Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You are entitled!! It's hard to keep it together every day

Phew I am so happy Monday is over. Yesterday was ruff mcgruffs ya heards meh!? My alarm didn't go off, I was nearly late for work, the don't wants plagued me all.day.long., and I was BUSY from start to finish. True confession time: I tried to bail on my afternoon work out. Yeah that's right. I sent a text to Kate, who usually does R.I.P.P.E.D. with me on Monday's, that melodramatically read:
Me: I am literally having the worst day. (Drama  much?) I want to cry. Grab Canes and stay in bed all afternoon.

Kate: Awwww nooo!!!!! SHAKE IT OFF!! It's pretty outside, you have a wonderful husband, and we saw Kate today (Referencing the Duchess of Cambridge. We stalk her, don't judge)!! I'll do R.I.P.P.E.D with you! Don't let this day get you down!

Me: I'm sorry to be so whiny. I just can't shake it today. WTF

Kate: You are entitled!! It's hard to keep it together every day.

It is hard to keep it together everyday damn it. As hard as I try, sometimes I really have a off day, and that is OK! Ain't nobody perfect up in here.

Kate forced me to put in my work out and I felt like a million bucks afterwards like I always do. I got in my run- it was slow but cleansing. Running really is free therapy. We did a bunch of old R.I.P.P.E.D. songs that felt, dare I say, easy for me. I remember my first R.I.P.P.E.D. class. I had about 50 extra pounds on my back and all that jumping, plyo, lunges, kickboxing, and feeling self conscience made me run for the door and want to never return. I was quite literally seeing spots and feeling faint the work out was so hard. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around just how far I've come sometimes. Moral of that story? Stick it out, persevere, do something fabulous for yourself, because you will never once regret it!

Last night we had Elle Noel Cheesy Spaghetti Bake which never disappoints. Spaghetti squash is your friend, your very good friend.
I had lots of internal debate over whether or not to do a two a day today. Since my don't wants were so intense yesterday, I figured it'd be best to do ahead and boss up on the work out.

Tuesday AM Work Out Summary:45 Minutes Elliptical Trainer
20 Minutes Back Wards
20 Minutes Forwards
5 Minute Blast it out Combo
Abs & Butt (I made this one up several months back before I started the blog)
25 Push Ups
On the Ground All Fours- Woop Dog Woop Dog!
20 Glute Lifts per Leg
15 Fire Hydrants Per Leg
10 Forward Leg Circles
10 Backward Leg Circles
25 Crunches
15 Oblique Crunches per Side
25 Reverse Crunch Roll Ups on Ball
25 Jumping Jacks
30 Second Low Plank
30 Second High Plank
1 Minute Wall Sit

I'll go back this afternoon and do it again, and I'll be honest- I really don't want to. I want to sit outside and enjoy the weather with a glass of red wine and a grilled fried shrimp Alfredo pasta and buttered bread, but that's just not an option. 30 Day Challenge, I will beat you!

Additionally, Kate is doing a diet where she can't eat carbs every other day, and as her work out buddy and weight loss support system, I've promised her I'll do it too. I got ya back gah!

Here I am running into work. On time, thank you alarm, and with a much brighter outlook on life.
Take that Monday, ya big bitch nasty!
(Outfit details to follow in another post very shortly)

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  1. Sorry you had a bad Monday girl - not fun at all. I like the no carb every other day thing - did you guys start it yet. I might join in on that:)

    It does feel good to just get out there and RUN... total therapy.

    Hope Tuesday is better for you.

  2. Amen sister. That's so true! It is more difficult than ANYONE can imagine to keep it all together every day. It just doesn't happen that way...but that's okay, you can have a bad day every now and then. The key to it is, we just can't get down and give up. Push through it and do it anyway, even when it sucks! That's what I'm telling myself right now--I may be cramping like a biatch, but I can't skip a workout for that reason. I'll live. Gonna do it anyway! Let's rock this!

  3. Sounds like you're going to have a much better start today! Blame the alarm for yesterday!

    I'm loving the fashion posts - I'm a total jean and t-shirt type, and need help...so these kinds of posts with ideas on what to wear ACTUALLY DO help me! :D I'm 30 and I still dress the same as I did when I was a teenager...NOT OK.

  4. Hey girl, I just found your blog and it's pretty epic. You are such a great motivator. Keep it up! :)

  5. How in the world do you fit in two workouts a day? Wonder Woman!