Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two-A-Day Tuesday & Playing Martha

Good morning Boss Ladies and Gents, Happiest of Wednesday's to you! I had quite the busy two a day Tuesday. If you're following me on Instagram you know I filmed the fitness Vlogg last night! I have some good news and some bad news, the good news is, you're going to get the abs and butt Vloggs tomorrow, the bad news is the sound messed up on your requests video, and I have to re-shoot it. I hope I can get this to you by Friday! If you're not on Instagram, you need to be, there's tons fun stuff going on there! Find me @ellenoelfitness.

Tuesday AM Work Out Breakdown
45 Minutes Elliptical Trainer
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backward
5 Minute Blast it Out Combo
Pinterest Challenge-
The Perfect 10 Leg Work Out
1-2-3 Abs - AWESOME!

Tuesday PM Work Out Breakdown

I've been looking for a speed/interval training work out to help me with my outdoor running time. I'm getting a little faster, but I need to take it up a notch to reach my 30 Day Challenge Goal of running 5 miles under 50 on October 25th. Lucky for me, speedy gonzales Christin over at Classy, Southern Wife recommended one of her favorite speed work outs from Peanut Butter Fingers! Right when I looked at the work out, I knew I would have to take it down to my fitness level. Let me warn you, this is NOT for the faint of heart. Remind yourself, if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to reach the original work out plan. Running at 9.0 on the treadmill was a full on sprint for me. I felt like Katniss Everdeen with a swarm of tracker jackers on my ass. I was sweaty. Disgustingly sweaty, and it felt glorious. My legs are very sore today, in that amazing I'm becoming a stronger smaller version of me kind of way.

 I've been assured a little speed training goes a long way, so I only need to do this once a week. My total distance was just over 3 miles.

I printed off the workout then marked it up to meet my fitness level. Even bringing it down several notches was incredibly challenging. This is an advanced workout. Whenever you find work outs like this, don't be afraid to try them, and modify to meet your level. When you work up to the specified work out that you couldn't previously do, you'll feel like a complete boss!

After the treadmill work out, I filmed the fitness vlogg, which you'll get some of tomorrow!

Last night our Cajun's played an away game, they didn't win, but that's ok we love them all the same! Madeline and Pittbull came over, and the girls had arts and crafts time while the boys kept us up to date on the score. I've been working on putting together a pumpkin topiary for weeks now. Mom and I even spent an entire Saturday looking for the perfect urn that didn't cost fifty bucks. We found them on ebay for $20. The Internet is awesome. Madeline is a third grade teacher and yesterday her class cleaned out a bunch of pumpkins, and didn't have any use for them as their project called for pumpkin guts, so we got to use these pre-cleaned pumpkins for our UL Ragin Cajun Topiary! Winning! Thanks third graders!


We decide to spray paint the pumpkins white, mostly because it was 30% off at Hobby Lobby. I purchased two rolls of fall garland at 40% off. Next we found a Fleur De Lis stencil, and we love our Fleur De Lis' ya'll! Then we found some red glitter spray paint and boda bing boda boom our Cajun pumpkin parade was born! First we covered the stem in duck tape then we sprayed the pumpkins white. This is ideally a two day project but we squeezed it into one evening. Once the pumpkins were dry, we covered them in grocery bags exposing only the area of desired stencilling. We wore rubber gloves, because we're thinkers, and I held the stencil while Madeline sprayed the paint. This whole project ran me 35 dollars.

I'm going to make another one my Mom very soon. She's going to pick out her garland today! FYI- I'm not crafty. If I can do this, then so can you!

Look for a fashion post soon regarding this dress.

Werkin Girl Wednesday- in a size FOUR!!!!!!!!! The last time I purchased a size four I was ten? I can't ever remember purchasing a size four. Ever. I've never even been brave enough to try on a size four. I kept looking at the tag expecting a number 1 to appear in front of the four, because that would make sense. Holy Kanolies. I want to live in this dress. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

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  1. SIze 4??? That's AWESOME! Holla! Love the pumpkins!

  2. Love the pumpkins! And congrats on your size 4 girl!
    I think I'm going to join you on your two a days next week. I just have to start getting my ass in bed early, ha!

  3. I AM DYING FOR YOU! And am so jealous of your size 4! Geez, girl...that's so amazing! You hard work is definitely paying off. Doesn't that make you feel so amazing?! I am so proud. Keep up the good work. And I LOVE your freakin' cute. You're more awesome than Martha :)

  4. Go boss lady! A size 4 and you're 6ft tall! YOU ARE TINY!

  5. That speed workout looks IN-tense. But hey, you didn't get to be a size 4 by slow jogging only, so maybe I'll have to give it a shot!

  6. Yay for your size 4! I also laughed out loud at your Hunger Games reference.

  7. Um are those t-strap shoes I see? I am in love. Awww congrats on the size 4 lady - if anyone deserves to feel awesome - it is YOU. You work your a** off and this is the reward for it. YAY!!!!!!!!!

  8. new[est] follower! loving your blog and way to go- SIZE 4!

    stop by sometime!

  9. First off,you are such a fitness inspiration. You rock!
    Secondly, i LOVE your pumpkins!

  10. Size FOUR?! Holla fa a dolla! Glad my favorite store could be the place you found your size four:) Can't wait for the vlogs either. Teach me somethin' sista!

  11. I was getting ready to comment on your craft pumpkins.... But then I saw where you are a size 4!!! Sayyyyy what, my little Louisiana child? Oh mee geee... Where are you at in losing 9 pounds? You are so amazing. I can't wait for your vlog-a-vlog-vlog tomorrow! :)