the sales guy exactly what I wanted, that my flat feet needed to be free! He sold me a pair of K Swiss that I have waltzed me into foot heaven. I put them on and ran 5.5 miles in them the first run, and I had ZERO pain. Flawless transition as it should be. They even gave me a loaner pair of Newton's to try (they're pretty amazing), and I'm fairly certain will be my next pair. Visit a specialty store, ask lots of questions, and let them find the best pair of shoes for your feet. If they're only showing you one or two options, I'd get a second opinion.

What size do you wear?
Shirts- Small
Dress- 4-6
Pants- 6-8

What's the deal with No Carbs?
Fact- Gluten heavy products will make it more difficult to lose weight. While I was able to consume lots of carbs in the beginning and lose, the closer I get to goal, the more I've had to restrict my diet. However, I just can't get away from them all together. I'm a real person and I like real foods, like tacos, pasta, burgers, and frys. I really believe you can eat whatever you want, just in moderation and not everyday. Hence, every other day-no carbs.Plus, cutting carbs will do WONDERS for your mid section. Seriously, I can see my abs staring back at me now. 24 Pack Summer 2013! Woop Woop!

I even had spaghetti last night- spaghetti squash spaghetti. Don't be afraid to get creative, I LOVE starch substitutes. All that food for 253 calories. Yum yum get you some!

How long did it take you to lose 52 pounds?
The amount of time I have done this in is not impressive. I had my a-ha moment in January 2011, which you can read all about on my Former Fatty tab. I dropped 30lbs before my wedding in June 2011, and post wedding I continued to exercise but I let go of my eating, ya know because there were no more events where I was going to be the center of attention, so I let it slide. In February 2012, I had gained back 13 pounds, even though I was working out 5 times a week. You can not out exercise a bad diet. It's fact. I know, I know, I'm still upset about it too. That's when I really thought, "Oh hell to the nnnooooo, I'm not doing this shit again!" I got back on the wagon and haven't looked back since. I'm down a grand total of 52.5 big ones with 7.5 pounds to goal. I firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race. You don't need to starve yourself, or quit living your life, just keep your eye on the prize and do not give up. Above all, stay positive!!

I think that covers the majority of the daily FAQs. If I missed any burning questions, please feel free to ask. I like answering questions, especially ones I know the answers to! We can even make this a weekly thang if that's what ya'll would like!

Crazy Louisiana weather- sweating like an animal for my run last Saturday, pulling out the coats on Wednesday. Oh mais la!

I hope you are having a full on fabulous day, and an even better week! We're already half way there :)

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  1. I love spaghetti squash!! We eat it weekly as our "spaghetti dinner" and even my once-doubting husband can't get enough! Last week I found the genius idea {on Pinterest, of course!} to do spaghetti squash with basil, parmesan, and avocado. I'm an avo addict and this meal was delish!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better! I tried your spaghetti squash chicken "pasta" and the mashed cauliflower recipes this past week. Um amazing. I am posting about it on Friday along with a link to your blog for the awesome recipes!

  3. Yet again you are such a motivator for me! I am so happy happy happy that Holly featured you on her blog, you look a lot like one of my good friends (it is cray, I will have to find a picture!), and I decided to click on the link. It is a whole new world to see someone in the 6ft club being a boss lady! Thanks for what you do and for giving us all the dirty details!

  4. I could look at your before and after pictures all day. Is that super creepy? I just find your transformation very inspiring! Can't wait until the day I can pull off red pants!

    Also, high-five for flat feet! Me too! :)

  5. I don't think your before and after photos will ever stop impressing me. And now you made me super hungry for spaghetti squash!

  6. Love reading about your running progress! Isn't it crazy to think your "big goal" used to be running just a quarter mile!? I am in the middle of my journey now and I continue to amaze myself with what I can do. The first time I ran a mile without stopping I was SO PROUD! and it just keeps getting better :)

    Super cute outfit today - love that coat!

  7. Your a rockstar! I would never be able to function on 1200 calories, but then again I do burn about that many at the gym every night :)

  8. You look great! I really wish I went on a run today! Instead I had some chocolate. You are truly and inspiration girl. I also have flat feet! It has been a hard way to find shoes. I will have to see now that I moved to a bigger city where the specialty shoe stores are!

  9. I wish I liked spaghetti squash, but there is something about it that I can't get over. Maybe I'll give it another shot sometime.

    I love how you went from not being able to run at all to running a 10K, that is awesome! I'm working on my own goals and am prepping for my second 5K next week. Goal is to run the whole thing!

  10. Wow you look so great!!! I'm impressed with your dedication. It gets cold outside and I'm done running lol.

    Also love Spaghetti squash! Yum!

  11. spaghetti squash is on of my faces!! i love your before & after pics so inspiring!!

  12. You look amazing! You are upbeat and positive, and so super cute! Your blog inspires me and makes me smile daily! :)

  13. I love this post. You definitely CAN NOT out exercise bad eating!