Sunday, November 18, 2012

Color Run & Good times in NOLA

Saturday Saturday! What a DAY! Mr. Noel and I headed down to New Orleans after work on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with Susannah and her boyfriend Frank (All of my friends choose their own "blog name" I do this to protect their anonymity). It's about a 2 and half hour drive to New Orleans from our casa. We got to their house in Uptown New Orleans around 9 o'clock. I ended up drinking a few glasses of wine- three if you really want to know, and heading to bed around eleven. Susannah and I signed up to do the Color Run, and this was her FIRST race. Sus is a natural runner. The girl is just good at it. She definitely drank the race day kool aid and now wants to run races. I KNEW she was going to love it, and be a total rock star running racer. This was her first outdoor run, (she runs on the treadmill a lot) she easily kept pace with me. If this girl trained for a race, I can't even wrap my brain around how fast she'd be. 

If you're thinking about getting into running, or trying a race, the Color Run is for you. The Color Run is not a competitive run and it's a no pressure situation. It was very high energy, fun music, family friendly event.There's a ton of people out running this thing too- 12,000 if you're counting. There's a festival of sorts afterwards, where everyone is dancing, singing, coloring each other (geez that sounds bad), and being uber happy. It's an infectious feeling. I freaking loved it!

We got the guys to drop us off early so that we could be in the first group of runners. This was a smart idea. We ended up waiting in the start chute for about 40 minutes, but it went by really quickly. They are constantly entertaining you and giving away loads of free bees too. You know we gots to holla for a dolla!

The highlight? I got to meet an Elle Noel reader -Hey girl Hey!- I definitely hugged her too, so that makes us "real life" friends now right?! Yap, I'm a hugger :)

We were there at the very start in the first heat, 1,000 runners per heat. Susannah and I may have taken the Color Run a little to seriously. We ran this thing fast, and not many other people were doing this, as it's not a competitive race, but it just felt so good! When I was rounding the corner to finish the line to "Start" the race was blocking part of the course. Woopsies. We totally looked like "those people" that other people make fun of, but F it, we got all the color attention. We finished in the top 50 easily, but since there is no clock, and they don't track your race bib, we have no idea exactly what our time, and finishing position was. Throughout the route there are different stations with groups of people lining the road and they throw color on you. It goes in stages from Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink etc. We were literally running through the color people alone, which was fun, because we got all the color! The Color thrown is more of a chalky consistency not so much paint and it will not ruin your shoes or your cloths. We were really worried about this so we wore old shoes, etc. but this isn't necessary it came out of all of our cloths. FYI- The blue is a biotch to get off your skin.

Color Run Playlist-

Allouette- The Delta Rythm Boys (French Song from Target Commercial)
I Do!!- Toya (Thanks for this tip Victoria!)
Killin' It- Krewella
Blown Away- Carrie Underwood
Raise Your Glass- Pink
Scream- Usher
Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

All proud of ourselves after the run! All those people in white you see behind us are still waiting to START. The amount of people is insane in the membrane.

We hung around for about 30 minutes after the race, then we took off to meet the guys. We were hungry, and our group had plans for the day. Day drinking, lunching, and shopping. Oh yeahs. Perfect Saturday!

We showered and got dressed for lunch right after the race because we were starving. Oh the drama. We walked to Maple Street, an area Uptown with lots of cafes, shops, and bars. Basically a lot of fun stuff to do. I did really well with my eating, this weekend, well up until the end of the night, but we'll get there shorty.


 Lunch- Grilled Shrimp Salad with cranberries and a vinaigrette

 Group Shot- Mr. Noel, Susannah, Frank, and Elle Noel

Next Susannah and I walked into a few shops while the guys headed to a bar to post up and watch some football.

 Susannah and I joined them about one thirty and the day drinking began. I drank vanilla vodka and diet coke, all day long. It's going to be my new go to drink. We hung out at Bruno's for about four hours. Susannah and I annoyed the men with lots of running talk. I made up for it by taking someone up on a dare. Winning.

Then we walked back to their house for a quick outfit change before heading downtown for the night. I know,I know.... diva status says heyyyy.

We hopped on the street car, and went for a cruise, well, one of us may have played conductor.

We were those people aggravating drunk people you hate when you're sober singing Rebecca Black's Friday, except we changed the words all up and made it our own. I bet just reading this story is annoying you."It's Saturday, Saturday, gotta get drunky on Saturday"

We got off the street car and first things first, hit up the Daiquiri shop on the corner of Bourbon an Royal for a Skinny Jester.

Now I don't know just how skinny this drink is, but it's delicious. 

We meandered on down to Pat O'Brien's for dinner. Most famous for their hurricanes, and rocking piano bar.

I didn't get a hurricane because all of the sugar hurts my stomach and I was trying to be good. So I drank my Skinny Jester and vanilla vodka and diet coke :)

Alligator Bites- Appetizer

Dinner- Grilled Mahi Mahi, seasoned rice, and grilled vegetables

After dinner we bounced around to a bunch of different bars. I danced like a crazy lady at Cat's Meow to Like a Virgin, like it was the first time I'd ever heard the dang song in my life, I convinced a professional piano player to let me play his piano- in front of a live audience, I ran into one of my oldest friends (extreme drunk excitement), and I had the time of my life.

Before heading home for the night, I did something that I always do on Bourbon Street. Always. I ate a slice of greasy Bourbon Street bar pizza.

It was amazing. Like it had been baked in heaven and topped by angels. It was worth every single last bite. Thanks Susannah for this awesome action shot. Even the picture looks drunk. Hot damn that was some good pizza.

We all need weekends like this from time to time, to just have fun and live life. I'm back at it today with no regrets :) Phew, I didn't feel bad at all this morning but reading back all about that epically amazing day makes me feel like I need a nap!

Hope you're having great weekend! I'm soaking up every single second of this gorgeous Sunday- next up, Saint's Game! Who Dat!?

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  1. looks like a blast!!! I love nola!!

  2. I'm glad you loved the run! When I did it I had major trouble getting the pink off! P.S. don't try a magic eraser. It's bad news. Lol

  3. Your weekend sounded like a blast! PS - I lurve me some vanilla vodka (or rum... I ain't skerred) with diet! Looks like I know what I'll be buying when we meet in real life - and hug! I'm a hugger too! :)

  4. Awesome weekend!! All the Tulsa gals were talking about how we wanted to meet you!! Hopefully you will make it to Blissdom!! :)

  5. Oh my goodness! That is a totally rad weekend! Looks like so much fun. Way to be a good girl, which is so difficult in NOLA.

  6. Glad you had such a great weekend! Looks like a blast! OH BTW I made your Breakfast cups last night and ate them this morning! Delish!

  7. Ahhh what a great weekend! Love it! I have never been to NOLA, just good ol West Monroe where my brother is from. His one stop light is pretty cool....;-)

  8. Hey Mrs. Noel - I don't think my earlier comment via phone worked out. Anyways, I JUST had "I Do" by Toya stuck in my head early last week! I remember walking around the mall on my lunch break humming it, then wondering where in the world it even came from?!! How ironic you brought it back on Saturday! Awesome job at the color run - you are quick, girl! Also I loved the insta-shout out and love your red pants.

    Have a great rest of the week!