Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Recap - Traveling & Eating Right

What a weekend. It's been wild, it's been fun, and it's all over entirely too soon.

Friday night Susannah came in town from New Orleans, so our crew got together and consumed fermented red grapes until the wee hours of the morning. We don't get to see her beautiful face as often as we'd like, so every one was super excited for her to come into town! The aftermath looked like this:

We know how to have fun.

Early Saturday morning, I did not feel like running. I had plans to go and spend Saturday and Sunday at my Maw Maw's house in Shreveport, and my husband decided he wanted to come with me! Hot diggity dog, I do not turn down a road trip with my hubs. We had a nice visit with my family. Traveling always presents an eating well dilemma. We ate out every meal on Saturday. Ugh. My stomach hurts, but I did try to make the right choices on the go. I did not drink Saturday night, however the 580 calorie small Oreo Cheesequake Blizzard I shoveled in my yap made up for that. It was worth every single last bite. I did not want to work out Saturday, so I didn't, and that's ok. I knew I'd make myself get in my assigned 3 mile run on Sunday.

Longhorn Steakhouse Meal To Go- 
Flo's Fillet, Steamed Vegetables, & Mashed Potatoes

Dairy Queen for Dessert- We don't have a Dairy Queen at home, so Mr. Noel and I made the executive decision that passing up a blizzard was a move we'd regret. The server flipped over the ice cream before handing it to us. Oh the little things

We also had the pleasure of meeting our new Aunt Casey, as my cousin's and I are now calling the apple of my Maw Maw's eye. I'd heard mixed reviews from my cousins about Aunt Casey. That she can be testy and protective of her new Mom. Which is obviously unacceptable to all of us who have been lavishing in our Maw Maw's attention all our lives. I was sceptical. However, I quickly discovered that she can bribed with treats, just like me :) Here she is in the kitchen with me, her new best friend and keeper of the milk bones. She loves me!

She's not nearly as tough as she looks. Really, she'll do anything for a milk bone, anything, wild crazy girl!

Sunday morning we hung around Maw Maw's, drinking coffee, and enjoying great company. We hit the road just after lunch time. We made it 2.5 hours south, then we ate out yet again. We had Mexican for lunch, a bad decision waiting to happen. I ordered a small fajita taco salad, without sour cream, and I used salsa for dressing. I received an over sized Taco. Mr. Noel helped me out and ate the shell. We were also able to catch the end of that nail biting Saints game, but they did win! Who Dat!

We got home, and I did everything I've been putting off a;; weekend long. Cleaning the floors, doing the laundry, and putting in that three mile run. It's true what "they" say. The first step out of the door is always the hardest! It was a fun run, and it felt great to sweat off the weekend.

Someone really missed us, even though we were only away for one night...

Now it's Sunday night television time! Our favorites:

What are you watching Sunday night?

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  1. 1. Your weekend sounds like my weekend- eating out at every meal.
    2. The Sunday workout was totally worth it, even though it was 40 degrees.
    3. WHO DAT?!!! FOR SURE. It was beautimous!
    4. Don't spill on the Walking Dead, I am still catching up on season 2 before I start season 3!

  2. I love the walking dead - nail biting/anxiety ridden entertainment with an excuse to cuddle with the hubs :)

  3. That wine party looks AWESOME. Invite me next time:) I turned on "Walking Dead" last night and it was good - but it was playing when the Cards were on - so I had to flip around. Ugh... Happy Monday girl.

  4. I've been eating horrible this weekend! I need to step it up! Love REVENGE!