Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Positive Overload Coming at ya!

Holler people and Happy Friday!! I'm itching to share this week's success with you. Let's dive right in

I lost 1.8 pounds this week, which brings my total to goal down to an even 8 pounds left to conquer! I've been waiting on a really great weigh in for a few weeks now and this feeling I have right now makes it all worth it. The way I feel, right now in this moment, is why I put in 8-10 work outs a week. This feeling is how I can give my old vices the middle finger, this feeling is how I can do carbless days, and this feeling right here validates all of my hard ass work. I feel so over the moon shoot for the stars, when I got to the gym at 5 am I asked one of the trainers to take all of my measurements, body fat, and weight, so that I have something to compare this feeling to when I reach my goal. Personally Fit has kept a record of all of my measurements,weights, and body fat percentages through out my process, the most phenomenal and supportive gym/ group of women that I could've ever asked for. We for sure high fived and hugged it out this morning. They really make me feel that my success is their success, and really it is, it's a team effort.

I set an appointment to do all of these measurements again on November 30th. What you really want to know...since I started writing the blog in July, I've lost 10 TEN pounds, 3% of my body fat, and 8 inches. That also brings me down TWO dresses sizes! HOLLER!!

I did not stop living my life and I'm only eight pounds away from my ultimate goal, Grand Supreme Honey Boo Boo style biotchs! Days like this, I really like to glance back at over all accomplishment, because it's mind boggling what you can make your body do! 

I feel like an ace today. I am so proud of myself I could burst. I dare someone to try and pop my bubble, it's the impossible task! I've lost an overall total of 52 Pounds. When I started this process my body fat had me in the "obese" danger range, yes I cried about that, and now I'm a measly two percentage points away from the "fitness" body range. Pinch me! It's hard for me to wrap my brain around that sometimes, thanks Facebook for all of the pics. Watch me shrink....

Last night was week 5 of running clinic, 9 weeks training total for the 10K race, and my best run to date. I'd say the interval training I did this Tuesday paid off- big time!

Week 1 Mile Average (3)  - 10:51 Minute Mile
Week 2 Mile Average(3.5)- 10:35 Minute Mile
Week 3 Mile Average(4)   - 10:46 Minute Mile
Week 4 Mile Average(4)   - 10:40 Minute Mile
Week 5 Mile Average(4.5)- 10:16 Minute Mile

 This Girl is on Fiyyyaaaa a la Alicia Keys hand in the air dominating the world Citi Bank Commerical Style. Interval training you are my new bestest friend.  I'm going to do it twice this coming week. Our five mile run training week 6 has been pushed back to Saturday, October 27th , it's the 5 mile run that I challenged myself to run in under 50 minutes. I'm going to do it. I know I can, and when I do, I'm rewarding myself with that massage, I earned it!

Week 5 was a breakthrough week for me. I don't know if it was the weather, the run route, my play list, being 1.8 pounds lighter, or if I'm really getting that much better, but I have never ever hit Runner's High like this before. I never had to coach myself, my knees, hips, shoulders, and arms never hurt, and somewhere around mile 2.2 I went into auto pilot and cruised along. I finally feel like I'm going to be a long distance runner.

Last night's run was my longest and also my easiest to date. I could've easily run two more miles. This Girl is on Fiyyyaaaa. I'm finally at a point, 5 weeks in, where I feel I'm going to be able to run 6.2 miles (10K) and I'm not going to die. My body doesn't hurt, I feel solid, athletic even, and ready to take on the world aka 6.2 miles.  This Girl is on Fiyyyaaaa! WOOP WOOP! 

My girl Kate and I put in our early Friday morning sweaty session. We ended up doing 50 minutes on the elliptical - felt like 5- and two pins from Pinterest.

Work Out Break Down-
50 Minutes Elliptical Training
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backward
10 minutes Blast It Out - Combo Forward and Backwards, whatever floats my boat
Pinterest Challenge-

Huge, Massive, Enormous, thank you to all of you for the positive feed back yesterday in regards to the Fitness Vlog! I will get you the Requests video next week!

Special thanks to Kassie for the super woman pep talk in hitting publish, and to Nancy Clue whose dance it out methods I channeled to muster up the publishing courage. I could not have done it without either of you!

Oh and remember the success story I was hesitant to write? I did it. I'll share with all of you once it's made all fancy like by Personally Fit's marketing peeps. Guess what's in it? Numbers, the nitty gritty, what you really really want to know. Exactly how much I weigh. I'm almost, almost ready to out myself. Baby steps.

Thanks for hanging with all of my Postive Patty energy this morning. Days like today, just make it all worth it. Keep working towards your goal, you are going to get there. I have no doubts!!

Happy Friday to each and everyone of you, I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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  1. Congrats! You will be at goal in no time!

  2. Congrats girl!! There is no other feeling like hitting the goals that you've set for yourself!! Get it girl!!!!!!

  3. As I read this I was so excited for you....YAY!!!! You have literally worked your bum off!!! Congratulations!

  4. YAY.. I am so excited for you. This is awesome and I am so glad you jumped in and did the success story. HUZZAH!!!!!! I could jump up and down for you - yay you rockstar girl you. You so deserve to see that scale go down, down, down.

  5. You are my hero, Leigh Ann!!! I am so proud of you for kicking ass this week. You are a ROCK STAR!!! Keep kicking ass, ladyfriend! xoxoxo

  6. So so proud of you! Way to go! It is people like you that keep me on track. You are awesome!

  7. I tell you all the time what an inspiration you are! Keep on going, pretty soon you'll be running that 13.1 like it's nothing:)

  8. That's awesome. Thanks for continuing to let me know that weight loss is Possible! :)

  9. Leigh Ann... I have been grinning like an idiot through this whole post. I wish that I would have read it yesterday (I can't get on blogger at work anymore).

    You are the best example out there, that some hard work, realistic goals, and a little sass willl take you very far!

    I am sooooo amazed at your progression pictures. You have really nailed down how to eat healthy, train right, and reward yourself from time to time.

    I am so proud to know you... I know this blog is about to blow up because so many people want your kind of motivation {and results}!!

  10. So happy for you lady, you are absolutley killing it! I wish I had alot more time to devote to working out bc I would have lost these last 8lbs by now...but I have to take what I can get I suppose! I am just so excited for you and you are amaze ballllllllls in all you do on this journey to your goal weight! Xo

  11. Congrats! You are so inspiring. And your positivity is definitely contagious!