Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Weigh- In: Contact Buzz

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Monday, I outlined this week's work out goals, because a goal without a plan, is just a dream. This girl always has a plan!

Monday: Completed
Two Mile Run & R.I.P.P.E.D.
Carb Day

Two-A-Day-Tuesday: Completed
Hour Long AM Cross Training
Speed Training and Vlog requests filming PM Work Out
No Carb Day

Wednesday: Completed
Butts & Guts
Carb Day

Thursday: Completed
AM Weight Training Class: Body Sculpt
PM Speed Training & Ab Work
No Carb Day

Friday: Completed
AM Cross Training
Carb Day

5 Mile Group 10K Training Run- 30 Day Challenge Run to Complete Under 50 Minutes
No Carb Day

Carb Day

I've kept up with all of my work outs and done well with my eating this week. Tomorrow morning my 30 Day Challenge , can I run 5 miles under 50 minutes day? I'm feeling nervous/anxious, but I know I can do it. I put in two speed training work outs, and I've been training all month for this run. There's a cold front rolling through today, and the temperature tomorrow morning is going to be around 50 degrees. The coldest run I've done thus far is 73. I'm terrified the weather will mess with my mojo, but I really believe in myself. I can do this. I will do this.

Weekly Weigh-In- I lost .2 pounds this week. Womp Womp. I'm ok with this though. I ate a blizzard (WORTH IT), I had authentic Mexican (WORTH IT), and I drank about 2 bottles of wine in the last week (WORTH IT). Safe to say I've been having fun. Honestly, I'm more focused on my run time than my numbers this week.

I did get to catch the weight loss high contact buzz this morning! Which feels just as great as if I had done it myself. I have to give props to my girl Kate this morning, ya'll have heard me talk about her a lot. Kate and I met as undergraduate students in 2007. We both had to take 18 hours of foreign language classes to get that there bachelor's degree. Fate brought us together in French 102, we got to talking one day in class (in English) and we leaned on one another to survive through 400 level French, we plan to use these skills in Paris one day. Fingers Crossed for drinking cheap champagne on the Eiffel Tower lawn! Anywho, after graduation, she went on to grad school, I went off to work, and we lost touch for a few hot minutes. Round about July, when I started loud capping myself on the Internet to help me achieve my weight loss goals, she finds me again, we instantly pick right back up, and we've been fighting the LB battle together ever since. Kate has really been struggling to get the ball rolling, she kept hitting set back after set back, and three weeks ago she had a heartbreaking weigh in. Honestly, I was afraid she was going to give up on herself, but she didn't! She stepped up her work outs, logged all of her food, and started eating no carbs (gluten heavy) every other day. I've been doing the no carb every other day challenge alongside her, which has been awesome for me too, I'm glad I tagged along. Guess what home girl did in those 3 little weeks? She lost 5 pounds and EIGHT inches. Say what!?!?! I'm so happy for her, I caught the weight loss contact buzz from her this morning. She's been working so ridiculously hard, congrats Kate! I know without a doubt there are many more happy weigh in mornings in her future!

Here's a look at our work out this morning:

50 Minutes Elliptical Trainer
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backward
10 Minutes Combo- Whatever floats my boat
Pinterest Challenge
Upside down Bose Ball Squats with alternating shoulder press (One set of 20) - FUN and Challenging!
Waist Trimmer

Thursday Evening Work Out
Treadmill Speed Training (3 Mile Run)
Booty Work-
20 Glute Raise followed immediately with 20 glute pulse
15 Fire Hydrates
10 Forward & Back Ward Leg Circles
(Repeat other Side)
10 Bridges
20 Second Bridge Hold
Repeat 3 Times (Bridges)
Toned in 12 Abs Circuit - Three Times

My prep plan for tomorrow morning's run, rest, NO alcohol tonight, eat a balanced dinner before 7pm, get 8 hours of sleep, wake up early and eat a Think Thin bar around 6:30am, keep calm, and believe in myself.

5 Miles Under 50 minutes. I got this yo!

Casual Friday- wearing hand me down jeans this morning. Hand-me down jeans I NEVER thought I'd be able to wear. They're hand me downs from a really skinny tall lady....does that mean what I think I means? Yes, I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

Happy Friday Boss Ladies! I hope you have a rocking day!

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  1. I love reading all your posts! It keeps me going everyday! Keep them coming and good luck tomorrow You got this! I'm running a 5k tomorrow at an extremely high altitude so I ditched the "I want to finish in 33 minutes" and Now I'm just going for "I want to finish" ha!

  2. I wish I could come work out with you! Yay for wearing the skinny jeans! I will look you up on instagram. I am mrsryan555

  3. YAY! I love those jeans and I need to know where you got those flats - stat? So happy for your friend Kate - that is amazing. Having a workout partner is so awesome. AND good luck Trey (pp) - you got this:)

  4. Seriously, we need to live closer to each other...we'd be the BEST of friends. You are so amazing! I ABSOLUTELY love reading your blog daily, because you give me a kick in the pants to get up and do something. You are such an inspiration, missy. I say it all the time and I'm going to keep saying it, but you rock. Big time. Cannot wait to hear how amazing your run is going to're totally going to rock it!

  5. I am going to be stalking instagram tomorrow morning waiting to hear how you did! You totally have this in the bag! I was worried about the cold last week and I think it actually helped me in my 5k. Just bring Positive Patty with you and it will be a breeze :) And, I agree with Rachel, we should all live closer to each other!

  6. I love the goals you set for yourself!

    Running in cool/cold weather really isn't that bad. I prefer it because you don't get overheated and you're motivated to go faster (to warm up quicker)! I actually attended a cold-weather running class last night and the best take-away was: use lots of sweat-wicking layers. Lighter layers can be balled up in a pocket if you get too hot. Also, you're supposed to avoid cotton (both under and outer layers) because as soon as it gets sweaty, it'll trap the cold. But 50 degrees isn't too extreme, so I doubt you have to worry about it too much. This class was for running in winter in MN (which is expensive, apparently)!